Jung Hae In and Han Jin Min Sell the Slow Burn at Press Conference and Previews for MBC Romance Spring Night

Some onscreen pairings giving off sparks whether due to chemistry or as created by the story line, so for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs romance Spring Night I’m going to say that both the leads and the story will deliver a slow and steady build up. Leads Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In attended the press conference this week along with well known PD Ahn Pan Seok to give a peek at what’s in store. It feels very chaste and subtle and the leads were dressed appropriately to convey a formal and innocent vibe. The romance between a librarian and a pharmacist could be one of the boringest personality stereotypes out there so I think it’s even more interesting for PD Ahn to craft a story that draws in viewers especially with his preferred quiet and low key style. Spring Night premieres this Wednesday and if it’s another hit maybe the K-netizens to warm back up to Jung Hae In again.

Long preview for Spring Night:


Jung Hae In and Han Jin Min Sell the Slow Burn at Press Conference and Previews for MBC Romance Spring Night — 18 Comments

  1. I can’t seem to see his appeal (I’m old and he looks like a high school kid to me) but I like her and I wish this drama success.

    • Really she’s ugly and doesn’t even match him. Also suck at acting too. If it’s the real pretty Noona, this wI’ll definitely be a hit. Suck that it’s this overrated wannabe Noona.

      • I believe HJM is now a real acting award winning actress, not your popularity poll noona freak. SYJ has now jumped ship to be with HB in her next drama. The one who really sucks is the C-lister noona dude ?

      • Lol what a hypocrisy, weren’t you the one who used to shit on HJM saying she is a horrible actress who killed your love Hyun Bin’s drama and comeback. Now you going all out defending a terrible actress. Will I don’t care if Son Ye Jin jumping ship to your Hyun Bin. She and Jung Hae In still is the best onscreen couple. An award winning actress is someone who is always good and versatile to play many different roles. Han Ji Min is a mediocre actress. As much as you want to paint Jung Hae In a bad actor, he is still better than wannabe Noona. Only haters kept hating on him.

      • HJM was bad in JJ&H but she has improved a lot since then. I totally enjoy watching her in Dazzling. Sounds like you are my fan remembering how I disliked her acting previously. But I have changed my perception of her. I am also liking NJH from his performance in Dazzling while I didn’t like him as the water god. Unfortunately your bias is still a C-lister sucking up to noonas, he has not proven he is a capable actor yet. You sound more of a hater to me because at least I have an open mind with clear judgment ?

  2. so sissy for a man to wear redder lipstick color than the lady. Not convinced that this person can match up to NJH’s charm in Dazzling. Agree with @Elif Kaya – younger audience cannot see his appeal either, we do not like mama’s boy, he looks really meh, his makeup, his style & everything…

    • Jung Hae In is a freaking charming and a great actor. He is ten times handsomer than NJH. NJH and Han Ji Min can have eachother because they’re overrated. Both of them are meh to me because I don’t find them attractive. To me it seem like no A-Lister actors want to act with HJM so she’s taking all the younger guys her age. Sorry but really don’t like her. Son Ye Jin is a better choice but so sad she turn it down. This would be a hit if it’s the original Noona who buys me food. Sorry but it’s a skip because HJM suck at acting.

      • Why are you replying to me? NJH is tall and handsome who towers over your freak. Who says no A-lister wants to act with HJM? Is this the reason she is now babysitting a C-lister? ? Good that everyone is skipping this drama then it will for sure flop. HJM is now an award winning actress, way better than your freak!

      • Really I never like Jung Hae In and his acting. He is nowhere near NJH in terms of look. NJH is a bad actor before but he improved so much in Radiant. Jung Hae In is the same no matter what he does not too impressive. Lol belittle Han Ji Min when she is a good actress too. I even feel unsure about her taking this kind of boring script with your Jung Hae In. You know what, you can have Jung Hae In to Son Ye Jin all you want because no one cares besides your Pretty Noona shipper. Don’t compare Han Ji Min to your Son Ye Jin because they both have different acting style. SMFHO Son Ye Jin fans are rediculous and super lame. Including those weird reporters who asked Han Ji Min to compare herself to Son Ye Jin. Free speach here, I don’t see Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin all that so why comparing them to Han Ji Min. Everyone has their up and down in the entertainment world. I won’t never watch this drama if Han Ji Min is not in here.

  3. @loveholic He is casted first so what’s wrong with saying Han Ji Min is chasing after her junior actors. She probably thinking this will be a hit just like Pretty Noona Son Ye Jin. Too bad it’s not gonna work with her. During the press conference one can tell Hae In don’t even want to hold her hands or stand next to her like Ye Jin. She’s ugly and is no match for Hae In. Son Ye Jin fans are not some rediculous people. Our Ye Jin is a versatile actress who can play any roles unlike your terrible untalented wannabe Noona. Its for real no A-lister want to act with her but Hae In is nice enough to act with her.

    • Hahaha… “Hae In is nice enough to act with her”? WTF? He has NO job if he didn’t take this drama after his disrespectful behavior on that award stage. No one wanted to work with this arrogant C-lister tbh. LOL.

    • Is JHI an A lister? you putting the actor in a pedestal while dissing his co actor? No wonder you are a fan of him, you are the same as JHI who showed how he can be bratty and be discourteous to his seniors.

      Not a fan of hjm and I believe both are mediocre actors but atleast hjm is being hardworking enough to improve.

      Am a fan of Ahn Pan Seok so I am hoping for this to be successful.

    • I don’t see any A-Lister here even Son Ye Jin is not an A-list actress to me. They’re all the same. All are bland but only shine when is given the right project. I have watch all these three actors work and I consider all of them mediocre actors. Not a fan of any but I would say Han Ji Min is a bit more watchable. No point to compare any of them.

      Jung Hae In annoying.
      Han Ji Min sometimes cringeworthy.
      Son Ye Jin boring.

  4. I am just laughing with the trolls putting han ji min down. You can’t put a good woman down lol. Han ji min has been nailing her roles and projects and i trust her judgment picking this drama because PD ahn pan seok is directing. 1st episode is good too. Looking forward to more episodes.

  5. I am laughing at those ji min haters lol. You can’t put a good woman down. Han ji min is nailing all her roles and projects so far. She accepted this project because she likes the director and i trust her judgment. 1st episode is good too. Looking forward to future episodes.

    • Oh don’t you worry about han ji min lol. She has a much lower rating and highly criticized drama before and that does not stop her from improving her acting skills. Not all her dramas rate and she knows that but she knows how to pick projects if she likes the story and director.

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