Dilraba Dilmurat and Wang Yibo Top the Chinese Star CF Endorsements for 2022 with Second Spots to Ouyang Nana and Xiao Zhan

C-ent is so awash with popular stars and it’s interesting to see who is one step above the other in terms of the number of endorsements. In 2022, the C-actress with the most is Dilraba Dilmurat with 28 brands across a wide swath of industries. TW-actress Ouyang Nana is second spot in 25 endorsements and Yang Mi in third place with 23 brands, Guan Xiaotong in fourth with 20 and Bai Lu has 17 brands. The surprise is Yang Zi not making the top 5 position despite her popularity. For the male stars, Wang Yibo tops the list with 40 endorsements, then comes Xiao Zhan with 27 brands, and then third spot is Gong Jun with 21 CF endorsements.

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