L and Kwon Nara Considering Sageuk Drama New Royal Secret Inspector

A new sageuk K-drama is in the works and the production is in talks with two young leads. L (Kim Myung Soo) and Kwon Nara are being courted for the drama New Royal Secret Inspector, with him coming off one of the lowest rated K-dramas with Meow: The Secret Boy and her coming off one of the highest cable rated dramas in Itaewon Class. It is sorta unfair that male actors don’t really need big hits to get leading lady status and rarely are dinged for low rated projects but the ladies are always elevated only when they have a hit under their belt and need to really maintain a string of successful projects to stay on the radar. Kwon Nara has been the female lead before and both her and L have worked hard to transition from idol to actor so a sageuk drama sounds like a really smart choice. The drama is slated for end of 2020 airing.

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