M3 – Fourth Trailer Plus Screencaps

This is likely the last trailer for the drama formerly known as Mary Stayed Out All Night, which became Marry Me, Mary!, which I shall henceforth refer to as M3 (thanks for coining the acronym @hjkomo!).

It pretty much has one major scene, and that’s it. But oh boy is it a doozy of a scene to just drop in a trailer. You are forewarned – major cuteness ahead. Below is the trailer and screencaps of said trailer. The Geun-Geun couple just submitted their names for contention in the cutest OTP couple of the year.

Fourth Trailer for Mary:


The screenwriter for M3 is the same writer who brought us the bipolar Goong and fluffy Love Marriage. The director helmed the recent highly acclaimed short dramas Red Candy and Kyung Seok, Kyung Seok’s Father.

Let’s just enjoy the cute for now, shall we?

I no longer care that the OTP looks like a homeless woman’s love story with a hippie cross-dresser. I survived, and enjoyed (the first half of, at least) Goong, which had the lead male dressed like a cross between a male version of a Victorian doll and a Johnny’s trainee with a fondness for lace. Bring on the cute AND the crazy, M3. I’m waiting for you.

[Credit for screencaps from the Jang Geun Seok Baidu bar]


M3 – Fourth Trailer Plus Screencaps — 9 Comments

  1. Your description of Goong’s Shin? *dies laughing* But hey, I thought the second lead’s outfits were even worse. LOL

    As for M3? laksdjaklfhajkdhk kadshkjalhdjkalhds I honestly can’t tell if I’m anticipating more this one or SG, maybe, just maybe this one, but just a smidgen more. This new trailer is sooo cuuuuute. MGY pouty face is a work of art and JGS is, well, always a certainty. No matter what he does, I always find him v charismatic and you end up believing anything his characters say. And FYI?I would have reacted like Mary. Stars in her eyes, omo omo omo! o/

    • “I thought the second lead’s outfits were even worse”

      Oh heyall NO! Sere, are you blinded by the Joo Ji Hoon hotness? Because emo-Yul was wayyyy better dressed than Lurch-Shin.

      Emo-Yul was not as attractive because he had the personality of a wet rag, but objectively what he wore was much less…..froofy.

      Irregardless, JGS can wear a potato sack and still do his version of the Blue Steel pout.

      • Fuuu! I forgot to subscribe to this post. FAIL! Sorry!

        I must have blocked out the froofy outfits from memory then. All I remember is thinking how Yul had things like velvet outfits and weird-patterned outfits (was it him with a horrid GREEN outfit with small flowers? OMG that one burned my retinas!). Yes, he was supposed to be the more casual/normal-looking outfits, but…well, the thing is, I could get behind Shin’s outfits (I didn’t like them, mind you, but they were in-character and very manga-like so um yeah, I could tolerate the extravaganza), but considering Yul had to be the cool down-to-earth guy who’ve lived a very normal life, I expected better from him? IDK, now I feel like I should be rewatching bits of the eps to give you examples or sth and no, just no. XD

  2. i can’t wait for the drama to start!! I hope it will satiate my love for rom com. I am rooting for mgy and kjw!! Jgs isn’t particularly my favourite actor.

  3. haha I LOVE reading all your posts, even though I don’t comment much. I have you on my fave list 🙂 yea, they dressed Shin Goong so weirdly that it is much to his credit that he still managed to look hot and manly. Haha must be the strong, silent, tortured look that I like 🙂
    Thanks for writing about M3. I am looking forward to it. It looks like the perfect antidote for my PK withdrawal symptoms. Cheers and have a nice day!

  4. thanks ockoala!!
    your hilarious the way you describe prince shin of goong! LOL!

    my anticipation for the drama is raising to the alarm level, i really hope they deliver coz i love MGY!!!!
    i have a girl crush on her! of course JGS, he crossdress and he will still look good in my eyes!

    see you M3!

  5. thanks for the trailer, ockoala!!!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that M3 would live up to all the hype!!!
    Hope it helps alleviate my withdrawal pangs for PK & SKKScandal!!!

    looking forward to M3..Secret Garden & Athena!!! KDrama…fighting!!!

  6. Thank goodness SKKS is followed by this cuteness; I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost both PK and SKKS and there was nothing to fill the (considerable) void in my heart. This is going to be EPIC. In a way that I hope is nothing similar to the epic~ness of KJW’s last drama. It was epic for all the wrong reasons.

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