Prince Turns into Frog Leads Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En Reunite in New TW-movie

I love reunions and this one is a long ways out, thirteen years later to be exact. Upcoming Taiwan movie Let’s Cheat Together (Chinese title The Mayor’s Wife’s Secret) headlines Chen Qiao En as the titular mayor’s wife and Ming Dao has a role as the mayor’s fixer who gets brought in to clean up the mess when scandalous pictures of the mayor’s wife supposedly cheating with a TV show host. I have zero interest in the movie but loved hearing the script snuck in classic lines from Frog Prince into their dialogue, and hearing interviews where both shared fond memories of working well on the drama that rocketed them to stardom over a decade ago. Ah the good old days, and frankly both Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En are looking exactly the same if not aging better over the years. Continue reading