Park Ji Hoon, Bae In Hyuk, and Kang Min Ah Find Friendship and Camaraderie in College in KBS College Drama From a Distance, Green Spring

I found this upcoming drama thanks to finding rising young actor Bae In Hyuk in My Roommate is a Gumiho, he is turning what would be an annoying playboy finds his real heart type douchey college boy character into an entertaining and kinda sweet second male lead. Turns out he’s getting another starring role as one of the trio of leads in upcoming college drama From a Distance, Green Spring (At a Distance, Spring is Green) along with idol-actor Park Ji Hoon and talented young actress Kang Min Ah. The drama is a coming of age take adapted from the same name webtoon with rich well liked Park Ji Hoon and his growth after befriending poor beleaguered Bae In Hyuk and ordinary college girl Kang Min Ah. The drama was in production already in 2017 with Seo Kang Joon in talks for the male lead but since then has been fully re-cast and re-imagined with rising young faces, along with Na In Woo who plays the male lead’s older brother and obviously was cast before his breakout in Mr. Queen and taking over for River Where the Moon Rises. It’s scheduled for 12-episodes and will air on June 14th.

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Lee Sin Young Steps Down from K-drama From a Distance, Green Spring Due to Scheduling Conflicts But Netizens Believe its Due to Bullying Allegations

The wide net of bully allegations against 20-something Korean actors/actresses and idols has another casting change though not openly admitted. Actor Lee Sin Young, most famous for playing the good looking reticent North Korean soldier in Crash Landing on You, … Continue reading