Bolin Chen says Kwai Lun Mei is his Real Life Chen You Qing

Since starting their acting career together ten years ago in the movie Blue Gate Crossing, Kwai Lun Mei and Bolin Chen have remained close friends even as they have gone their separate ways in acting projects. Producers would love to reunite them, and recently there was talk of the two of them being the leads for the upcoming drama Souls Embracing. Kwai Lun Mei turned it down, and Bolin Chen followed suit. Both ended up on the cover of Apple Daily this week with a picture of them in tight embrace after a late night dinner. While Kwai Lun Mei has a boyfriend already, and she’s made it clear her friendship with Bolin is really strong but not romantic, it doesn’t stop the gossip rags from insinuating more. Bolin has been asked if Kwai Lun Mei is his real life Chen You Qing, and he’s admitted that she is. Awwwww, and ooooooooh. Continue reading