BTS of Playful Kiss Crew Filming a Celebratory Scene

A few BTS shots of the Playful Kiss crew filming on October 20, 2010. I’ve hidden it after the jump, and in the meantime you can have some smiley Seung Jo cuteness above.

Normally I try to post something more substantive, but what the heck! PK is ending in two days, and we’ll be crying happy tears and throwing confetti. In the meantime, I’ll keep feeding the PK beast (aka all the happy PKissers spending time on AKP), even if its just with a PK snack.

BTS of PK Crew:

Some theories of what this scene was likely about: bachelor/bachelorette party for Seung Jo and Ha Ni, post-wedding celebration for friends back in Seoul, graduation from medical/nursing school party, et. al. One thing is for certain – it’s a happy occasion. Balloons! Smiling Hye Ra! A Glimpse of Chrisine! I spy Mom and the Dads. Sigh, I am both anticipating and dreading tomorrow.

[Credit: BTS pictures from Baidu Playful Kiss Bar]


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  1. thanks!! I’ve been stalking everything PK and consuming every bit of information. Everything is building up for the last two episodes. i just wish that I could watch it as soon as possible, unfortunately, i can watch it thursday morning here in Canada (im planning on watching it 12am… like really FIRSSTT thing in the morning) .. oh my anything that will get me through my obssession is fine.. spoilers.. recaps.. pictures.. name it.. im fine with it. ( i just finished watching previous episodes.. for the Nth time !! ) kaaahhh!!!! so even if i get to read the recap of episode 15 first before even watching it, im totally down with it!!!! thanks Ockoala!!!!

    • i’m already sleepy.. but i’m still watching.. replaying.. stalking.. sheesshh.. PK look at what you’ve done.. hehehe o_O

      • yeah… it’s right now 3~ish am at my place and i just woke up… there’s no way i will be able to go back to sleep now… i’ve tried it before and i ended replaying PK in my mine while in my bed anyways.

  2. tomorrow will be last day of filming and last episode will be air….
    eeeeemmmmm the time gose so fast……why the air short episode…..
    by the way is fine with it …..always support and support PK whatever low rating
    but i was happy watching….loph ya ockoala….<3

    • thanks Ockoala for being so close and personal with PK, I love stalking to you. Good Job. and c you on next drama of Kim Hyun Joong. Kinda sad knowing our meeting topic will be end this week……….hiiiks

      Sri, nice to know you Indonesian!!. na du!!!
      visit me at we gathering order together for PK ost.

  3. yay!! its wednesday already!!!!!
    im just counting the hours for episode 15!!!
    PKissers prepare yourselves, i really think its gonna spazz worthy episode!!!

    im dying from the anticipation!!!!
    see you guys at the wedding!!!

  4. OMG!!!
    I just discovered I have multiple personality disorder! My other personalities are Kittykat, v, Lullubunny, rainyrain, anony, jj, ajummgirl, jeaankaycee and ockoala. ?!

  5. haha! LOVE your attitude ockoala!! keep them coming and let’s have a PK fest!! only two days left…
    I have been having the same problem on DB… usually, when i update on there, i only post the “official videos” and translation of them as well as of diaries… I didn’t post pictures, or fanvids, or fancams, or rumors, etc. cuz i was afraid of “spamming” the place but this week, i unleashed my inner PK monster and decided, what the heck, let’s share everything… can’t do much harm right? it turned out exactly as predicted, the comments section on there exploded, with 80% of the extra comment coming from me… -_-”
    hope JB will understand… we only have 2 meager days left before withdrawal time.

    • v, its ok to unleash your PK monster!!!
      coz Pkissers really love it and i feel that we owe you for being so updated.
      you help us ease this anticipation that is so hard to resist!

      and a big thanks to ockoala for being so accommodating! its means a lot to everybody that your so gracious in this site and being the spoiler fairy that you are!
      as a PKissers who are we to say no to all the PK goodies you serve?
      none right?! so thank you so much!

      • agree to that!
        if cinderella have her fairy godmother
        to the Pkisser, ockoala is the PK fairy!

      • i think thats how we stalk!
        refreshing almost even 10 mins!
        yeah its really funny coz i think we have 11 hours time difference and we still got to send comments to each other!
        nothing is impossible b’coz of PK!

      • lol… the reason i’m stalking right now is because i can’t watch any video… i’m afraid Livestation will fail on me and i won’t be able to reconnect to MBC in time if the connection fails half way… so if i can’t watch vids, all that’s left is stalking sites…

      • oh ok, now i understand!
        losing connection is a big NO, esp. when the episodes of PK is coming up!
        me, im in the office right now but i cant help myself to stalk sites for PK, luckily im alone so nobody would bother me!

      • hehe… i wish i can be like you in my future job and be able to stalk pk sites… at the hospital im voluntaring at right now, most sites are banned.. -_-”
        and i actually lost my connection… i’ve been spending the past 20 minutes trying to get it back.. phew.

  6. ok… i know most of you probably don’t want to see this but it’s the bts of the haera + seungjo apartment scene… it was uploaded on the official PK channel but set on private almost immediatly. luckily, someone already downloaded it so here you go:

    (i’ll put a space randomly in the link because i don’t want it to be embedded) com/watch?v=ohxHM57b-LQ&feature=player_embedded

    • Ugh, i haven’t had my breakfast yet and i feel like gagging. T_T Why?! WHY OH LAWD! The Hani imagination got me all :sigh: and the bts just got me raged b/c I’m like “HWAANNNGG BUIN SAVE HJ!” (was stalking ssancho earlier)

      • sorry… about the gagging.
        i actually think khj is much more nervous with lee si young than he is with so min. but yes, why did hani have to imagine that??! the scene didn’t even get into broadcast…
        lol.. ssangchu couple is awesome! hwangbuin, ur shillang needs you. kk.

      • I’m sorry, what? *distracted by chest*

        Hehe, Buin needs to come use some tae kwon do moves! Those were funny scenes though. And nice to see KHJ with his usual giggle fits versus stoic BSJ.

    • yup! got to see that BTS pics and they are adorable as usual!
      in so much excitement even im alone in the office in grinning like a fool!
      cant help it!!! *sigh PK what have you done to us?!

      • kk… im in my room, awake while my roomates are all sleeping… for realz, what have you done to us PK?
        the BTS are adorable but it seems that the girl that is going to stick like a glue to Sj is appearing this episode… she’s pretty… but i don’t think i’ll like her character.

      • i think any character who’s sticking close to seung jo and giving hani a hard time would
        NEVER be like by any PKissers esp. when she is disturbing the most important phase
        in the newlyweds life which is the honeymoon!

      • yup yup… but the girls will only confirm SJ’s love for hani, although honestly, she doesn’t need to go through all that suffering and insecurity if it was up to me.

      • if its up to us, ha ni will have the time of her life with seung jo without disturbance.
        but hey, if after that suffering we could see some sweet re-assurance scenes coming from seung jo,
        i think i wouldnt mind coz it make our couple sweeter than ever.

      • yep.. you said it… i’m a total sucker for those confessions moment… those and the jealous scenes KILL me.

      • LOL! we have that in common!
        i love those kinds of scenes!
        when i watch those kinds of scenes and if its wonderfully done, im usually floored by it or i turned into a puddle of goo!

      • yup yup… i’m trying to think of other cliche senarios i totally fall for…
        well, of course, one would be the secret smile or secret whatever reaction that the audience can see but the other party can’t
        or the heated quarrel followed by the passionate make-up… yell and kiss… kk

  7. ok… what’s up with all these last-minute updates…. kk
    i just woke up an hour ago and it’s full of PK goodies on the net

    for joongu x juri shippers… you won’t get what you want in PK but at least, you’ve got this

    uploaded by lee tae sung himself in his twitter.
    joonguyah, you’ve gone a long way from this: kkk (uploaded by tae sung)

    • oh… and he also posted another tweet… apparently, he was the one who sang the ost that played during the river scene… i didn’t know it…. ^^
      i’m so getting PK ost for sure now…
      you can check the tweet at tae_sama

      • if i remember it correctly, i read it somewhere that they will release the ost on 22oct the international version and the japan version as well.
        as soon as its out im gonna try to find a way to buy one!

  8. hi… anyone still awake? i lol so hard at all the spazzing done here by PKbeasts!

    this is it…. it’s countdown time. just hours till the beginning of the end. sigh.. i don’t want it to be over! I want to continue to be a voyeur into their lives FOREVER, like some bizarre Big Brother programming. *wails and flails*

  9. Episode 16 spoiler
    Like I promised Kate, I’ll write a small summary of the episode here… i’ll try to be objective and spazz in another comment. kk. plus warning, it’s not a detailed summary.
    And I officially proclaim ockoala to be divine… cuz the monkey is BACK!!
    most random editing ever.
    The episode starts with the family eating and mom dropping the bomb.
    BSJ is seriously pissed and scolds mom for always messing and interfering with his life.
    But he still secretly likes it anyways. kk
    Hani announces her wedding to her friends at the restaurant and that’s when joongu future wife arrives… LOL. they are all so shocked when they saw her in the restaurant. Hani tries to speak english to her… kk. anyways, she eats the oyster and find them delicious… ah, what’s closest to love than love for food. kk
    Hani and seungjo goes to buy rings but seungjo is all indifferent and doesn’t care. He doesn’t like to try wedding outfits either and then hani and him have the quarrel like seen in the long preview… you can basically refer to the translations of the preview.
    The BSJ goes to the dad and they visit the mom’s and grandmother grave like the preview… BSJ shows that he cares by saying that he will take care of Hani. aw.
    Then, there’s the park scene where Hani wants to jeju island… Seungjo makes it like it’s a coincidence that the phone get 3 things in a row but it’s really… KK.
    Then, it’s the long preview scene with the friends where they give her lingery and stuff and where eunjo congratulates seungjo for the wedding.
    This scene breaks my heart…. joongu is outside the house during the night, looking up and saying to hani to be happy… (TT)
    then hani cries of happiness with her dad.
    Wedding time: haera and hani makes up… hani is being all pretty in a white dress with veil and flowery skirt and all. BSJ is being handsome in a tuxedo (duh.). Joongu is in a blue shirt with suit and looking quite fine himself. Tennis sunbae looks like he’s mc’ing the wedding. Eunjo is telling Hani about the forest kiss as the wedding present… HAHA…
    the bride walk is on complete with a piano version of wagner and all nd the friends advance first. then hani at the arms of her father. seungjo raises his hand with hani and make wedding vows… they look so happy and so good together. oh, ok, objectivity. right. both daddy makes speeches. me=teary.

  10. they exchange rings… with the friends holding the rings for them… hani got the wrong hand and the ring falls… haha… seungjo is SO embarrassed.
    hani tells him that she knows aobut the forest kiss. sj is pissed and she kisses him (um, attack him more like)… haha. mom loves it and is showing all of sj’s baby pictures (as a girl)… kk sj is SO pissed… HAHAHA. tennis sunbae follow haera around after the wedding. kk
    joongu is crying though and he’s sad..
    now they are on to jeju!! on the plane… and all and being grouchy at the honey moon. The meet the rival couple at the villa and of course, she sticks to seungjo like superglue and flirts and is awful to her hubby… making him carry around everything.
    haera and sunbae are so funny.. well, mostly sunbae when he’s being all nervous… kk. and he’s so sweet trying to cheer haera up and she laughs. (aw)
    more to come

  11. at the villa, hani is all giddy in the bathtub while seungjo is stoning on the balcony… LOL
    hani puts her heads on seungjo’s shoulders and sj is tickling her on the bench scene and the rival couple arrives… and my connection just died.

    • wow v!! thanks! it sure is not a spoiler for me.. i just woke up! and checked this site as soon as i opened my eyes!!! i fell asleep so i wasn’t able to update myself regularly..but the kittykat is out of the bag!! unfortunately i can’t stalk as much as i want to today.. ( well.. for the next couple of hours that is… i have a doctor’s appointmet..but will check things thru my bb..kekeke) … but thanks for this!! im a kat with a big grin on her face while anticipating the episode!!! but i better get going first!! otherwise i”ll be late!!!

  12. and my connection is back!! yippee…
    hani and seungjo eats together with the couple (btw, the husband is old)… the woman makes fun of hani..
    Seungjo and hani drives around and hani doesn’t feel well..
    then back to joongu serving his future wife.. kk (AWFUL editing.. what’s with the erratic jumps). anyways, joongu is teacher her how to use chopsticks.. kk but all she does is stare at him (think seungjo teaching hani math… ) and the dad notices it.
    hani is getting an historical lesson from seungjo when they encounter the annoying couple again… and she is hanging at the arms of seungjo while visiting the museum while hani and the husband are left behind…

  13. and they end up switching couples when visiting the museum.. i’m officially calling the girl superglue, or hanger. SJ is all cold to her… and LMAO…. we get to see eunjo in a wig and mommy baek as well… spying on the couple… HAHA… looks like suengjo has suspicions though.
    they are back in the hotel room. hani is all nervous and taking out the clothers/bras that her friends gave her… she SUPER nervous… haha.. then Hanger is knocking at the door, followed by her husband. Sigh. i wanted to be objective but damn, this is annoying.
    then we’re back to breakfast and hani is complaining that the hnoeymoon is not going the way she wants… and seungjo smiles at her (melts)… okay, back to the conversation.. and hani gets all pretty while preparing to go out with seungjo. and superglue’s husband knocks at seungjo’s door asking for help. the hanger is agonizing on the bed and seungjo is trying to diagnose and she takes his hand and makes him feel her body. hani doesn’t want him to do that.. and seungjo yells at her that she should learn to accept that since he’s going to be a doctor. hani runs out of the room and the husband follows her… the wife suddenly gets up and tells seungjo that he doesn’t like hani right? my connection died again.. WTH. ok, let me see if i get it back.

  14. seungjo puts her into place and offends her (yeah, serves you right) and and walks out of the room… and joins hani on the bench looking at the sea.
    He reassures her and tickles her.. kkk. awesome. and then back to the room (WTF monkey?) with both of them in their PJs and looking all stiff and nervous…
    he tells her she’s cute sometimes and also beautiful hehe.. and then takes her by the shoulders… omo. and ask why he likes her and misses her and omo omomomo odsafosmfdoaf;a

  15. omomomomo omy heart is racing like mad…
    we get the princess lift… and then seungjo kisses hani on the bed!!! kyakyakya adoafdoamfdl;afomom fdsaosaj
    i’m going crazy.. AHHH!!
    next… jump to sleeping hani in the morning… sigh.

    • i saw the honeymoon kiss on youtube!!! wwaaaaaahhhhhh!!! i’m seriously wishing that i was OH HA NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaaahhh!!!!!!

  16. oh… she’s back to her house, and smiling blissfully after waking up… (ok, show, you lost me with your editing.. i have no idea what just happened).
    anyways, hani joins mom, and the robot brothers and the breakfast table…
    and my connection died for a while there… it has never been this bad.. i think it’s because there’s too much traffic today… TT
    anyways, i was able to catch a glimpse of the preview… they are sleeping in the same bed. and hani is helping christine get joongu who gets to play hard to get. hani teases seungjo. do i see a cpr scene??? eunjo arrives on seungjo and hani when they’re on top of each other.. and then we see someone collaps on the street and hani arrives at the scene.
    and that’s it folks, i’m going to watch runway and daemul now…
    sorry for the confusing summary… it was live and my connection didn’t help. TT

  17. Ok… em.sie_1813@soompi made her own little live summary… if you have a soompi account, please go there and thank her.

    ALL CREDITS to em.sie_1813@soompi

    Episode 15 Quick Recap Part 1… [Read at ur own Risk]

    Back to end of 14, Omma announces the wedding, but SJ doesn’t want to rush it.. Omma walks out, HN grins.
    Omma, see HN’s that at outside and talk to him.. They are talking about the wedd of two..

    At the restaurant,
    HN’s friends show about fast arrangement of HN’s wedding.. Suddenly a foreigner comes in the restaurant.. HN and her friends saw the woman and act nothing to see[very shy to communicate with her cause of English.] HN’s appa call HN to speak with her, and HN try to speak “How are you” and the girl speaks Korean order noodles.. Seeing JG from the kitchen, she made a compliment about the food.. It tastes good..

    At the jewelry store,
    HN and SJ are picking wedding rings.. But SJ doesn’t cooperate at all.. They even argue at the
    middle of street..

    At the car,
    SJ is in long face, still inconsiderate about the point of what HN said to him.. And also about the marriage..

    Back to restaurant, SJ visited HN’s appa and has something to say..

    SJ omma and HN, open gifts. HN receives call from his dad and he wants HN if she have time. HN goes to restaurant and SJ was there..

    At the car, HN ask SJ where are they going, and they go to the grave of HN’s omma and halmoni.. They pay for respect..

    While walking they are talking about the place of their honeymoon.. Italy, Roma, SJ said it doesn’t make sense. SJ even suggest that they go to Yeo-Ui-Do [Its very cool there, I came there before.. Kekeke.. But that’s beside Han River only in Seoul.] But HN wants in Jeje Island.. They even use the cellphone if the figures are the same, she will grant HN’s wish and HN was happy because she wins…

    At the HN’s bedroom,
    MA and JR present gift to HN.. Lingerie and perfume.. Hahaha.. Girls are also pervert… Her friends really secured HN’s first night.. They are really envious.. Poor girls..

    EJ talk to his hyung about his wedding.. EJ congratulates his hyung.. SJ left with a smile..

    Outside the house, [oohh this sooo sad]
    JG says goodbye to HN and really hope that she will be happy forever..

    note: omma-mother, appa-father, halmoni-grandma

  18. V – thank you very much I loved it. I’ll be crazy woman today and tomorrow with smile in my face all day.

    Love the part when your connnection died I was like oh no and then bursted out laughing so loud people here at work asked if I was ok.

    Thank you :)))

    Cannot wait to see the tickle part seem so cute.

      • Omg I just watch this and I had to get out of my office and go outside to scream ( I bet people here said what the heck) But I love this. I cannot even watch the whole thing on the first time my face turn red and feel embrassed and I’m married what is wrong! Hehehehe

        Ok going back to watch that bed scene Again! Let’s hope I can watch all the way to the end this time. :)))

      • OMG – love it cannot wait more bed room scene tomorrow ( yeah right hah – cannot watch the whole first nite scene all the to end yet kept looking away and giggles) But sure wanna see the CPR scene in bed.


    ALL CREDITS to em.sei_1813@soompi
    if you have a soompi account, please thank her

    Episode 15 Quick Spoilers Part 2

    MA and JR fell asleep in HN’s bed.. HN leaves them, and sees her appa in the dinning area, drinking.. Looks like HN appa is worried to her.. HN says thank you to his appa while crying.. They even practice walking in the aisle..

    YAAYY!! Wedding already!!!

    SJ and his parents welcoming the guest, while HN is taking pictures with her friends.. So cute in wedding dress.. HN’s high school teachers come to visit and congratulate her.. Her adviser said SJ is really DAE BAK! Hahaha

    HR visit also and congratulates HN and they shake hands..
    SJ is their and sees JG..
    KS sunbae, is the MC of the wedding..

    EJ and HN in the room, and HN was nervous, EJ holding HN’s hands.. EJ whisper something to HN made her into shock [I think the second kiss in the forest, EJ tells that..] His wedding gift.

    HN is walking in the aisle with her appa, MA and JR are flower girls.. SJ and HN reciting an oath raising their right hand..

    SJ appa, and HN appa is making now speech about the newly wed couple. Omo.. exchanging of wedding rings, given by MA.. SJ is slides the ring to HN, and when HN going to slide the ring to SJ, it drops and rolled.. Clumsy HN.. people laughs..

    SJ teases her being fool, and HN already tells about the kiss that SJ stole.. Hahaha… HN KISS SJ!!!.. Very Aggressive HN.. JG outside, sad..

    Omo, they are in honeymoon… SJ and HN in the car.. HN remembers back to their wedding that SJ omma present pics when they are little.. SJ little baby [dressed as girl].. Back to the road, SJ leaves HN and HN runs after to the car.. Hahaha..

    KS and HR on a date??? [Date for KS, for HR?}.. KS is making funny towards HR.. HR smiles a bit..

    SJ and HN arrived in their hotel… They encounter couple who also checked in that hotel.. [Smell of trouble] HN checked the toilet and smiling like fool.. She walks to SJ SJ was outside, seeing the sea.. HN leans on SJ’s shoulders can’t believe that they are married already//

    This story is super RUSH!! Can’t believe those scenes are so fast..

    Episode 15 Quick Spoilers Part 3

    The couple see SJ and HN together, ruining the moment.. They even arrangement a dinner.. The girl is laughing to HN.. Arrgg..

    SJ and HN in a drive, suddenly HN feel nauseous..

    The foreign girl came to restaurant again.. Looking for JG and orders food.. JG teaches her how to use chopsticks…

    HN and SJ in a museum, bump to that girl again with its husband… The girl even hold SJ’s arms.. Arrgg..

    Omo.. SJ omma in disguise.. Bump that girl away from SJ.. Waahh EJ is soo cute… In disguise also.. Haha.. SJ omma taking pictures again..

    Night.. Yes!, HN wants to go to clean first and preparing the props she will going to use,, [Lingerie] Suddenly, The annoying couple knocks and with wines and foods… Fail again.. Arrrgg…

    HN and SJ are eating lunch, and HN said its their last day.. And HN suggest a dinner, SJ grants its..

    They are now preparing suddenly the GUY was seeking for a help because his wife is in pain.. SJ check the girl.. HN can’t tolerate seeing SJ touching other girls… SJ afraid.. HN walk out…

    The girl is only in act, held SJ hands, and runs towards HN..

    SJ see HN in the bench, he tickles HN’s tummy..

    Ok,, this is it….

    The wedding night, without interruptions..
    Ok no comment for this, SO WATCH IT BY YOURSELF!! So hot…

    They return from their honeymoon, HN is still in the bedroom, smiling.. Rush downstairs..

    SJ having a breakfast.. [Sorry I don’t understand further of last part]

    Only SJ leaves a smile

    Preview 16:

    -EJ saw his Hyung and HN some sweet moments in the bedroom
    -Story of Chris and JG, Chris is leaving the country, JG runs after him.
    -HN saw a accident.. Saving the man’s life.. [They are going in here for a date]

  20. also, otchosais@soompi also did here summary and please go to soompi to thank her
    And this is my last update… i don’t want to overwhelm ockoala’s blog with walls of text.

    EJ telling HN his gift.. (2nd kiss)
    sunbae is the “announcer” hahah
    SJ telling the vows
    HN telling the vows
    SJ’s father telling something about HN and SJ.. how he met HN’s dad
    HN’s dad telling something about HN being a good daughter
    (I got teary-eyed hear… HN’s dad is one of the best dad in the world..)
    exchange of wedding rings.
    HN did an accident again.. she dropped the rings…

    SJ: you’re still stupid..
    HN: teasing him that he likes HN for so long…
    SJ: ask what was she saying..
    HN: the 2nd kiss…
    SJ: was startled then look to EJ (EJ acting that he doesn’t know anything)
    HN: you’re childish…
    *then HN kiss SJ.. (SO LUCKY!!!) then doing what SJ did at their first kiss.. “melong!”

    for their honeymoon trip..
    SJ is like a little irritated,,,
    -SJ’s girly pics . EJ was startled seeing it.. then HN was still laughing about it..
    -SJ left her then HN run towards the car…

    HR and Sunbae together

    at the honeymoon place, the other 2 newly wed came also..

    HR and Sunbae eating hotdogs..
    HR said that Sunbae really love hotdogs.. then sunbae ask her if she didn’t like it..
    but HR said that’s fine. then sinbae saw a poster of eating hotdogs and they can join a game/lottery and can go to a foreign country. Sunbae acting funny and at last HR laughed at sunbae..

    HN is at the bathroom daydreaming again.. she went near to SJ
    HN: I’ll do good. even if I’m lacking with so many things, I’ll do good to be a good wife..
    so sweet then the newly wed again interrupted them.. (that girl, I want to strangle her!)

    HN and SJ had a dinner arrangement then the girl said that there is another couple in the dinner… and again the newly wed who always interrupts HN and SJ’s sweet moments.

    HN having a headache/hangover because of drinking too much wine

    back at the restaurant, JG served to a “foreigner” who can speak korean so well.
    JG teaches her how to use chopsticks

    HN and SJ going to a nice place again
    the newly wed interrupter is here again!!! grr!!!
    HN and the guy (newly wed) is talking with each other… the guy thinks that SJ might steal or do something with his wife.. then the wife clinging to SJ… (I hate her)

    hahah, EJ too cute on his disguise.,, as well as mom..

    back at the hotel room..
    SJ suggested that HN should shower. HN getting excited to see the nigh-tees her bestfriends gave to her..

    then again interrupter went to their room
    at morning, HN said that this is their last day.. but they haven’t been exclusively together.
    HN suggested that tonight they should be alone together

    HN is putting make-up telling to herself: pretty, pretty, pretty… this is why SJ marry me..
    then the guy asks for SJ’s help because that b*tch is acting sick..

    then SJ tending to the girl.. then HN got jealous over it… then she said to stop touching the girl..
    SJ got mad saying that she married someone who will be a doctor. If she can’t take that, they shouldn’t be together.
    HN run away, the guy followed HN..

    then that b*tch said to SJ that he didn’t like HN at all… if she met SJ before HN then…
    then SJ got mad saying, then what? I’ll choose you?! then he said, she’s incomparable to HN..

    SJ went to HN.. then the tickling scene between HN and SJ

    at night, both of them in pajamas
    Hn: sorry for being jealous.
    SJ: your cute, you are pretty, then he grab hn’s shoulder… waaah!!! can’t type anymore..

    the sweet night!! wwwah!
    SJ bring HN to bed!
    HN: wait.. wait.. I should prepare something
    SJ: what preparation?
    HN: something that a girl prepare…
    SJ interrupted her then kiss her again
    SQUEALING!!! waah!!!

    back at home
    HN late to wake up.

    hm.. I missed the last part

    the preview..
    wedding life..
    we can see that JG is also running at the airport to follow Chris.
    HN and SJ at the bed, EJ saw them.. haha
    then HN and SJ set a date but HN is late.. upon going to the date place, HN saw an accident..
    she helped and do the cpr..

    awaahh!!! last episode tomorrow!!!

    SJM really SAVED the world in her past life to be blessed being HJ’s partner..!

      • you’re welcome… it definitely wasn’t the best episode in terms of editing but it has many squeal-worthy moments, and touching moments too.

      • i’ll let the monkey editing pass coz whats important for me seung jo and ha ni moments.
        i’ll just enjoy whatever they would offer to us!
        thanks again v!
        your an angel!

    • Thank you very much for all your posts!! As I am not able to see the show live I have to wait for some caritative soul to uploaded subbed and your recaps have sure make me very very happy!!

      • i’m glad i was able to contribute something… I’m always happy to share anything about PK. however, the two good summaries are not by me… my recaps are the messy ones that first comes up… the others are by otchosais and em.sei_1813 from soompi.

    • thank u for the updates! just watched SJ and Hani’s first night and i’m grinning from ear to ear.. squeal!! Now i can sleep in peace then wait to watch the subbed version tomorrow 🙂

      • Sorry sorry sorry!! I just intended to paste the link and suddenly the video appears. I am terrible sorry!!! and now I don’t know how to fix it 🙁

      • lol… the same thing happened to me during the last post… that’s why if you look at the youtube link i posted above, i put in a space in between the link.. maybe you should try that too.

      • Thanks a lot v for the tidbit about posting links and…. the new one of the bed scene!! 🙂

      • Ok, so I’m back to this video. That scene was freakin’ beautiful. Just sweet enough and just sensual enough. His leg over hers just about did me in though…

        I can’t wait to see this episode. *sigh*

  21. I’m still stalking!! Hahaha!! Now I’m checking the site on my phone!! Hahaha!! Thanks for the updates!! I’m done with the doctor now, so I’m moving on to my next appointment.. But I’m not forgetting PK!!!
    Can’t wait for the honeymoon scene… When I think about it.. Its KHJ voice that I really find sexy.. Especially when he lowers the register of it… Kaaaahhh!! I’m going to melt just thinking about it!!

  22. Ok V – I read this blog since 8 this morning and watch first nite scene many times ( don’t count any more) never able to watch the whole 1 min scene until now ( I’m still red from blushing).

    Oh, and I watched the wedding scene that was do cute of Hani.

    Thank you for the summaries. 1 more crazy day tomorrow.

  23. Ocoala you’re the bestest ever( if that’s even a word!)
    @V……. I can’t say which I enjoyed more, the recap of the episode or the manner you told the story! Hahaha had sooo much fun with all the epic scenes in the story but also the “connection interruption” you experienced while watching it streaming! Thank you so much!!!

  24. ockoala! your PK snacks are yummy 😛 they keep the PK beast in my tummy from roaring all the time ^^

    can’t stop thanking you!

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