OCN Grim Reaper Drama Black with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara Off to Good Ratings Start on Cable

It’s good news for cable network OCN as its latest thriller drama Black is off to a good ratings start in the Sat-Sun time slot. That time slot has now become an OCN genre staple doing tense fare to mostly good and even great success. From Voice to Tunnel to Duel to Save Me leading to now Black, this last year has seen the underrated cable network find a successful niche and execute it consistently. I was worried that Black may not continue the trend since leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara are beautiful but hardly acting stalwarts but it seems like the audience is there for this drama and increasing by the week. The first episode got 2.141% ratings going up steadily to the latest episode 4 bringing in 4.218%. Black’s predecessor Save Me didn’t get over 4% ratings until its final episode, and right now Black’s ratings trajectory looks like it may follow that of Tunnel which went all the way to 6% by the end. Congrats to Black and looks like I have another drama to catch up on! Continue reading