Blue Dragon Series Award Judge Reveal Voting Results with Song Hye Kyo Edging out The Glory for Daesang and Suzy and Park Ji Hoon Winning Their Awards by Near Unanimous Vote

I really appreciate the South Korean awards being willing to share the voting thought process and tabulations after the ceremony, it lends more legitimacy to the winners even if there is always bound to be behind-the-scenes elbowing at play. The Blue Dragon Series Awards held its 2nd annual ceremony this week and it fetes the online funded streaming dramas some of which may also get terrestrial screen time. Song Hye Kyo won the Daesang over her own drama The Glory with a 4-2 vote, the decision was that she WAS The Glory and without here there would be no drama. Ha Jung Woo won Best Actor over Choi Min Sik in a tight vote, while Suzy won Best Actress for Anna in a near unanimous vote with one mention going to Jeon Yeo Bin. And the biggest accolade is reserved for newcomer Park Ji Hoon for Weak Hero Class 1 who won Best New Actor in a full unanimous vote while Shin Ye Eun eked out Best New Actress with a 4-3 vote over Cha Joo Young.

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Park Ji Hoon, Bae In Hyuk, and Kang Min Ah Find Friendship and Camaraderie in College in KBS College Drama From a Distance, Green Spring

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Lee Sin Young Steps Down from K-drama From a Distance, Green Spring Due to Scheduling Conflicts But Netizens Believe its Due to Bullying Allegations

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Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Picked as Actor and Actress Winners at the 2021 First Brand Awards

The 2021 First Brand Awards, celebrating the 19th year of giving out prizes for consumer faves, will forgo a ceremony this year but still announced the winners of the various category daesang prizes. The Actress Award goes to Suzy while … Continue reading