Tribute: My Favorite Mary Stayed Out All Night MV

When Playful Kiss ended, I presented my favorite MV from that drama – which was a funny, fast, and adorable tribute to the developing relationship between Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Now that Mary Stayed Out All Night is over, I’ve finally found the one MV worthy of the amazing pairing of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul. M3 was always better suited for MV viewing format, since it was a series of scenes tied loosely together.

For those of you who didn’t watch M3, and are curious as to why I, and other fans, stuck with it until the very end, acknowledging its shortcomings but remaining steadfastly loyal to our beloved Mu Gyul and Mae Ri, this MV may explain it in ways I can never do via my pen.

This MV is set to the song “I Will Promise You”, which is my favorite song off the M3 OST, and the last song released by the production. It is sung by Jang Geun Seok, and the lyrics are clearly meant for Mae Ri. I love this MV so much I recommend everyone check it out for some guaranteed warm and fuzzy feelings. 

I Will Promise You MV:

To my dying day, I will never comprehend how the new writer even contemplated an OTP change in this drama. I have nothing against OTP changes if its clearly warranted. In M3, not only was the foundation not laid, the OTP was so rock solid any change would have caused mass rioting. At least in my house it would. I miss Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. I don’t miss M3 at all, but I miss them, because they felt so real and so in love.


Tribute: My Favorite Mary Stayed Out All Night MV — 48 Comments

  1. OCKoala,

    I love this MV too. I agree with everything you said and the riot wouldn’t be just your house. I’d lead an army to S. Korea, I promise you. I really like this song but there’s a little part of me that’s a little uncomfortable with it, because it seems to incorporate what JI said to Mary when they were little.

    Take care and keep up the good work!!

    • I have all d blunt forks and knives 4 d entire army.gud thing d OTP change didn’t happen.I can now use them 2 hunt down the anti fans bashing d geuns.lolz

  2. That is a great mv! I miss Mu Gyul and Mae Ri too! I don’t understand the OTP change either and would totally join the Riot for sure if it did happen.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the MV! It definitely sums up the images and feelings of MG and MR that I want to remember. *sigh* Thank you for giving us something wonderful for our M3 memories. =)

  4. Dear Koala
    Have been having KMG/WMR withdrawal symptoms BIG TIME!! Listening to OST everyday to and fro work.
    Just checking on your blog in case anything on M3. Thanks very much for your recommendation. Was starting to get teary ‘cos it brought back so much of the wild good times that everybody had together.

    Am totally in sync with you on OTP. If ever that writer [out of desperation, I guess] had wanted to change, she would have to face our firing squad of all the fiercely loyal fans. Glad it did not happen. She is probably quite STONE not to realise that the only reason that we hung around was ‘cos of JGS/MGY collaboration despite ridiculous plot!!!

    Thanks to M3 that I have now found your blog. Will continue to drop in now and again. You’re a dear! Keep up the good work.


  5. “I miss Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. I don’t miss M3 at all, but I miss them, because they felt so real and so in love.”

    Ockoala, how you perfectly echoed my very sentiments…and how much i agree with you abt the riot that would definitely happen should the clueless writer be successful in changing the OTP…i would be right there rioting along with you, LizzyD, heaven85, tangee and undoubtedbly countless others who have been loyal followers of Mary!!

    Thank you so much for sharing the MV because it is JUST PERFECTION – matching the perfect match that is Mary and Mu Gyul. Oh, ive been having major withdrawal symptoms now that the drama is over, so im falling back on the MVs and BTS videos of Mary for my addiction…

    aaaahhh…how wonderful it is to have had the unforgettable experience of watching two utterly believable actors acting as young lovers who are SO in love…Jang Geun Seuk and Moon Geun Young, both of you are without a doubt the most awesome and unforgettable actors-who-have-acted-as-a-couple-in-love in Kdrama for me so far… (”,)

    • My dear

      “””aaaahhh…how wonderful it is to have had the unforgettable experience of watching two utterly believable actors acting as young lovers who are SO in love…Jang Geun Seuk and Moon Geun Young, both of you are without a doubt the most awesome and unforgettable actors-who-have-acted-as-a-couple-in-love in Kdrama for me so far… (”,)”””

      You took the words out of my mouth!!! Loud echos indeed. Am glad to have a chingu here who totally agree. Thanks. Truly awesome. Sadly, me still having withdrawal symptoms, missing JGS and MGY quite bad!!! Right now still playing the OST to death especially the ones sung by JGS. great voice and huge potential. wish JGS&MGY are actively looking for another drama to collaborate before they go back to uni and hit the books again.

  6. Thanks Ockoala! This really is nice! I now appreciate this song more because it is subbed! Thanks for sharing! Now I feel like watching M3 again, yes, with all those craziness and zaniness that will make our heads whirl like Jung In’s in the nightmare scene on the first episode! Ah wait! Was it really a nightmare scene? If it is, well whose nightmare then? Oh yeah, ours! ha ha ha! Well, I still love it though =).

  7. LOL am I the only one who choose a drama to watch if there are actors/actresses i love?
    I don’t usually put high hopes in drama plot wise ‘coz anyway my point of view for drama is different with movie. During a drama i can FF or skip one or two episodes but i cannot during a movie. This maybe the reason why i was not so disappointed/frustrated as others.
    I love my OTP couple to death hehehe.
    Our OTP is a little careless when choosing this drama since they’re so excited to work with the other without checking other stuff. They took the risk to have a chance to work together in a drama LOL.
    Well I hope they can do You’re my pet together, chance is less. Or wish they can do a movie together with more bed scences LOL

    • hey Green Carnation

      “””Or wish they can do a movie together with more bed scences LOL”””

      Glad to know someone thinks alike when it comes to JGS&MGY. Ha Ha HA!!

      Kamsahamida, chingu


  8. I am glad that I am not alone in my withdrawal of the GeunGeun couple. Thank you Ockoala for keeping them alive. I agree with LizzyD about “I Promise”, I cannot listen to it because it holds too much JI for me but I also cannot listen to any of the music because I get all melancholy. I am constantly checking your site and the two facebook pages dedicated to MSOAN.
    The show may have sucked but I fell in love with two characters that were portrayed to perfection by two great actors. Like every other fan, I find myself wishing they were a real couple but I know the reality of it is highly unlikely.

  9. I love that MV! JKS has such a soulful voice. He is truly a singer, with nice range. I am tempted to buy the OST, but am wary b/c the key songs are often missing from these drama OSTs… (I’m looking at you You’re Beautiful).

    “I miss Mu Gyul and Mae Ri”
    Me too! In fact, I miss all three leads! They were so good with each other. They were also so tender with each other. It seemed like there was a real bond between the three, beyond the drama. At least I wish.

    It makes me sad to no end that the writers 100% squandered a chance to create a quirky, mature story about modern-day love in a changing Asia. I loved the ending of M3 — written by JKS, I am sure — because the characters, like any real couple, continued to have ups and downs, to break up and come together, and to work their way through new sets of relationship rules. If only the entire drama had been about that (kind of like a young people’s version of Soulmates). Due credit to the original writer for creating two wonderfully quirky characters, even though she/he had no clue as to what to do with her/her creations.

    • Kitteh! Nom-nom-nom, I can eat up the Geuns with a spoon and a grin.

      Glad you loved the MV, too. Story = piece of crap, Couple Pairing = slice of heaven.

      • i loved the MV too!!! It was pitch perfect for the wonderful Geun-Geun Couple. They are still THE Best couple for me.. even though M3 sucked.. I’m so glad I watched it til the end. That’s telling how much I love MGY and JGS.. and together!!!!! thanks unnie!

  10. I miss the OTP so much. I’m so used to seeing them on screen every Monday & Tuesday…sighhh..

    I also couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Mugyul was suppose to die. How could anyone even contemplate that concept when Mary clearly belongs to Mugyul, the chemistry, sweetness and love is so sincere, I almost forgot that they were acting. I miss them so much.

    What are the chances of them working again? I have watched many Korean dramas and it rare to have the same actress and actor work together in more than one drama.

  11. Ockoala, I found a cure in My Lovely Sam Soon. Wow it is funny and cute. I think I can get over this Geun Keun angst. I wasn’t going to watch any dramas but I was looking for comedy in and voila.

    • You’ve never seen MNIKSS? It’s a classic. Takes early Hallyu tropes, turns it upside down, AND then one ups itself. Easily in everyone’s top-10 list. The anti-Cinderella, Cinderella story.

      The drama made Kim Suh Na, and transformed Binnie from young stud to leading man.

    • Rory’s mom- you can also try Coffee Prince and My Girl if you’re looking for cute happy stuff. I liked both of those a lot.

      • Coffee prince is actually one of the best drama I’ve never seen with “Nobuta wo produce” (J-drama)….

  12. I do love this song and this mv, makes smile and tear (a little) at those wonderful moments of our otp. i miss them so muc!!!!
    thank you koala for sharing

    • LOL, this is the first time I’ve ever heard that. Everyone’s been saying “it’s Samsoon’s sister as Mu Gyul’s mom!” She’s a lovely actress. And a truly kick-ass sister.

    • it’s coz RM watched M3 before MNIKSS unlike others, i haven’t watched it myself guess i’ll have to check it out 🙂

      • I thought she was awful in M3 though, lots of bulging eye overacting parts. Plus she doesn’t cry remotely as well as JSG does. In particular that scene when she was crying hysterically and apologizing to him for giving birth to him, I thought it was weak and fizzled from her end. He killed it though.

      • haha RM… she is definitely less detestable in MNIKSS 🙂

        has anyone seen the post-filming cast party? there was one shot of MG’s mom.. she had long straight hair and wearing glasses… surprisingly pretty and young…

        I was wondering if it was the scriptwriter at first.. wanted to put a face to the ‘pabo’ writer of 2010

  13. I MISS MG & MR TOO!!! I’ve been watching that MV and listening to that song and hello hello from the concert picturing MG winking at MR 🙂 Captain Koala and LizzyD only need to give the GO command and your crew/army will be there for the mass rioting!!

    Thank you Koala for your blog and I enjoy any M3 news and have enjoyed visiting your playground, which is often.

  14. I think I need a support group for my Holiday Couple withdrawal. Even YB isn’t doing it for me. I need an intervention.

    • I’m watching painter of the win right now.although the story kind heavy,male lead actor way old but damn!MGY rocks!he can be such a male,a cute one and when she change into lady,boy even me fell in love with her.that drama wins in story and got some crack know I kinda think GEUN2 already try that colosal drama,it would be awesome if they play in that genre together infuture as our lovely OTP.gaah if I had mount of money I would make that happen,find best writter,kru,and make them OTP no matter what.

  15. aww, thanks for the goodies Koala!!! 😉

    i think i echo everyone in saying that i too have been missing the MG+MR couple – & am now in dire need of something to alleviate fill the void!!!

    it’s been a loads of fun sharing the ups and downs of M3 in AKP — thanks again Koala for making M3 a much more colourful, fun-filled ride!

  16. Thanks Ockoala for ur recaps on MMM.. it was really entertaining while it lasted.. will gonna miss JGS & MGY, especially JGS eventhough he does not know me at all… hahaha.. but I hope the next time I will hear a happy news.. that JGS & MGY have become a real couple. Just a small wish from me this New Year. 😉

  17. Hi Koala! Thank you for sharing your favorite M3 MV…I too am experiencing severe drama withdrawal and it is evident from all the previous comments that I am not alone. Thank goodness for that! I am missing the Holiday couple badly…I kinda got used to seeing them every week.

    I have to agree though that towards the end (hmm…from episode 13 and on) the strangle hold that M3 had on me was starting to give some slack. I think it was at the point where the story started to be come unnecessarily angsty that my intense addiction towards the show started to break. But my addiction to the M3 OTP, which is without a doubt in my (our) minds MG/MR, did not waver at all! I miss them sooo much…actually, I also miss Jungin…They felt “real” to me….

    I’m waiting for the DVD to be released and hope there are lots of yet unseen BTS included in it =)

    If I haven’t said so yet, I’m really glad I found this community and I’m happy to have experienced the magic that was cast by Mugyul and Maeri with you all =)

  18. Just looking at MR/MGY and MG/JKS’s still pictures alone is enough to feel the radiance of sunshine warmth and nectar sweet. The loveliest couple I’ve ever saw – young, beautiful and genuine. They will always have a special place in my heart.

    Love the MV. I don’t think any part of the song refers to JI because from the beginning to the end, he did nothing for MR. He only resigned to the fact that MR would never love him the way she loves MG and made the wise, rational, to his own benefit choice of letting her go (one unfeeling dad is enough, does he want to add a wife who does not love him?). MG understood MR’s desire to live on her own terms, cushioned her pain and loved her in a way that none of the other 3 guys (JI, JS and MR’s dad) would ever know how – depicted truly and sincerely in “I promise you”.

    I wish an accomplished and proven writer could take up the challenge of writing a sequel to M3, to do justice to the sparkling chemistry between our OTP and to produce a story they rightfully deserve. Only one proviso – that MG and MR must live happily ever after!!

    • Awesome way of interpreting MG’s feelings. I really love “MG understood MR’s desire to live on her own terms, cushioned her pain and loved her in a way that none of the other 3 guys (JI, JS and MR’s dad) would ever know how.”

      Thank you for enlightening me.

    • Joining your wagon about the sequel M3 and doing justice to the sparkling chemistry. Anyone petitioning for that? I definitely would like to sign on the dotted line as well! Just that the script has to be something they rightfully deserve, RIGHT ON!

  19. Lovely MV. I’ll rec it to my friends first thing tomorrow, thank you!

    I’ve just finished watching m3 and man, it got progressively crazier and messier. I can not believe where the story went. 0_O If I think of how great it could have been, story-wise -because let’s face it, the characters were awesome (sooo much potential in them) and the OTP was a thing of beauty- I may get depressed. Oh how much I would have loved to see Mae-ri being really *torn* -and with reason, too- between the two guys (dude, I loooved the OTP and it was rock-solid which was its blessing and M3’s curse, imo) and I could have done without all the crazy parents and their stupid antics, but *sighs* Whatever, at least Mae-ri/Mu-kyul had their happily ever after.

    That said, omggggg. The second writer was even crazier than In Eun-ah, don’t you think? The last 2 eps…I can’t even…WTF was that? My mind, it boggles. /o She did a cute thing, though: I kind of loved when Jung-in let Mu-kyul rest on his shoulder and the awkward moment when MK woke up? Hahah. Hilarious and cute. I still think IEA had a much better understanding of the characters and of the story and she might have done a MUCH, MUCH better job with the whole thing (like, for example, the budding friendship between Seo-jun and Jung-in and their romantic storyline. I’m not even touching the JI/MR/MK love triangle because I wouldn’t even know where to start with ti). The second half of the drama was SUCH a hot mess, I’m still recoveirng and I’m not saying that in a good way. Anyway, I need to rewatch a few shippy MK/MR scenes to wash the bitter taste out of my mouth. Still, CUTE OTP IS CUTE!

    • Wha..?? The OTP is different in the manhwa? I didn’t know that…was planning on reading the manhwa once the subbing team in midnights-dreams start working on it…

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