Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk in Talks for MBC Fall Romance Drama No Sex and the City

K-dramas have always been chaste compared to their Western counterparts, and though the needle has moved in the years since holding hands and long stares the kisses still skew more towards lip presses. MBC is scheduling an upcoming prime time drama called No Sex and the City that seems to hit the chaste motif on the head – it’s about three bestie girl friends who are all thirtysomething virgins and their ensuing romantic awakening and journey. A thirtysomething virgin is a rarity in itself, having three and are all friends makes me want to test the water in their neighborhood and also look for unicorns. And maybe warn the potential suitors to tread carefully, lol. All jokes aside, the drama is pitched as a romance and family story of the ladies who grew up together in the same close knit neighborhood. Up for the leads as Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk, solid choices in roles I can already picture in my head. Continue reading