C-actresses Go All Out in Exquisite Gowns for the 2019 Golden Rooster Awards

C-actress Liu Shi Shi took a short maternity break and is back firing on all cylinders. She won the best dress of the night at the recent Bazaar China charity gala and this weekend at the 2019 Golden Rooster Awards also took everyone’s breath away in a white mermaid gown that looked like she had foam around her shoulders and beautiful waves trailing behind. So many attendees looked fabulous I almost had to look hard for a blah or failed look. Yang Mi went simple but effective in a red strapless with a high slit and Qin Lan in a gradient strapless was insanely wow. The Chinese stars continued to be bold and not play it safe and I so appreciate the results. Continue reading

C-netizens Howling Over Four Beautiful C-actresses Turned Tacky CCTV Chinese Dancers

When I was growing up and watching tons of Chinese-language historical dramas, most of the time the leading ladies were always ethereally beautiful, but beyond that they always had this grace onscreen like they glided or floated with thisĀ out-of-this-world vibe. … Continue reading