Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning Finish Filming Big Budget Tang Dynasty C-drama The Legend of Jewelry

So we likely won’t see this C-drama until 2025 but I’m hopeful the ample post-production time will deliver a stellar visual product, on top of hoping the script and directing is good. The Legend of Jewelry finished its 5 month shoot this week and the cast led by leads Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning celebrated with a wrap party. Zhao Lu Si with her slim built and cute visuals makes the difficult to pull off Tang dynasty outfit look good and Liu Yu Ning always looks good to me in period dramas lol with his height and build. This will be their second go-around after The Long Ballad which coincidentally was also Tang dynasty drama and their onscreen pairing was very well received back then so this reunion already has some built in good will.

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Top C-actresses Zhao Lu Si and Yang Zi Both Hard Carry Tang Dynasty Looks in BTS Stills From Their Upcoming Dramas

If we go back just through the decades in our own lives it’s clear that some looks/fashion just worked then but not objectively a good outfit. That’s how I view the entirety of Tang Dynasty in terms of female fashion … Continue reading

Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning Look Great Together and Continue Strong Costar Chemistry in New BTS Filming Pictures From C-drama The Legend of Jewelry

Filming is still underway for Tang dynasty period C-drama The Legend of Jewelry, which takes former second lead costars Zhao Lu Si and Liu Yu Ning from The Long Ballad and gives them the level up to leads for this … Continue reading