KBS to Release Photo Essay Book for Mary Stayed Out All Night

KBS will soon release the Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) photo essay, a collection of photographs from the drama that chronicle the love story of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul. (Again, what was it the new writer tried to do? Oh yes, attempt to kill off Mu Gyul in episode 15. I never get tired of saying it – WTF new writer, I stabbity you and a pox upon your ilk!).

There hasn’t been any pictures released yet except for the cover art, but KBS has released the pictures titles, and it’s pretty easy to surmise which iconic scenes from the drama will be featured. You can already pre-order at various sites such as Yesasia or Innolife.

Photo titles for the M3 Photobook:

1. Love is like a car accident.
2. The world’s most immature nickname – Mary Christmas.
3. You are not alone.
4. How to use these tears.
5. Innocent.
6. A marriage contract, what a joke.
7. A choice with no regret.
8. I don’t know your time.
9. Just a little….please help me just once.
10. Your voice, the sadness in your eyes, definitely a real man.
11. You are someone with loyalty.
12. My lonely shoulders, you have given me a warm embrace.
13. When I think of you, even when its ice-cream, it feels warm.
14. Boku ga iru, I will protect you.
15. When I think of you, the sun shines.
16. Folks, the warmth of the stall.
17. Is my heart a lie?
18. We’ve recovered, haven’t you?
19. First kiss.
20. It feels like my heart stopped beating.
21. You don’t want to be by yourself.
22. The woman, is my woman.
23. I can sense it.
24. I know in my heart, I am sick.
25. You kissed him.
26. I, I will stop this kind of love,
27. I look at you with helplessness…a heart transplant.
28. A natural love of today.
29. You kissed her.
30. In the new year, I can hear my scars.
31. I will finish what you have left unfinished.
32. Am I really a bad luck guy?
33. The person living with Mae Ri.
34. My song is for you.
35. The way you love is little by little.
36. I love only one person.

I’m sorry if these photo titles are exceedingly clunky. Let’s all agree that we can figure out what scenes will be featured, okay? I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on this sure to be gorgeous homage to the Geun-Geun couple. The date of the release appear to differ depending on the site, I’ve seen both January 24 or February 7, 2011. Suffice to say, this baby will be dropping in the next few weeks.


KBS to Release Photo Essay Book for Mary Stayed Out All Night — 75 Comments

  1. hahah sweet deal and i still agree with your remark. wtf new writer?! now they’re trying to make money off of something they tried to destroy. for shame. for shame.

  2. Poor M&M..first they try to end them with tragic and now after MG fight for happy end with MR they try to make money out of them!shame shame,they know overseas they have loyal fans like us!
    it will be beautiful,anything with them in it beautiful

  3. Please tell me the photobook is thousands of pages long and only features The Holy Geuns, without any unwanted intrusion of any other character of less relevance.


    • May I come join your Church of Holy-Geun-ness? Ok, I’m getting to get struck down by lightning… but you started it!! I’m waiting for DVD with lots of BTS. That’s the LEAST that they owe us. I’d ask for more, but that psycho woman probably burned most of the good NGs and BTSs. I’ll take what I can get.

      • LOL!!! LizzyD, you never fail to make me ROFL!!!
        And I agree with you totally abt waiting for the DVDs with tons of the BTS…

        siiiigggghhhh….but i will have to wait till this homage to the Geun2 couple to reach Singapore…

      • Yes come, come and sacrifice your sanity and life for the flawlessness that is the Holy Geuns

        /lures you with JGS-flavored candy

        I too am giddy at the thought of the DVD release with lots of BTSs and NGs (in a couple of months perhaps?) – surely The Powers that Be will be kind enough to spoil us with such gems, and judging from some BTS snippets released so far, I’m quite optimistic. I will strangle my kitty if there is no Director’s Cut of M3… and there better be a (forever-long) special cut of only Mary and Mugyul.

      • I hope you don’t actually have a cat because I don’t have a lot of hope for an abundance of BTS because: 1. Shooting schedule was so tight, no time for NGs/reshoots. 2. Geun-Geun so awesome they probably don’t have many NGs. 3. Crazy writer woman stole all the good bits of film (aka all the bits she didn’t write).

        However, I will keep keep hoping and praying. If not for myself, then for your poor kitty.

        I need no luring. This has been me for the past 3 weeks:
        1. Put in any drama.
        2. Watch for 3 min.
        3. Thump head repeatedly against closest hard surface while crying: They’re not Holiday Couple! Where’s Holiday Couple? !
        4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 ad nauseam.

        I have not been able to watch 1 full episode of any drama since they stole my heart, my life, and my soul…excuse me, what does JKS flavored candy taste like?? Maybe I should go ask MGY…hahahaha

      • But but but! From this video (Saw it with English subs but can’t seem to find it now)


        JGS said they like to make each other laugh to screw up the scene (because they’re flawless like that) haha. I need NGs and BTSs as my salvation from the dark vile non-Mary/Muyul world. I’ll make sure that my kitty isn’t in the vicinity if my simple wish is not granted.

        And LOL @ not being able to watch another drama. I’m not really a Kdrama watcher…apart from M3, I think the only other Kdrama I bothered to watch from start to finish was My Name is Kim Sam Soon. And that was billions of moons ago. The Holy Geuns made me watch and rewatch M3, in reverse, in high speed, slow-mo etc etc to the point where I kinda know their lines by heart (and I don’t speak an iota of Korean)

      • He’s just trying to cover up the fact that the two of them were giggling uncontrollable for no reason. Notice no one else is laughing!! I almost went out to buy an extra dvd player just in case mine broke in the middle of the night while an episode of M3 was playing…The Holy Geuns are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

        I would offer to babysit your cat except that I’d prob drop-kick it out the window for the same reason you’d be tempted to strangle it. Also, have you not yet discovered Gong Yoo, Min Ho, Yummy + Moony, and Binnie? I also worship at their respective churches as well.

      • oh my God!!! LizzyD!!!

        i absolutely LOVE the exact same actors that you mentioned : Goong Yoo, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin…

        btw, LizzyD, Hachimitsu, zz, Erika and all the lovers of the Geun2 couple…here is a BTS of the last scene filming of Mary…towards the end, there is an AMAZINGLY ADORABLE exchange between MGS and MGY…a MUST-WATCH!!!

        Here is the link :



      • zz – I second your request for an English transcript for that little clip! My Geunified brain is processing JGS and MGY as saying that they’re in love with each other and will get married once the production wraps up. Ha.

        LizzyD – Yup I do know those actors – seen Binnie in MNIKSS and Snow Queen (didn’t quite finish the latter), bits of Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince etc etc, but that was that ^^;

        Also LizzyD and koreandramalover, your sincere concern for the safety of my kitty touches me so…from now on, I shall only strangle the nearest lifeless plushie next to me if I don’t get my Director’s Cut.

    • Oh my God! Oh my God! LOL!!! LOL!!! ROFL my head off!!!
      LizzyD!!!! Hachimitsu!!!!
      I almost died laughing reading both of your posts above!!!!
      Seriously!!!! LOL!!! hahaha!!!!

      How wonderful it is to know there are other MOONY LOONY WACKY ZANY Geun-Geun-lovers just like me out there!!!!

      I am experiencing the EXACT SAME THING that both of you are facing…can’t…just CANNOT find the energy to even look at another drama, let alone watch them…lost all feeling because i am in major Mary withdrawal syndrome….hellllpp!!!!


      PS : I volunteer to babysit your cat when you feel like strangling it because i LOVE cats since young and now after Mary and its connection with cats and dogs what with the way Mary and Mu Gyul meowed and barked so adorably at each other…i just can’t bear the thought of you doing harm to your cat…

      • Ha ha ha… you all made me laugh so much… it hurts.
        seriously, i can’t like any other couple… there’s no match for our geun-geun couple
        after m3 i watched sungkyungwan scandal and i loved it (specially yoo ah in and song yoong ki) but i don’t care a bit about the leading couple, they’re just… ok.
        right now i’m rewatching m3 and yab (i need an extra dosis of jgs) and as much as i like go mi nan, she’s not mary, so it feels kind of strange… (but i have to accept: yab is wonderful, best drama ever)
        i’ll be expecting more bts, if they can hear us back there in korea surely they will grant us. (and i’m sure hideous writer couldn’t dissapear all the good stuff, even if i believe her capable of anything, after she wanted to kill mg)

      • @antonia : LOL!!! i echo your sentiments abt the “hideous writer”…hahaha…only i would also add – MURDEROUS WRITER, who should NEVER EVER EVER write any other dramas involving JGS and MGY…i would personally stick a knife in her heart should she try to MURDER any other characters portrayed by JGS or MGY…THAT is how much i loathe her for even CONTEMPLATING killing off JGS’s character in Mary…arrrghhhhh….

  4. sniff.. I prefer a D-cut with tons of BTS, showing our OTP, KJW and the rest having lots of fun and laughs.. sigh.. they were all prob too unhappy and frustrated with the script to have any fun.. this D-cut dream of mine will prob never see light of day.. boo..

  5. how to purchase that photo essay book?coZ IM HERE IN HK,PLS let me know..as long as jgs was part of 8,im gonna like 8..

  6. Dear Ockoala

    May I know how I can buy the book? I live in Singapore and I hope you could tell me how I could get it. Thanks a million! (”,)

  7. And yes, Ockoala! How right you are with “WTF with the writer wanting to kill off Kang Mu-Gyul”? I would have personally gone to kill off THE WRITER HERSELF should that have happened…but thank God, I didn’t have to…or else I would probably not be able to enjoy watching the endless videos on the unforgettably adorable Geun2 couple till now…and now the photo essay to look forward to…yipppeee!!!

  8. Thanks for the heads-up, dear Captain

    Hope this book is already availavle in Korea, or I would have to order it from yesasia. But one way or another, I’m going to buy this book for sure. Third best thing to see the Geuns together again (after another project together and DVD with lots of bts ^o^)

  9. Thanks much ockoala for this Guen2 news…Yes the titles are funny and I can guess which scenes those titles correspond except for this one:

    “27. I look at you with helplessness…a heart transplant.”

    I can’t help but LOL at this title, but which scene depicts a “…heart transplant”?
    The only thing I remember needing a “heart transplant” was me after I was outraged by ep 15 preview suggesting one of the main 3 lead characters was going to get hurt (i.e. fall from the mountain) and a possible OTP switch.
    Please enlighten me. Thanks!

    • The titles are somewhat wacky. I translated verbatim, so I have no clue what the intent was. I’m just as confused as you are. 😛

      @ folks who want to order

      Since it appears everyone is from outside the US, attached is a link to pre-order the essay from Yesasia’s global site.


      If you are from the US or Canada, you can order the same but from Yesasia’s North America site.

      • Thanks much ockoala for the reply. It is okay, coz regardless of the titles, any MSOAN scene with our fav Geun2 couple in it will be sweet, cute, funny or heart-warming. BTW those scenes were made more vivid, sweeter, cuter, funnier or more heart-warming by your recaps. Thanks again for providing us the MSOAN recaps! 🙂

        Thanks also for the website’s url for placing order.
        Have a good evening!

  10. just a random thought. JGS next role, i would not mind if it had to do with him wearing a suit all the time. he looked really good in one at the KBS awards show. also, its about time that he gets a role where his attire isn’t…. as “bohemian” looking. and oen where he has to play a complete alpha male. : )

  11. Awwwww! I am so missing this couple that only exists in our collective imagination. I watch MSOAN until end of Ep 8 if I need a fix.

    Question: Is this book in English?

  12. “Dear KBS/Producer/Director/To-whom-it-may-concern;

    I have a confession. I am dying. Before I close my eyes, please grant my following wishes:-

    i. To release all BTS/NG of every M3 episode (no editing please & with English subs);
    ii. To do one last episode of M3 which comprises of all the extended scenes, eg. the following scenes:-
    (a) scenes at the alley when MG kiss MR (note: why do you have to lower down the cam & focus on the handcuff??!)
    (b) scenes at the last episode when MG cuddles MR (note: after MR says “It’s hot”, then what next? I refuse to have wild imagination coz it will go as wild as it can be)
    (c) scenes at …every scenes that involve MG-MR.
    iii. To release a Press Conference with main aim is for the writer/director to apologize to the fans/viewers on the shortcomings of M3 when it could have been better.

    Once you grant my wish(es) above, I will be able to close my eyes and smile in heaven.

    With lots of thanks (only if you consider & grant the above wishes).


    Phew! Yes, I am dying. No, I am dying due to M3 withdrawal syndrome. The only antidote for me to get better is when the above wishes being granted. LOL.

    I never get too obsessed with any k-drama & k-actor/actress before. This is the only drama that had caught my deep interest & change my life to a much happier one. Honestly speaking, M3 had given me the antidote & instantly heal my wounds (as prior to M3, I was being silently dumped by a guy whom I’ve confessed my feelings to). No, I did not regret loving him. But funny is, I don’t really feel anything now as I have my Geuns couple to cherish to. Yay!! If I had to choose between so-called confessions and meeting MR-MG live, I think the latter will be the one.

    But anyhow, is there any chance that anyone here can actually convey this question to the Geuns, perhaps during press-con? Much thanks. Ok here:

    “In making this drama & of all the lovey-dovey scripts exchanged between both of you (MG-MR), do you actually want to tell to each other of your own feelings deep down in your heart but too shy to tell publicly? Are the confessions real?”

    If the answer to the above is YES, I shall not ask any more question as all are deemed self-explanatory.

    Oh, I miss M3 so much. No, I miss MG-MR damn much. I need a fix. Pronto!

    • oh my God, zz!!!! you are precious!!!!
      how wonderful it is to know that there are someone like you who is facing the exact same thing that i am facing after Mary has ended its run…how pathetic are we to be in this position, right?

      MAJOR, MAJOR withdrawal syndrome…no cure, NO CURE, NO CURE…

    • i feel the same, just exactly the same. i couldn’t say what i’m feeling right now better than you do. amazingly. and more amazing to know i’m not alone, there’s other geun-geun lovers around the world who feels the same as me!!!!
      i do wish your (mine) wishes come true 🙂
      pd: please zz don’t die, i’m sure sooner or later we will have another geun-geun project… we deserve it

    • dear zz
      “”I never get too obsessed with any k-drama & k-actor/actress before. This is the only drama that had caught my deep interest & change my life to a much happier one.””
      Just a little assurance that you ARE NOT alone, cuz this is probably the only Kdrama that got me raving, smiling before I go to bed, checking my computer as soon as I get up, singing along to MG songs [not that I understand Korean!] looking forward to each episode. I have seen some very good ones before and some withdrawal symptoms BUT M3 has really done me in BIG TIME!! I have no explanation for that whatsoever, so I have resigned to the fact that I will take a VERY VERY long time to recover from this addiction… I am kind of enjoying this .. so no fix or cure for me… LOL!!
      BTW, am glad that M3 was most helpful to you on a personal level. GOOD ON YOU!
      Cheers to our precious MG&MR [or JGS/MGY]…

      • Hi all,

        It’s good to know that I am not alone in having M3 withdrawal syndrome. Thanks Koala for giving us the chance to play in your familiar playground with lots of MG-MR and the imaginary babies.

        Based on all the comments, inputs, ideas that thrown in this AKP, I think we can all contribute to the making of a new drama for both Geuns..and no limits to the episode tho..until we really are tired with them..will we? LOL

        Antonia ~ No worry..I wont die yet..not until my wishes being granted. LOL

        to the rest of Fans of Geuns:: Saranghae!

      • @tangee : i echo your every word!!! how wonderful to know my chingu feel the same way abt JGS n MGY…*hugs*

        @zz : thank u to u too and saranghe!! (”,)

  13. Lol at your every single words.same same same!I second that question too.me want the answer.I gave up with my withdraw..I will just love them no matter what.yeah!!
    I think they will keep it a secret.probably will announce it when they have set the date of weds.

    • haha..speaking of the wedding date, perhaps the two daddy can be a flower-guy..no? So the rest can smirk at them. LOL. Ok, that is one of the wild imagination that I have…see! Told ya that it can go wild as wild it can be. Oh no!

    • Tell me when I should start naming the Geun-Geun baby…I’ll be ready!!! hahahah I love that I’m not the only crazy one.

  14. Zz girl that is a good one.make those 2 crazy dad as the one sign for guardian..

    LiddyD, don’t worry you can start to pick the name.since our MG can’t take his hands of MR,he will make sure he will make lots babies beside he doesn’t have siblings.
    aw imagine those minies geun2,.I volunteer as babysister.

  15. oh my God!!! LizzyD!!!

    i absolutely LOVE the exact same actors that you mentioned : Goong Yoo, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin…

    btw, LizzyD, Hachimitsu, zz, Erika and all the lovers of the Geun2 couple…here is a BTS of the last scene filming of Mary…towards the end, there is an AMAZINGLY ADORABLE exchange between MGS and MGY…a MUST-WATCH!!!

    Here is the link :



  16. Ha ha ha I like to read all of you opinion on the ariticle. IT IS FUN TO READ. I mean positive . I will buy CDs first then the book. 🙂 Love both of them.

  17. My dear comrades at Geun2 ship
    ALL OF you got me in stitches for a full minute or so, just reading all your comments. You cheeky adorable bunch.. THANK YOU and thank you so very much for the free entertainment. Definitely a wonderful escapade!!!!

    All of you practically took the words out of my mouth!!! HA HA HA..

    Dear KDL [chingu]
    BAD NEWS is there is absolutely NO CURE for this kind of withdrawal. GOOD NEWS is we ARE ALLLLL with you!!! 3 cheers..

    • hip, hip, hooray!!!! thank you so much, tangee, my dear chingu, for reminding me how NOT ALONE i am in the loony-bin-for-the-Geun-Geun-couple-lovers… LOL!!! even without a cure…cause, to think about it, its not like i WANT to be cured of this obsession…hehe (”,)


  18. My dear dear Koala

    I never get tired of saying it – WTF new writer ” YES !!! We are all in this about the attempt to “The Killing of Mu Gyul”. We may need to send her to an institution since she is out of her mind!!!

    Much appreciate your generosity in sharing with us on Geun2. Never in my wildest dream would I be having so much fun at this playground. Drum roll and salutation to our dear Koala!! Cheers…
    Domo arigato… Captain Dearest…

  19. Thanks ockoala, you absolutely make my day again!!! Every single additional posting about the GeunGeuns and M3 will forever be met with my upmost, heartfelt THANKS.

    Like everyone here, I am silently:
    1) not watching any other Kdrama for the time being (wanting to keep the M3 mood alive. Beside, anything else when compared to the intensity of watching M3 now is nothing but anticlimax);
    2) patiently waiting for the release of the Directors’ or my personal preference if ever it is possible the Geun Suk’s Cut of M3. Complete with ALL the departing wishes of ZZ in the above from i, ii (a),(b),(c) and iii!
    3) wish that JGS could continue writing the story of MG and MR, then get all the actors to come together and film a final M3 movie concluding in the marriage of MG and MR. Much like what they did with the Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers. Urrrrgh! Just give me anything MORE M3!!!! The last ep wrap up was simply too short!

    Totally agree that JGS in a role that puts him in a suit all the time would be a distinct opposite to MG and perfection to watch. However, JGS as a geek would also be super duper cute and adorable. Especially if he is to start off as a geek, eventually becoming suave and cool on the outside but still inwardly habouring geeky insecurities. There are just so many possibilities for JGS and he could very well deliver convincingly on all of these personas.

    Can someone get JGS and those in power (producers, directors, writers, TV stations and investors) to read AKP? So that they can hear our longings, understand consumer demand and PRODUCE accordingly!!!

    • “Can someone get JGS and those in power (producers, directors, writers, TV stations and investors) to read AKP? So that they can hear our longings, understand consumer demand and PRODUCE accordingly!!!”

      you’re so right!!! it will be perfect, but maybe… too good to be true???

      btw: jgs in kbs awards was astounding!!!! i have like tons of pics of him in my laptop, and i think every one of them was perfect (even the ones from the back), so elegant and formal and yet so sweet and charming…. love to see him in a drama looking like that…. but any drama or look he choses will be perfect 😉

      • “Can someone get JGS and those in power (producers, directors, writers, TV stations and investors) to read AKP? So that they can hear our longings, understand consumer demand and PRODUCE accordingly!!!”

        yes… yes…& YESSS!!! Count me in too!!

      • yes, antonia!! along with tangee, i too echo your sentiments…count me in should there be a need for a voting or something along that line…haha (”,)

  20. KDL- Yes, that is my KDrama Hottie Harem Short List. I have been very depressed that there is no upcoming drama from them, except City Hunter. But with his luck, Min Ho will get paired with another popsicle (BoF) or ahjumma (PT). That is his fate for being so hot he’d blow up the screen with a similarly hot costar.

    Hachimitsu – you watched “bits of Coffee Prince”? Would those be the nekkid bits? You ogled my bf, didn’t you?!! ‘Fess up!!! Binnie was super delicious in Worlds Within. I heard it was boring, but I can’t be too sure since I only stared at his dimples and girl-crushed on his costar/gf the whole time.

    Re: The Holy Geuns, I’ve already dl and watched all those videos (frame by frame). If anyone is up to watching MGY cheat on JKS, watch the BTS for the kiss scenes for Cinderella’s Sister. There’s a marked difference in how she is with JKS vs other dude. I can practically see her brain whirling while she’s kissing him: Ok, hold steady, almost done…don’t mess it up or I’ll have to do it again…is it over yet? Dammit!

    • “That is his fate for being so hot he’d blow up the screen with a similarly hot costar.”

      Yes, LizzyD!!!! my sentiments exactly!!! i am looking forward to City Hunter, perhaps the only one i MIGHT have the energy to watch after expiring from mooning and looning over the Geun-Geun couple…

      • No….!! It’s too soon. She must not cheat on JKS. I felt ill watching her kiss the dude in CS. I wouldn’t mind Shin Min Ah or Lee Yeon Hee. They have pretty faces, nice skin, and luscious hair, which are all very important if you have to stand next to Min Ho. Most importantly, they are good at making out with their costars. I approve of this important talent.

      • My dear cheery funny one
        Ha ha ha… I agree. No cheating on JGS. NO NO NO!!!
        Shin Min Ah will get my vote for making out, YES definitely. She was good with Rain in A Love to kill and with Joo Ji Hoon in The Naked Kitchen where the scene was tastefully done, kind of sexy, I thought. Can imagine her and our cute LMH, explosive chemistry, don’t you think? YUMMY to a scale of 11.

      • Ji Hoon!! My prince!! I didn’t list him because he’s on away and also blacklisted. But I also love him. And the boy can kiss. heehee

      • LOL!! LizzyD and tangee, my dear chingus…
        haha…i can’t stop laughing at your adorable exchange on not wanting MGY cheating on JGS with LMH in City Hunter…

        how awesome!!! we are in major obsession-mode with regard to those 3…

  21. LizzyD you crack me up. I just don’t see you as the drop kicking a cat type.

    I think there is a reason we did not see any kissing after Ep 8, I think it was Ms. Moon who probably did not want to repeat Ep 8 cause that was pretty real. I saw the CS kisses and bts. Sorry too sanitized. Also, Ms. Moon’s chair did not move very much while JKS had plenty of room on the left.
    Tried to watch Nobuta wo Produce, got to Ep 2, haven’t gone back.
    Thank goodness for this blog, I was laughing hard.

  22. koreandramalover, tangee, lizzyd: you’re fun!!!!! mgy can’t cheat on jgs: no way… no so soon. the solution is simple (sorry if I’m repetitive): a geun-geun drama.
    I’m looking formard LMH in city hunter, love him!!! (tough not so much as jgs)

    “Antonia ~ No worry..I wont die yet..not until my wishes being granted. LOL”
    zz: i wish you both: a long life…. and your (mine) wishes being granted 😉

    • thank you, dear antonia, but YOU are so much fun too, from your witty and hilarious comments….thank you, antonia!!! (”,)

  23. love this playground, thank you koala for this place… and thank to everyone for share their thougts… indeed they make me so happy…. especially cause they fuel my new crush: m3 + geun-geun = perfection

    • you are most welcome, antonia dear (”,)

      thank you to you too, for livening up this blog with your invaluable inputs (”,)

      and I agree with your new crush : m3 + geun-geun = PURE BLISSFUL PERFECTION!!!

      • thank you, Antonia, for your support of this Geun-Geun-crazy-obsessed chingu of yours…haha…I. AM. DYYYYIIING. (”,)

  24. !`! omo, omo, what titles:X:X:X:X!`!
    !`!i’m from Romania, so, sorry for mistakes!`!
    !`!i love these titles, are perfect!`!
    !`!and i love this drama, my favorite drama ever!`!

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