Taiwan Media and News Dominated by Coverage of a Most Senseless and Tragic Child Attack

I don’t even know where to start trying to write a news post like this. This is news news and not entertainment fluff news, but it’s so shocking and devastating that it’s taken over every single media outlet in Taiwan and for good reason. On Monday morning March 28, 2016, a senseless act of violence shook up the island and fractured the tenuous hope in humanity and goodness. The entire country¬†is grieving today, and from an entertainment industry perspective stars are part of the collective mourning process as they post odes and hopeful words.

I won’t write what happened until after the jump for those who are squeamish, or simply did not come to this blog to read about terrible things happening to innocent people. But this news is noteworthy because it puts entertainment on the back burner and asks that we all take a moment to hug a loved one and do something good for our fellow man. Because evil lurks and it may strike at any time, any place. My most sincere condolences to the family of the victim, and for those who have not read about this news and wish to hear what happened then click further, but warning that a picture may be graphic. Continue reading