Yoon Kye Sang in Cosmopolitan for New Food Reality Show One Table

Well this is certainly neato dorito. Yoon Kye Sang had two drama hits in a row, first with Best Love last year, which he followed up with the sitcom High Kick 3. I loved his perfect Dr. Yoon Pil Joo in BL and would love to see him back in prime time drama leading man form harkening back to his Who Are You? days. So it was with happy surprise to learn that Yoon Kye Sang apparently has developed a love of the culinary arts and is currently starring in his own reality show for cable channel O’live called One Table. The show follows him as he attempts to earn a cooking license and open a restaurant called, you guess it, One Table. Alongside for the ride is his good friend and hoobae Kwon Se In, the cutie pie I fondly remember as Kang Ji Hwan‘s adorable assistant in Lie to Me. Other Yoon Kye Sang friends and family members will be see popping up in various episodes depending on the situation, and the show is really just following along with Yoon Kye Sang’s exploration of cooking in Korea and his own attempts to try out being a restauranter for size. He posed for September’s issue of Cosmopolitan Korea in various dining and grocery shopping vignettes and all the pictures are just delicious. His show actually looks really cute and I’ll likely watch it when I have more free time. If Yoon Kye Sang keeps this up, he’s going to make one lucky lady out there a very good husband with his cooking skillz. Continue reading