The Interest of Love Takes Steps Forward in Unraveling Emotional Tangles But One Character Remains Frustratingly Masochistic

It’s the second to last week airing of The Interest of Love, with episodes 13 and 14 like expecting to watch a horror movie through hands over the eyes but with tiny slits to peek through. Thankfully it wasn’t that painful and actually had a lot of breakthroughs. Mi Kyung finally accepted how toxic her rich family was and how she was part of it whether she wanted to or not, and it was time to let Sang Soo go. But Soo Young and Jeon Hyun’s breakup was just dumb as bricks with fake sleeping around and lots of unnecessary angst and reputational self-flagellation. All of it at least was leading up to Sang Soo and Soo Young MAYBE just dating like normal young people and see where it goes but she then nopes out of there and I foresee more moping in the remaining two episodes.

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Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Jung Ga Ram, and Geum Sae Rok Complicate Attraction in Teaser for jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama The Interest of Love

I was initially just idly curious about this drama with the casting and it’s adaptation from a source novel with good reviews. But seeing the previews my interest has ratcheted it, it feels mature and restrained with some sexy sneaking … Continue reading