MBC to Preempt Well-reviewed New Fri-Sat Drama Tracer with Im Shi Wan, Go Ah Sung, and Son Hyun Joo for 3 Weeks to Air the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

I feel like all K-dramas are going to get shafted for the first three weeks of February once the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics kicks off. That’s fine its the prerogative for the networks to air what they wish but for viewers it really does stem any momentum. On the heel of SBS preempting its Fri-Sat drama Through the Darkness (Those Who Read Hearts of Evil), MBC will also preempt its Fri-Sat offering Tracer with Im Shi Wan, Son Hyun Joo, and Go Ah Sung. The drama will have aired only 6 episodes before takes a three week hiatus and so far the reviews have been positive though it hasn’t been bringing in the rising ratings that predecessor The Red Sleeve Cuff did. The ratings are around the mid-7% range but I’ve heard tons of great stuff about this drama dealing with people working at the National Tax Service tracking down egregious tax evading criminals.

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