K-ent and Fans Cannot Get Enough of Kim Byung Chul in His Comedic Bastard Husband Role in Doctor Cha Saying it was 18 Years in the Making

Another weekend and another series of K-ent articles about jTBC weekend hit drama Doctor Cha male lead Kim Byung Chul. Frankly I’m not sick of it because he’s THAT GOOD and also this has been majorly overdue. The latest articles are discussing how he’s been acting for 18 years (!) and is always so perfect in side character roles in countless dramas that viewers just take him for granted. But now he’s gotten the spotlight and this level of attention is truly well earned. Viewers especially love him for adding depth to plot roles in Kim Eun Sook dramas Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, and Descendants of the Sun and say Pegasus Market is also a must watch for further enjoyment of his impeccable comedic timing.

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jTBC Weekend Drama Doctor Cha Breaks 18% in Episode 12 Thanks to Uhm Jung Hwa’s Female Empowerment Story Line and Breakout Male Lead Kim Byung Chul as the Love to Hate Him Bastard Husband

It’s great to see jTBC medical and second chance drama Doctor Cha continuing to increase in ratings, the most recent episode 12 got an impressive 18.493%. Over at SBS, the third season that is Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 has … Continue reading

Spring Weekend K-dramas in Great Spot with Doctor Cha Breaking 16%, Tale of Gumiho Rising, and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 Steady in Ratings

This weekend showed that the time slot remains strong for K-dramas, it’s like the weekday viewers all left but some went over to the weekend while the traditional weekend viewers are still there. The biggest news remains jTBC drama Doctor … Continue reading