Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun Confirmed for Teacher-Student Romance Drama Melancholia

Hoo boy, now this is a drama casting I wish the male lead didn’t accept, even if it turns out to be good all the early signs are that it won’t be my cup of tea. Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun are confirmed and will head into filming for romance drama Melancholia, depicting the love story of an older woman and younger man, and she happens to also be his former teacher. She’s a math teacher at a private high school and he’s a math genius who got into MIT at 12. She taught him when he’s 18 years old and four years later they reunite when he’s now 22. This sounds like the Doctors set up but gender reversed, and ultimately whether you think it’s fine probably depends on whether this is pure fiction or just not palatable even in a fictional world. I fall in the latter but it’s a taboo that K-dramas love returning to time and again, not sure the fascination. The drama is from the PD of Extraordinary You and True Beauty, with the screenwriter of Doctor John and Cheondamdong Alice doing the script. The drama is scheduled to air late in 2021.


Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun Confirmed for Teacher-Student Romance Drama Melancholia — 28 Comments

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  2. The premise sounds creepy af if you imagined it in real life, if she knew him when he is already 22 then it’s okay but she knew him since he is a minor and was his teacher too, yikes

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  4. seems interesting. like both the actors. As long as both are adults, it’s fine for me. if their emotion connection is portrayed well, then I can see this being a good show.

    • Same. I remember the naysayers when he was paired with the older KHN in 18 Again and that storyline but that drama worked out. Also the people that couldn’t accept him with same age Go Minsi just because they played siblings prior (which has nothing to do with Youth of May anyway but personal issues with actors being actors outside of it) and the chemistry also worked out. While this drama very well be a dud, I’m willing to give it a try because both actors are good.

  5. Have seen elsewhere some LDH fans that want him to do a romcom instead and I know he has said he wants to do romcom, but honestly his current drama choices says otherwise. Maybe one day, but currently I like that he’s trying different roles instead of falling back on what might be popular for the young international audience and honestly he’s too good to be stuck in a poorly written romcom during this important period in his rising career. Although if this script is also poor then its a shame, but at least I have hope that the character here is more complex and would help him build on his acting than a romcom right now, especially after the cheerful Hee Tae and young ahjussi Hong Daeyoung that might just pigeon hole him into particular roles.

  6. My first thought is ewwww. But then I remember how much I loved My Ajusshi (and also Secret Love Affair), after initially being grossed out and annoyed by the premise.

    I like both actors so I can reserve judgment for the first 4 episodes and see if it clicks.

    • I loved My Mister but it was never a romance even if it was implied they had feelings, it never turned into that. This is different because its a student/ teacher relationship which just screams inappropriate even if they are adults.

      • Every translation I’ve come across except for here has never stated that their relationship is specifically a romance. It’s been quite vague with people jumping to their own conclusions.

        If it is a romance though, how it is portrayed or eventually dealt with should also matter. The fact that the story is darker means it could go anywhere for now.

  7. Btw, there is a rash of casting news elsewhere not reported by koala yet. Park Hae Eun dropped out of high profile Hong Sisters’ Hwan Hon due to pressure performing as the FL as a rookie actress who only made her debut last year. The PD is rumoured to be recruiting Jung So Min to replace her. Suzy, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Yoon & koala’s personal fave Jang Geun Suk are all reportedly in talks for new dramas. All potential high traffic post/fanwar type of OP. Lol.

    • Some sites said PHE was fired coz of her poor acting skills. Oh my, this is juicy. Haven’t heard of an actress being fired after script reading. Some left mid-way after disagreement with PD. This is a tvN drama too. Sounds messy to me. I like Lee Jae Wook, he can pair off well with a young looking So Min but isn’t she currently filming Wolf Hunting with SIG & Jang Dong Yoon? Honestly, I don’t understand the timing and scheduling of K-dramas/movie casting. Haha.

    • @popcorn, is she an idol actress? I have never heard of idol actresses being fired or drop out due to pressure no matter how bad their acting is. Is phe being picked on just because she’s not an idol actress with powerful agency/backers? Sad for her career which is only starting. She should slowly build up with 2nd lead roles in weekend dramas. Too much too soon I guess. Hong sisters dramas are unique & big hits like HDL & Master’s Sun.

  8. this is so gross if there’s a romance. student teacher relationship had caused me trauma actually. it remind me that one of fuck up gross stupid manga. hopefully there’s no romance in this.

  9. I like Lee Do Hyun after watching him YOM but truthfully, not keen on the premise. And to me, Im Soo Jung is rather lacklustre.

    Anyway, maybe the writer is a fan of Emanuelle Macron’s love story after all.

  10. oh noooo. I hate teacher – student romance dramas since I use to teach. Most of teacher student romances are creepy and exploitative. I’m also a big fan of Im Soo Jung so am conflicted but will probably pass this one.

  11. It’s not really a teacher-student romance, if they met after. He’s an adult too. And being a genius forced him to grow up faster than other kids too. In short, it’s hard to judge just like that.

  12. You know,this type of drama is actually quite good when it has bad ending. Like they do have affection with each other but that can’t overcome the circumstances. As in her feelings of knowing him from the students phase and how he can’t match up to some of her life choice.
    There was a novel that I read a long time ago about young girl who fall in love with her benefactor/uncle like figure that she knew since she is 13. The uncle does look at her as a woman at some point but also can’t distinguished if it’s also because of fatherly feeling,he felt guilty but the story end up with the uncle find his own love and married another woman.

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