Recap of Previews for Playful Kiss Episode 13

By popular request, I’ve recapped and translated the dialogue from the previews for episode 13 of Playful Kiss.

Recap of episode 13 long preview:

When Seung Jo comes home, Ha Ni tentatively asks if he went on a matchmaking date. He admits he did, and when Ha Ni wonders if that means he will get married to Hye Ra, Seung Jo flatly replies that the point of going on matchmaking dates is to get married and Hye Ra is an ideal partner.

Ha Ni is enjoying a meal custom made for her by Joon Gu, who confesses that everything he does is for Ha Ni. When he made the noodles, he thought specifically about what Ha Ni would enjoy eating. He washes his hair and changes into presentable clothes everyday just in case Ha Ni came by. He tells her that she is his sole reason to live. Ha Ni is so touched that she agrees to go on a date with Joon Gu. 

Hye Ra and Seung Jo are out on a date by the Han River, and discussing his work at his father’s gaming company. Seung Jo discusses how he is changing the company’s product lines away from the current craze for 3D gaming. Ha Ni and Joon Gu are on a date and happen to stop by the same coffee house. The boy is as excited as a puppy at the beach, remarking that he would have never been to such a place if not for Ha Ni.

The two couples run into each other, and Seung Jo’s face immediately freezes and Ha Ni’s discomfort is palpable. Hye Ra invites the other couple to double date at a jazz bar, and Seung Jo shoots down the idea saying Joon Gu and Ha Ni would be more suited to listening to street performers. Joon Gu rightly gets in Seung Jo’s face about the insult, but Ha Ni tugs Joon Gu away and says that Seung Jo sure knows her very well. Both guys comment that the other couple is such a perfect match for each other, though only Joon Gu means it.

Ha Ni sits at home and flashes back to Joon Gu’s marriage proposal earlier in the evening. Joon Gu tells her he’s loved her for 4 years as she has loved Seung Jo. But now that Seung Jo has a prospective marriage partner, isn’t it time for Ha Ni to finally let go. He asks her to marry him, telling her than he has always been behind her, all she needs to do is turn around and look.

Mom is waiting for Seung Jo when he gets home from his date with Hye Ra, and she is mad at him for agreeing to be set up for the sake of saving his dad’s company. Seung Jo replies that he’s not doing it for his dad, and when his mom pushes him further he says that he likes Hye Ra, isn’t that a good enough reason for dating her. Ha Ni overhears this entire conversation.

When they run into each other outside their rooms, the conversation is pointedly mean. Seung Jo asks whether she had fun on her date, and she says she had a great time unlike some other people. Seung Jo tells her to keep dating then.

Recap of episode 13 short preview:

Ha Ni to Seung Jo: I heard you went on a matchmaking date.

Hye Ra to Seung Jo: Surprised it’s me? Let’s just date, shall we?

Ha Ni: What’s going to happen, maybe Seung Jo will marry her.

Joon Gu to Ha Ni: You are the reason for my living. If you looked back you will see me, just look back at me here. Will you marry me?

Ha Ni’s friend to Seung Jo: Ha Ni said that she will give him an answer today.

Seung Jo to Ha Ni: I asked if you liked Bong Joon Gu?

Ha Ni: I am sick of being in a one-sided love, I want to be with someone who likes me.

Seung Jo: The person you like is me!


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  1. AAAHH! Literally screamed so loud when SJ told HN he’s the one she likes.. HN must have froze.. and then… the long awaited kiss?! maybe. AAAH! thanks for this! ^^

  2. all i can say is thank you so much for translating everything for us non Koreans! just by reading your recap on short preview it’s already making me tear up… can’t wait! thanks!

  3. Oh pls pls pls do the recaps for eps 13 and 14 coz i know i’ll be watching but wont be able to understand korean hahaha! Btw ur amazing!!!!!

  4. i’m trying to lower my expectations but for some reason, i can’t help but feel crazily excited about this episode… i don’t know about the kiss yet but all other scenes exceeded my expectations in terms of how they are executed. let’s just hope i won’t end up disappointed.

    and your blog is awesome.. it’s one of the places aside from soompi where spoilers can be discussed without fear of spoiling…

  5. While I haven’t been watching PK, the dialogue that is said during the rain scene really reminds me of the one in ISWAK (which to be honest was my favorite scene….I loved, absolutely LOVED it and thought Joe Cheng did a great job in that scene, Ariel as well of course). I might be tempted to watch this episode just to see how this scene is done and whether it will be different from ISWAK

  6. Thank you very much Ockoala!!! For people like me who don’t understand Korean but are dying to know what’s in the preview. You are our lifesaver.

    Oh my, that kiss….. squeal….I can’t wait to see the next episode!!!

  7. PK rain scene seems to be a calmer version of the TW version, just like their first kiss. The TW version was hawwwt. xD It was so passionate, so angry, yet so loving. Hmm, I don’t think we will see the exact same thing here, but I guess each fits their own style. =)
    Can’t WAIT for ep 13. ^^ (btw…I wonder what they’ll show for the last three episodes…o_O…it’s really quite puzzling)

  8. Thanks so much for the recap! I was already looking forward to episodes 13 and 14, but now I’m counting the minutes. ^_^

  9. Sometimes Seung Jo is so mean.. his selfish he don’t want Ha Ni to like other person.. But he always hurt Oh Ha Ni. I hate him even though i hate him of being so mean i still love the story and i really like Kim Hyun Joong, But when i saw the this preview Gosh I’m dying for the kiss.. BTW thank you for sharing the recap.. I Can’t wait for the entire episode.. PK Fighting..

  10. Thank you very much!!!

    I think before saying to his mother that he liked Hye Ra, Seung Jo looked up first as he noticed Ha Ni hovering above. THat statement was meant for Ha Ni.

  11. thanks thanks thanks ockoala, Love love love your recap…

    anyway for my thought on his episode…
    even if it hurts me to see HUNJOONG kiss another girl, (huhuhuhuh TT_TT wish i were Jong so min) what i want is for the kiss to be something that every girl would be envious of, angry at jong so min for the honor and crying about by the end of it…

    i really wish that the kiss would be as long as 1-2 minutes..
    i don’t want this kiss to be innocent..
    i don’t want this kiss to be playful..
    i don’t want this kiss to be mischievous..
    i don’t want this kiss to be naughty…
    i don’t want this kiss to be quick…
    i don’t want this kiss to be sweet..
    this kiss….
    I want this kiss to be PASSIONATE…
    with Bold letters of L – O – N – G..!!
    and with the essence of it being TRUE
    and with the hotness of FIRE in it as if there real life depends on it!!

    cause for me.. confessions with kisses should be that way…
    and since it id under the rain there should be added fire to make the raindrops become STEAM due to its hotness..

    and lastly … ^___^
    i want “THE KISS” to give of the words through Seungjos’s actions as
    “YOU ARE MINE…!!”
    “YOU ARE MINE… ”
    “…and MINE ALONE..”

  12. thanks u so much. the only reason I am watching is because I like kim hyun joong.
    thanks again for your time of translation. Wishing u all the best.

  13. Thanks so much for the translations! It just makes me want to watch the episode even more! To think that its airing right now… gah!

  14. Thanks for posting this sub of the ep 13! I cant seem to find the vid that you are alluding where he asks her if she like Boon Jung Gu.

  15. thank you soo much for the recap …i sit at home just waiting for the next recap to come…i hate the suspense : ) see i don’t watch the show because i live in australia and if i watched it on youtube it would finish my qouta : ) so i read the recaps : ) thanks

  16. i want more playful kiss episode until become success.honey and jelo love u both i want more playful kiss pls pls

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