A Look At the Upcoming K-dramas for the First Half of 2014

It might be too early yet to look deep into 2014 for what’s coming on the K-drama horizon though the networks have indeed plotted out their entire year more or less. So far the leaks and rumors have only gone as far as the Summer projects but I thought it nice to lay out what I know so far on all the major networks. Some dramas are about to air (Age of Feeling) while others have just started filming (Full Sun and Three Days). I think the most high profile would be You’re All Surrounded if indeed Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won sign up for it. Lee Seung Gi is a pretty sure fire ratings lock and the drama appears to be a police procedural and human interaction story that ahjummas will surely slurp right up. After last year’s two time-traveling dramas in Nine: Nine Time Travels and Marry Him If You Dare, this year only one is on the horizon and that is God’s Gift – 14 Days with Lee Bo Young which is a cross between MHIYD and Two Weeks. Full Sun tries to recreate revenge incarceration melodrama in the vein of the successful Secret while Lee Kyung Hee takes her melodrama pen to weekends with Wonderful Season. Two rom-coms are coming down the pipeline, the first being Cunning Single Lady with Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook and then comes Mozart Romance with Jang Hyuk. MBC definitely will do a sageuk after Empress Ki but it may or may not be Dae Jang Geum 2. The production team behind The Princess’s Man is preparing a sageuk of their own called Joseon Sharpshooter. After The Incarnation of Money last year, Kang Ji Hwan may once again played a revenge-driven prosecutor in Golden Cross. And last but not least, the mere rumor of Jo In Sung pairing up with Gong Hyo Jin for a Noh Hee Kyung penned psychiatry drama has me going hhhhmmmmm delicious despite the drama not even having a network yet. This year definitely looks intriguing and now the hard part is actually executing all these concepts properly. Continue reading