S.H.E. Re-creates Classic Iconic Scenes in the May Edition of Marie Claire Taiwan

The endurance, success, and growth of S.H.E. as the top girl group in Taiwan has been nothing short of an industry setting example for all future hoobaes to follow. The girls released their new album late last year and this year marks the 12th anniversary of their debut. S.H.E. consists of Selina Jen, Hebe Tian, and Ella Chen, and individually they are as famous as they are together. I’ve watched them when they were gawky teens and now two of them are happily married and I’m sure kids isn’t that far along. Selina has been through the most in terms of life experiences and challenges, having been severely burned all over her body back in late 2010 on the set of her C-drama I Have a Date with Spring along with her co-star Ham Yu. Their recovery and rehabilitation have been chronicled by their fans and the media who were devastated by this tragic accident. Selina managed to not only recover, she got married to her long time boyfriend, released her own EP followed by this latest S.H.E. album, and is now strong enough physically to go on tour with S.H.E. later this year. Ella has so completely shed her androgynous tomboy image and is now a wife and all-around sexy bombshell, though when you hear her talk and crack jokes she’s still the ever salty Ella. Hebe’s been the most consistent with her singing career rather than dabbling with acting much, and I actually love Hebe’s voice the most amongst the three. But nothing beats a great S.H.E. harmonization when their voices meld together into the most delicious musical dessert. They are on the cover and pages of the May edition of Marie Claire Taiwan and the concept is called Wonderful Darkness with each of the ladies re-creating an iconic scene from a classic Hitchcock movie (Rear Window, Birds, Psycho). I download their album when it was first released but have been listening to it more lately because two of the songs from King Flower comes from their EP, the ending theme “A Woman Like a Girl” and the newest subtheme “Return to Me”. I appreciate that the drama had the good taste to use S.H.E. songs and used it on main lead Da Hua, sadly she doesn’t have the personality to really deserve their awesomeness. Check out the too cool S.H.E. magazine and music goodies below. Continue reading