Legendary Screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun’s Next SBS Weekend Drama is the 70-episode Yes That’s How It Is

The return to television of famed screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun is going to happen in a big way, or more aptly in a long way. Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming SBS weekend drama Yes That’s How It Is will be airing for 70-episodes, which is insanely long considering it’s not a half hour daily drama. That’s Jumong in length, and Jumong wasn’t even supposed to run that long but kept getting extensions because it was doing monster ratings. KIm Soo Hyun’s last two dramas were Thrice Married Women and Childless Comfort, and both were a comparatively short 40 episodes.

But back in 2010 her SBS weekend drama Life is Beautiful went for 63 episodes so it’s not beyond her ability to write a compelling story for such a long running length. SBS is already touting Yes That’s How It Is as a drama for the family through the entire four seasons, starting in the winter in January 2016 and running through spring and summer before wrapping up in fall of 2016. It’s a testament to all those Kim Soo Hyun alums returning for this long haul, and happily this time around there are no casting controversies, however entertaining those turn out from an audience rubbernecking stand point. Continue reading