Barbie Hsu’s Whirlwind Romance and Engagement

[2nd Edit: Both Da S and Wang Xiaofei have updated their blogs and confirmed the engagement!] Hot off the press: It is basically all but confirmed that Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to her newest boyfriend, mainland Chinese uber-rich businessman Wang Xiaofei, who is five years younger. They started dating 20 days ago.

While neither side has confirmed the news reports which leaked yesterday (if you Google Barbie’s Chinese name, you’ll hit over 1200 news reports about the engagement within the last day), loose-lipped extended family members have let it slip in little ways that basically confirmed the engagement.

Congrats to Barbie, but boy oh boy was that a whirlwind courtship, and fraught with scandal since said guy apparently dumped another C-actress for Barbie. Regardless, apparently everyone is trying to track down Vic Zhou for his thoughts (other ex-Blue Lan already gave his sincere well-wishes to Barbie).

I say if the Chinese paparazzi goes to bother my Vic, I am going to send the Koala army after them. Seriously, stop bothering Vic about everything that goes on with Barbie. They’ve moved on, and so should the rest of the media. My felicitations to Barbie!


Barbie Hsu’s Whirlwind Romance and Engagement — 24 Comments

  1. Yes please Vic and Barbie ended a LONG time ago.. I want Vic to find someone he deserves even though I’ll wail and cry again with that news.

  2. it’s about time for Barbie to settle down since she’s not getting any younger…& I agree..they should stop bothering my Vic Zhou…

  3. o_O
    congratulations Da S, I had no idea she was even dating…
    And yes, I think Vic is sick by now about having to always answer questions about her but they’ve been together for so long it’s quite inevitable…
    Congratulations again. She’ll be a very pretty bride.

  4. …20 days? Not to be cynical or anything, but does that mean that they’ll be divorcing after 20 days too? Jk. But congrats to Da S & Wang Xiaofei.

      • much like our very own asian Britney spears with a short vegas trip wedding…?

        i think people should just stop Vic. i mean they have been a long time ago. and if they do bother Vic, i will send hells fire as back-up to Koala’s Army…

      • Haha yeah! Britney Spears immediately came to mind but that was just too ridiculous. There wasn’t even an announcement for that, was there? As for Da S & her fiance, if they’ve been friends for a long time, then I can see a reas0n for a fast engagement (kind of). Well, I’m not in her shoes so I dunno!

  5. I thought there’s something going on between her and Peter Ho. I still remember that on some interview Peter expressed his liking for her. Oh well, we never thought what will happen in the next day. Anyways congrats to her and her future husband 🙂

    • There wasn’t anything going on between Peter and Barbie. Ever.

      Peter’s liking for her is completely platonic. The reporters spun it out of control.
      He just admires her as a friend. He thinks she’s a great actress.
      Peter’s supposed ‘liking’ for her was just respect, admiration and pure friendliness.

      Seriously, the tabloids just like to make us dizzy.

  6. wow! thats kinda fast but they if she’s happy then good!
    congrats to barbie!

    and yeah, hopefully they dont bother our beloved vic zhou!
    they moved on already!

  7. 20 days??????? gosh, really???? though i have an inkling that it won’t work out well, i still hope it will.

    yeah, it’s unfair to drag vic’s name in this issue. what he and barbie had is now history. let’s just wish the best for both of them in their own separate lives.

  8. it reminds me of last year prediction, where a fortune teller said that Barbie needs to get married as soon as possible or she will never ever get married…So I guess she really listen to it…

  9. 20 days?? Seriously? T.T

    I think I wouldn’t believe this yet unless the two announced it to the public and the wedding date is set. But, I’m not sure… this is hella fast. T.T

    Yep, don’t bother Vic… come on it’s been years and these two moved on already. T.T

  10. I love Barbie so of course I am very happy for her while also scratching my head in wonder.

    Also, I must confess to secretly holding out hope that she & Vic would get back together but its clear they are not and Vic shouldn’t be harassed about this. Are they expecting him to say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Barbie, you’re mine! What are you doing?” Never. Gonna. Happen.

  11. Update: The wedding date is set. February 18, 2011.

    Just in time for Chinese New Year! Angpao!

    Okay, finished reading the articles, seems like Wang Xiaofei is Barbie’s Prince Charming after all. Seems like a really nice guy.

  12. And to be sure, Xiao S approves of Wang Xiaofei and she really thinks that Wang Xiaofei is the one for her sis. Aww, little sis gives her blessings. Let’s hope Xiao S doesn’t jump on her brother-in-law or sit on his lap during Kang Xi Lai Le.

  13. it comes as a surprise to me.. only 20 days! Nevertheless, I sincerely wish Barbie a blissful marriage, live happily ever after! Wang Xiaofei 捡到宝了!

    • Ditto!

      I think it comes as a surprise to us because we weren’t aware that they were dating, most of us (myself included) didn’t know that she had a special someone before ockoala published this post.

      As the fairy godmother therainhouse, I put a curse on Da S and Wang Xiaofei that they both live happily ever after and have lots of children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren

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