Love, Now Drops Even Cuter Teasers Set to Latest Single from Yen-J

The more I see of the upcoming daily TW-drama Love, Now, the more it looks like a giant win is coming our way. The already palpable and darling chemistry between leads George Hu and Annie Chen, the whole “let’s get married because I’m about to die” misunderstanding, and now SETTV has stacked the deck by releasing the second preview set to the latest single from singer-songwriter Yen-J‘s new album. Yen-J is easily one of my favorite Taiwanese singers and he’s the real deal with his jazz music background. He’s called the king of idol drama music scoring when at a young age he already won accolades for scoring all the background music to My Queen and Autumn’s Concerto, among others. Then he upped the ante by having multiple songs from his first two kick ass albums used perfectly to elevate both Welcome Love with Joe Cheng and Drunken to Love You with Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. Right now his song “Sneeze” is being played every week as the opening theme song in Miss Rose (and another song just got introduced in episode 12 of MR as well). As much as I love that drama that is not my favorite song off his new album. My favorite song is his second single “Temporary Boyfriend” so I was totally swooning when I heard it played over the preview for Love, Now. Watch the new LN previews below plus I’ve brought the download for Yen-J’s new album. Continue reading