Movie Version of Silent Separation Starts Filming with Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming

The currently airing C-drama My Sunshine is beyond addicting. It’s like tasty empty calorie fluffy drama popcorn. Adapted from the popular C-novel Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo 何以笙箫默), the C-drama stars suitably cast Wallace Chung and Tang Yan but what keeps me addicted are the two youngsters and the college era sweet romance. That, and Wallace occasionally cracking a knee-softening smile in the present timeline despite Tang Tang basically sleepwalking through her character having a personality lobotomy after she grew up.

The underlying story has proven its popularity with the drama doing gangbuster ratings which bodes well for the currently filming big screen movie version starring A-list popular stars Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi. Yes yes, there is massive irony in two best friends Tang Yan and Yang Mi playing the exact same character in different mediums. The movie also stars Tong Dawei in the thankless role of Ying Hui but ups the idol ante by having EXO‘s Tao (Huang Zitao) in his acting debut playing the flashback young version of Huang Xiaoming’s male lead. This ought to be interesting so count me in for a second serving in a different bowl. Continue reading