First Impressions: Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang is a Triple Win

I’ll make a prediction now – Drama Go Go Go (姐姐立正向前走) either will become the best C-drama rom-com of 2012 or will have a flaming second half melt down. Either way, I’ve checked out the first four episodes of this 2-episode a weekend drama and I am completely and utterly in love. DGGG is even better than even the fantastic trailers indicated. To love DGGG this much with a cast consisting of not a single actor I’m crazy about makes it all that more exciting because it’s an eye-opening experience. Fifteen years after watching Ruby Lin play the damsel in distress in Princess Returning Pearl, and being typecast in that role for pretty much her entire career, she has finally shattered my long standing dislike of her and made me a new fan. Ruby is well respected in the industry for her business savvy and professionalism, and DGGG is the second self-produced drama from her own production company (the first was the period drama Qing Shi Huang Fei). All her ex-boyfriends from Alec Su to Jimmy Lin still speak very fondly of her, so I always felt like the odd man out not liking her at all. She always gave off that vibe that she was more into looking pretty onscreen than acting, but her performance as Wang Ming Ming in DGGG is everything I want from a leading lady being natural, confident with her craft, and willing to take risks.

Ruby’s leading man here is Jiro Wang, and despite my misgivings about his new looks, it’s to his credit that Jiro is still a damn solid actor onscreen that it’s easy to really connect with his character. But if there is a single actor in the sprawling DGGG cast that is stealing the entire drama, it would hands down be Lin Geng Xin. The boy is ON FIRE. I am not joking. I’ve second lead shipped plenty, but so far he may be the most fascinating and well-written second male lead in any rom-com I have ever watched. DGGG is a sprightly little drama within a drama populated by deftly written characters with depth surrounded by narrative that winks at the typical rom-com tropes and twists it around for kicks. Having been burned by so many C-dramas this year alone (Love Actually, Half of a Fairytale, SOP Queen, just to name a few), DGGG is like my reward for keeping the faith. This drama is clever and funny, maintaining an ability to make fun of itself while still being sincere in telling a story. Thank you drama gods, now can someone give me the leaked episodes of this baby because I need to watch it all right now. Like, RIGHT NOW. Continue reading