Mu Gyul’s Mittens Actually Knitted by Moon Geun Young

This news report may not be either salacious (OMG, they must be dating) nor all that surprising (watching Mae Ri knit in episode 4, it was obvious that Moon Geun Young actually knew how to knit). It turns out that the pair of mittens Mae Ri is currently knitting for Mu Gyul in the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) will in fact be knitted by Moon Geun Young personally.

It’s not being purchased or even completed by some prop person. Nope, Moon Geun Young has been knitting the pair during breaks in filming. She’s so good the cast has taken to calling her a knitting factory. She confirms that she’s knitting the Mu Gyul mittens as a gift for Jang Geun Soek because they have been getting along so well as co-stars (with their very similar backgrounds as child stars and same age). Really, please don’t read too much into it, I don’t for a second believe anything is going on behind the scenes between them.

I just love this news report because those mittens are clearly going to be quite important to Mu Gyul in the future, and it somehow feels so special that Moon Geun Young made it as a gift for Jang Geun Seok. Sigh, they are just so cute together. Anyone not on the Merry Christmas-Happy New Year ship, you are totally missing out on the rainbows and kittens cuteness that is likely never to be replicated again in the history of K-drama.


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  1. ….omg. That may be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t get over how adorable JGS and MGY are as costars, watching them act together is like watching puppies sleeping in a pile or something.

  2. I think that’s sooo sweet for her. Hey look a prop he can take away too. I think it’s sweet she would do something nice for her co-star. I’m more of a baker so if i was her i’d bake something, cupcakes? hehe 😛
    Now we know she she can knit. i’m dying to learn to knit mittens. But my knitting skills are bad. 🙁

  3. whoa!!! so sweet of her that made me want to ride the geung-geung ship 😉 peace mayssenger! am just undergoing PK withdrawal syndrome. ^^kekeke!!! i so so miss them *sigh*

      • Allenif – this article may just pull me into the MMM camp too. Now if only my internet would behave when I need it to…..
        Hey mayssenger, don’t be sad. Just popped in to say hello 🙂
        Erm, who is Jung In???

      • Rushhhhhhhhh, it’s youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! YAY!!!! RUSH IS HERE!!!!! Come join the Jung In bandwagon….he’s the second lead but me and allenif love him to bits! He’s the cool Jap-speaking guy in Coffee Prince and the rebel unhappy son in Bad Guy. Never mind if you haven’t seen either…..he’s lovelyyyyy!

      • omooooo!!!! rush is here too. welcome to m3 rush!!! am so soo happy to see you here and i can see how euphoric mayssenger is now having her boating sister here. LOL am looking forward to your bubbly conversation with her and anticipating some gas pains to come. :DD join us aboard the kim jae wook (jung in) ship but i won’t really mind if you want to ride the merry christmas-happy new year ship. LOL

      • Ooooh! Thanks for the welcome mayssenger and allenif. Still not able to watch Mary online. I confess I’m a closet WGM and Yongseo addict so I’ve been stalking them the entire weekend. But I’m willing to come spazz with you guys even without watching MMM.
        By the way, I have seen Coffee Prince (not Bad Guy) and I loved the Japanese speaking guy there. My only issue with following second leads is that I suffer as much heartbreak as them when the other guy gets the girl (I still haven’t gotten over Brilliant Legacy and You’re beautiful!) My solution? To ship the OTP from day 1. I just MAKE myself BELIEVE in them whether I like the guy or not. Actually, if I don’t like the guy I don’t watch the drama…. I know, I know, I’m shallow that way!!
        Of course I may have to eat my words once I actually start watching the drama……

      • Hey Rush, so happy you took time off your busy playwriting to come spazz with us LOL

        Ockoala just posted up some spoiler pics which practically dashed all my Jung In (cool Jap guy) hopes….but it’s ok cos I’m loving the lead guy too (he’s the lead in YAB) Talking about YAB, your mentioning the second lead reminds me of how sad I felt awwww in the street scene when he was wearing that cool hat and was walking towards her, and then the other guy intercepts with a call…sad…….Actually, in real life, given a choice between the two guys in M3, I’d pick the lead guy cos he seems to have more in common with her, they are really close friends, and I like that friendship part…really sweet and warm. I’ve just always liked that Jap guy, I wish he would be cast in a lead role one day. But of course dear HJ reigns supreme in my fickle heart…. (btw yeisha should really cut down on the booze; she posted a link to some site which I couldn’t access LOL)

      • @mayssenger – dropping in between hectic mommying activities to say hi again. I’m trying so hard to not spoil it for myself so haven’t looked at the pics yet… but I’m weak I probably will before the sun sets on this day.
        In YAB I liked the OTP but since I’m a a big fan (major under-statement there!) of CN Blue and Jung Yonghwa (hence the love for We Got Married) I just felt very very sad for him. I would’ve helped him get over it. In a totally platonic, ‘friendly’ way naturally. As is my wont…..
        As I said I’m determined to ship the OTP and I do like JGS. He oozes charisma even tho he’s not my type (I wouldn’t crush on him) and from all accounts the chemistry between him and MGY is amazing.
        “Not going to set my expectations too high, not, not, NOT!!!”
        By the way, mayssenger, are you watching these episodes subbed, or raw? And where are you watching them. All my usual sources are not working for me this time….

      • @ Rush

        Just go to this site – it’s all there from ep 1 onwards. keep scrolling down and you’ll see the links on the right. Fully subbed. They’re pretty fast. Ep 5 should be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. They’ll put up the subbed parts as soon as they are done so you don’t have to wait for the whole ep to be subbed and catch the sub parts first. Good luck buddy…wait till you watch’ll be torn between the two leads!

    • @Mayssenger: Thankee! Thankee oh angel of mercy. Expect me to be all caught up this week. Torn between the first and second leads??? Again! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!
      You can’t do this to me drama Gods…
      Ok, will wait till I’ve watched before I start losing it. Have a great day/night wherever you are. Hugs 🙂

  4. it’s very refreshing to know that these actors that we can’t help but idolize are very much down to earth… i think the reason why this drama is working out is due to the chemistry of the actors… slowly they creep into our hearts as we watch their characters grow and develop. we have this hopeful vision of how their stories might unfold… we feel their happiness,and frustrations — we romanticize with giddy expectations that maybe just maybe next episode will be the much awaited “kissu” that special moment that we as viewers will forever be etched in our minds and hearts ( oh well, until the next super special ” new drama” heheheh!!!!)

  5. Anyone not on the Merry Christmas-Happy New Year ship, you are totally missing out on the rainbows and kittens cuteness that is likely never to be replicated again in the history of K-drama.

    The GeunGeun couple’s chemistry is really one for the books…but of course I’m ‘shipping Kim Jae Wook!!! LOL!!!

  6. Hehehe, that is really cute <3
    I WISH there was something going on lol xD xD
    They make such a cute pair!~
    It's nice to see them getting along!~
    When I saw Mae Ri knitting I went "Hey she really does know how to knit :D:D"

  7. ooh, i thought MGY just learnt a bit of knitting on the spot for the acting. surprise that she knows how to knit. good for her n good for JGS!

  8. watch when you can see I like you because you are a skilled actor who develop themselves as well as you always have a number of features that we have to wait online.

  9. How cuuute! ^^ Given the chance to be in Moon Geun Young’s shoes, I’d probably try harder and learn how to knit just to make a pair for Jang Geun Seok. HAHA! XD

  10. yes I am already on board that ship ever since ep 1.. no actually ever since it was confirmed they are acting together in a trendy rom com.

    I also think the amount of cuteness overload we are getting from M3 won’t be repeated ever again because, it would never be the same without both the leads together. Plus I don’t think MGY will play another bubbly character again or a rom-com drama. She has the acting chops to take her career to greater heights and maybe another daesang award. This is like her fanservice before going all “serious”.

  11. have you guys seen the MSOAN special where they interviewed the cast and they even played the finger game?

    they showed MGY knitting and they asked her who it’s for and she said ‘MG-ah’ and they asked ‘ is there a reason that you’re knitting it for him’ and she quickly said ‘nope’ and looked very ‘oops, scandal-alert, better deny everything’ then she said ‘please watch the show to find out’..

    so sweet that she’s doing it for a good friend.. they may have found that they are kindred spirits, esp since they’ve both had very similar experiences, growing up in the acting world, hence our observation of their great chemistry is REAL, cos they just click..

  12. Wow, MGY is really something! She’s good in just about everything. Yeah, sweet but just as friends. I guess JGS has his sights for Park Shin Hye already…

  13. I have come to the party, late again, but better still, late than never. The cutest between the Merry Christmas-Happy New Year, bow wow-meow and Guen-Guen couple is just tooooooo cute! Love that she is actually knitting his mitts!! You’re right … we’re probably never going to get such a good pairing again for quite some time. *Sigh*

  14. Thats way can she have so many talent.I just going to pray that they will have something behind the scene,we can hope for our merry christmas and happy new year couple right.hehe

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