Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau Land Coveted Leads in C-drama Adaptation of Lonely Courtyard in Late Spring

The casting wand has waved and the two lucky C-stars to land the coveted leads of the long awaited drama adaptation of the popular Fei Wo Si Cun penned period novel is Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang. Prolific Chinese novelist Fei Wo Si Cun has had many novels adapted into hit C-dramas but readers have been angling for this particular book for quite some time – filming has finally begun on the C-drama adaptation of Lonely Courtyard in Late Spring (寂寞空庭春欲晚 also known as Lonely Empty Court in Late Spring), a period political romance novel set in the Qing dynasty court of young Emperor Kangxi (later the daddy to all those princes in Bu Bu Jing Xin). Hawick plays male lead Emperor Kangxi (personal name Xuan Ye) while Zheng Shuang is female lead Wei Lin Lang, and rounding out the love triangle is second male lead Rong Ruo played by C-actor Vin Zhang. The two leads attended a press conference in costume this week looking every bit the part of a Qing emperor and his royal lady love. This novel finally getting made into a C-drama is just the kick in the rear I need to sit down and finally read it. Continue reading