China Loves Box Office Hit C-movie Wolf Warrior 2 and Annoyed at BBC Reporting on Nationalistic Themes

If you want guns, fights, and a dose of justice served Chinese style then the summer blockbuster C-movie Wolf Warrior 2 may be worth checking out. The first Wolf Warrior was a middling box office hit in 2015 but the sequel is shattering box office records and is on track in the next few days to become the number 1 box office movie in Chinese history currently held by The Mermaid. Wolf Warrior 2 premiered two weekends ago and in the 10 days since has taken in RMB 2.73 billion (US $406 million), with moviegoers flocking to this Chinese Rambo tale of a former special forces soldier going to Africa and in the process rescuing Chinese nationals there from baddies. The movie’s success is in part due to seeing Chinese movie leads doing all the heroic fighting typically seen in Hollywood movies, and due to the summer period being when the Chinese authorities ban imported releases of Hollywood movies, WW2 is the perfect meal for the Chinese moviegoers craving action films with a side of bad guys ass-kicking. Continue reading