Preview for Episode 14 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Written & Video)

What is my definition of the word “drama”? I use to think it was synonymous with “shit that can never happen in real life.” There has been a concerted effort to make dramas more realistic, and I do love the trend. Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) was always a fantasy little romantic yarn, never mind that I found the love story between Mae Ri and Mu Gyul very believable.

However, plot-wise, M3 has totally jumped head first into the crazy-can only-happen-in-a-drama direction, and as a viewer I simply must laugh at the antics or else I might get a headache from contemplating how over-the-top it has become. I like to think all the actors are having a blast going all out with this drama at this point. I know I’m still having fun, and still love my OTP to pieces.

Episode 14 Written Preview:

Mae Ri, who watched Mu Gyul get kidnapped right before her eyes, chases after the kidnappers with the police in tow, managing to save Mu Gyul. During this incident, Mu Gyul’s injured hand gets re-injured.

Because of Mu Gyul’s kidnapping, the Wonderful Day showcase almost cannot go on. But Mu Gyul arrives on stage just in time, and the showcase successfully gets underway. At that time, Mu Gyul publicly declares his love for Mae Ri, then performs the songs.

Mae Ri’s dad suddenly arrives at Jung In’s house, sees Mae Ri, Mu Gyul, and Jung In all living together, and faints. The three kids tell Mae Ri’s dad how they really feel, and sincerely ask him for his understanding. Nevertheless, Mae Ri’s dad still refuses to give his consent.

Jung In’s dad sends wedding invitations to Jung In, prodding him to get married to Mae Ri as soon as possible. But Jung In tells his father that he refuses to satisfy his father’s selfish desires and marry Mae Ri. This is the first time Jung In has ever spoken back to his father.

After the successful showcase, Mu Gyul sudden popularity is no less than an idol. At the same time, his schedule gets increasingly busier, and he has no time to spend with Mae Ri anymore. Mu Gyul’s birthday is Christmas Eve, and he has promised to spend it with Mae Ri. But circumstances prevent him from doing so….

Mae Ri, thinking that Mu Gyul will not be able to fulfill his promise to spend his birthday with her, goes to see Jung In. She asks Jung In to please give her the Christmas present she wishes for…..

My thoughts:

She’s either going to ask for a divorce, or for Jung In to help her meet up with Mu Gyul. Either way, there ain’t no way in hell Mu Gyul and Mae Ri are not going to be spending his birthday/Christmas Eve together. And…….my little mind says, we might get some boating next week!!! Don’t anyone hold me to it, but I like to think positive thoughts.

Preview for Episode 14:


[Credit: written preview released from KBS, translated into Chinese by Jang Geun Seok Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Preview for Episode 14 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Written & Video) — 32 Comments

    • I hope so leah or else I would be mad at MG!Somehow I imagine it that MG will show his big jealous as the scene shows MG come in time when MR ask JI for Christmas present,he will be mad because she not asking it to MG but JI

  1. i think MG and MR interactions are still real to me… i love them… so i don’t bother myself with the crazy plot… i still enjoy the craziness!
    thanks for the MMM goodies koala!♥

    • I totally agree with you. I don’t mind the story as much as long as we have the sweet Geuns lovable scenes to carry us through. The crazy plot and scenes just makes the show more enjoyable for me.

  2. God Jung In and Maeri’s dad pisses me off so much this episode.

    But in other news, if the new writer is not remembered for anything else, she will forever be remembered as the person who breathed life into Jung In and did so splendidly. That music that plays when Jung In’s being jealous about Maeri and Mugyul is just HILARIOUS! The ending of the episode was just absolutely absurd, but this being MSOAN I wouldn’t have expected any less. I was actually dreading Mugyul getting hit by the car THEN obtaining JunPyo-esque amnesia.

    But lol at everyone’s overreaction about the prop falling. It looked like it weighed all of 2 pounds.

    I can’t wait to see Jung In grow a brass pair of balls in front of his father. If only KJW got his wish to stab his father in episode 15.

  3. thanks koala, so fast 😀
    haven’t seen episode 13 yet!!!!! oh we’re so close to the end, i miss this show already 🙁 don`t want it to end

  4. I just love that the actors knew that the drama had taken the road to Crazyville and were enjoying it. Let’s see – kidnapping (check!); what cliches are we still missing?

  5. hi ockoala! love your new header! <3 and i'd have to agree with you that the plot is getting more unrealistic though awesomely crazily cute-ly so!

  6. Ah,they play the kidnapping card and funny is its not the girl they kidnap.haven’t watch ep13 but going to rerun it with ep 14 hehe.the 2dad really get into my nerve.oh this drama gone crazy and I don’t care less,I enjoy it.I like it how JI stands up to his not because he doesn’t want MR but part of his care and want MR to be happy.thanx for this and I will wait for ep 13 recap

    • I hope that JI can use the kidnapping incident to put his dad over a barrel by threatening to send him to jail for what he did to MG. Maybe that will give him the leverage to get out of this mess intact.

  7. Thanks for the preview ockoala, can’t wait for ep 14 tonight 🙂

    Gosh, this show is becoming like a fix every week, it’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s zany, and lovely to enjoy, and it’s one drama that I can watch anytime, no need to get myself to a certain mindset / mood to enjoy

  8. i’m totally crazy at this drama!
    this drama successfully encouraging my x-mas holiday ^___^♪

    i agree with ockoala-san & everyone that GeunGeun Couple perfect chemistry could revive ‘sinking’ script into ‘lively’ drama. *both of them are young and highly talented*

    I choose MG over HTK *love the way he expressing the character of MG out of the script*, but JGS himself said that he enjoyed portraying as HTK before M3 shooting began. MGY is absolutely a talented actresses! She could portraying different emotions of MR. KJW as JI deserves more in-depth story, his acting talent has been wasted. He got his charm and attraction to the viewers esp. girls. Last but not least, SJ character is rather weak, maybe it’s because miss ex-scriptwriter couldn’t distribute the roles wisely.

    Anyway, this drama is easy to digest for anyone. I hope they can pull great ending~


  9. I like drama Marry Me Mary, since episode 1.
    Although never feel bored with the way the story in episode 10 and 11, I finally found interest in watching this drama again.
    Moon Geun Young is a Korean artist that I love.
    Jang Keun Suk I just knew then through this drama.
    But after I saw Jang Keun Suk profile on Wikipedia, I found so far has been a lot of watching and likes drama and movie that act it.
    Starting from Huang Ji Ni, Crazy Waiting, Baby and Me, Hong Gil Dong, and Itaewon Murder Case.
    I have been watching without realizing that he is Jang Keun Suk, who played in a Marry Me Mary.
    I chose this drama, in a voting in koreandrama 2010, every day.
    Therefore, do not forget to vote this drama in

    • OMG, i dunno whether that will be a marriage made in heaven or hell ….. methinks devil dad will have a heart attack (he’s already recuperating from lung cancer, wasn’t it) – not before the marriage, but after that….. Irresponsible MG’s mother will finally have someone financially solid to depend on though, with the possibility of inheriting part of the husband’s assets!

  10. Anyone has any idea what’s the english song that played during the “advertisement” over the radio that Mary heard while shopping?

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