Discussion Forum: A Million Reasons Why the GeunGeun Couple is Cuter than Kittens

I was going to title this post - The Insane Geun Geun Posse - but on second thought the kittens cuddling picture speaks for itself. I don’t think anyone is conjuring up a fervent passion for Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young to JUST DATE ALREADY out of thin air. From even before Mary Stayed Out All Night until now, these two have exhibited a flurry of onscreen and offscreen verbal and nonverbal gestures that say one thing and one thing only to anyone with a functioning visual cortex: “I’m totally affected by you.”

What that affection means is unclear until the day these two come clean – either by dating someone else, or admitting to date one another. They can be soulmates, they can be romantic partners, and in an ideal world, they can be both. I never realized the breadth and depth of GeunGeun shippers the world over until I ventured out there to declare how much I adore them together. And then suddenly AKP was flooded with GG lovers who have provided a plethora of interesting and detailed analysis of their every interaction. I will continue to post about them going forward, but I wanted to created a master post for all GG lovers to congregate anytime to chitchat. This post will be tagged under the “Discussion Forum” category, so you can all find it easily in the foreseeable future (see link on the right).

To talk about our Geun-Geun ship coming true, we need all first acknowledge (as the Baiduers have) the holy grail of acting couple shipping – I am talking about none other than Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, otherwise known as KyoBin. KyoBin is the elusive golden fleece of couple shipping - which is when a viewer watches a two actors play a pair of lovers onscreen, see something special, and hope they are dating in real life. This is different that hoping two actors who have never worked together would date. KyoBin represents a desire for a coupling stemming from concrete evidence of onscreen chemistry so potent, as a viewer you devote your time and attention to dreaming they would actually hook up and have perfect babies together.

There is a post on Baidu that is revered like it’s God’s 10 Commandments – it’s the post that was started during the airing of The World They Live In/World’s Within by fans of that drama, who hoped that KyoBin would become a reality. Nearly 3 years later and eighteen months after KyoBin confirmed that they were in fact dating in real life, that post has over 25,000 replies, and shippers of any drama couple continue to drop by and add a reply hoping that the aura of that magical post which came true would rub off on their hopeful coupling. Baiduers had a fun field day comparing GeunGeun with KyoBin in terms of their behavior with each other prior, during, and after they filmed a drama together.

KyoBin’s hugs in World’s Within were full contact embraces, with Song Hye Kyo burying her face into Hyun Bin’s neck. I don’t need to explain what Moon Geun Young is doing up there. Furthermore, eels have remarked that Jang Geun Seok has publicly told his fans that he has a very sensitive neck.

While promoting WW, the body language, the gestures, and the looks that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo were shooting each other literally mirror the Geun-Geuns at their M3 Press conference.

I’ve seen tons of K-drama press conferences, and at most the leading couple poses playfully for the requisite media couple shots. Rarely do you see them keep shoot looks at each other during the interview portion. Usually when one is talking, the other is listening politely. Let’s all say a HAIL to KyoBin, and pray that if our GeunGeuns indeed have romantical feelings for each other, they can go public like KyoBin did, and be as well accepted by their fans, the public, and still have a successful career.

It’s adorable when you take a trip back in time to one of their earliest onscreen meetings in a variety show. Both were so young, and yet they just naturally were in sync if you watched them gamely participating in whatever the host asked of them.

Do you guys notice that at every awards ceremony they’ve been to together (whether as hosts, presenters, or participants), Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young are always dressed in matching or complementary outfits. Especially given Jang Geun Seok’s penchant for weird awards attire prior to 2009, his new-founded classy looks are always in tune with whatever Ms. Moon has picked out. At the Baeksangs above, they went for a sleek black and silver look. At the SBS Awards in 2009 they went for a retro light-colored look.

And of course, at the KBS Drama Awards 2010 – they were dressed like they were going to a wedding. In my mind, they went to their own wedding afterwards.

I’ve checked out a bazillion BTS videos of the KBS 2010 Drama Awards and here are some highlights. Moon Geun Young moved her chair closer to Jang Geun Seok first, and then he followed suit. They were the only couple onstage who won the couples’ award that were standing within shoulder touching distance of each other, every other couple had a respectable inch or two distance from each other.

In the end, my Geun-Geun love will wane as surely as time passes. But the natural progression of a fan’s fervor doesn’t negate the special brand of magic this acting couple sprinkled on viewers of M3. When and if the Geun-Geuns do end up publicly dating, I will be the first to throw a party at AKP. You will all be invited, with virtual champagne and cavier, and let all future onscreen couple shippers bow to THIS post as like it’s the new Holy Grail. Let’s end with some perfect moments from M3, shall we?

I hereby give the GeunGeun’s permission, as captain of the Holiday Ship, to elope anytime they want to, because I’ve already gotten a set of their wedding pictures in my possession. :-D I, however, demand pictures of any Geun-Geun babies, which will surely be the world’s most perfect infant specimen.

Wow, this was a monster post! I highly suggest everyone post comments about your observations and theories of our fave GG couple here (if you’ve posted already, you should go back to all the random GG posts and copy and paste so we can aggregate it all in one place). Or better yet, just have fun spazzing! Captain here, signing off.

[Credit: all pictures as labeled, and the unlabeled pictures are all screencapped by me]

© 2011, ockoala. All rights reserved.


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  1. whatever…delete my posts…as if you can stop me from using the computer to bash you….as long as im alive…i’ll always be hating this kinda thread….delte my posts…i know you’ll get tired..

  2. can you give me the link?looks like i have 2 threads to bash..too bad this thread is not that active….can you transfer all my posts there?or should you repost my deleted post?you want me to go there?I’ll go there…

    • What is going on with your brain? Hating someone you don’t even know personally is a sign of insanity! You like PSH, that is fine but do you realize that she admire her too that she hope that she will be like her too! and by what you are doing is deservicing her! Do you think she will be proud of you? I don’t think so, you are showing immaturity!
      What is the purpose of your bashing??? It seems that you don’t have anything to do! How old are you? I have a feeling you are just in your early teens going on puberty hormone difficulties or an old old person who has nothing to do except go to sites that doesn’t even concern you.
      Hating someone is a strong feeling that usually felt toward someone who has done something wrong to you. This feeling will consume you, it will turn you to a bitter person. I hope you learn to love and wish for world peace and unity.
      If you wish to hate someone you don’t know, maybe I would advise you to do a little research about this person you hate and then see if you have any reason to hate maybe you will feel embarass or even ashame and realized what you are feeling is not worth it. God bless you in your ways and be guided in your thinking. Pray for world peace and unity.

      • geunyounghater, I pray and wish you will be happy with LOVE and not with hate (especially happy about YOUR fav couple).

        HATE starts WAR.
        LOVE brings PEACE and UNITY.

  3. @geunyounghater n all geun2 haters…feel poor all of you, you just envy with this site n all geun2 lovers here which have a lot of love n just talking a good thing before you coming. Just make your own, it makes you happier than become a parasite in here.

    @all geun2lovers…hi, im new….never comment before since im just a passive english :)…nice to know all of you,like find more sisters with same view…reading news about GGC can cheer my all day, so pleaseee keep text everything new thing from them in here…thankyouuu :D

    • Hii Vian…hugs and kissess to u…very very welcome to all newbie…
      Glad to hear a lot of people love our GGC…come and visit us on GSI team…
      i’m passive in english too, but i try and learning it in here and so much fun gather with the sister all around the world…GGC FIGHTING…
      Abt the Haters let them be…they’ll b tired by themself…Captain and all sister teach us to spread love and respect to each other here…

      • thankyou for your warmness welcome BundaGhifary :)…i agree with u, let the haters say what they want to say,it just describe what kind of people they are,,,poor of them….
        anyway…GGC forever…love…love…:D

  4. @geunyounghater..you’re a sad soul. Whatever your agenda is by spouting hate to MGY who had done nothing to you, just think of the sayings “what goes around comes back around”.

  5. @ockoala-hey yeah !!! im waiting for the link and the picture the couple ring ! make sure its not edited…

    @vian-okay im a parasite !!!! a parasite that kills from inside to the outside :P:P:P

    @smiley_iris- me hating moon geun young??? i’ll only hate geungeun couple ! and how about you hating park shin hye….do you think you know her also?? i dont think so….and to remind you, theres nothing wrong with my brain…i even consulted my neurologist and i was fine :)) thank you for your concern … how about your eyes? is it really working? or getting cross eyed ?

    @pipa- im not a sad soul..in fact, im a HAPPY SOUL !!:)))
    how about you? are a MAD SOUL already? well try listening to mad soul – VIP girl etude house JANG GEUN SUK PARK SHIN HYE KISS <3

    • Now I am wondering if you do really understand English?!!! I am thinking that not only you don’t understand simple English and just getting what we say here getting translated and not getting a good translation. Just tell me where I said I hate PSH? I never mention anything about hating anyone, even you I don’t hate as I don’t know you, I am laughing at you right now because what you are saying don’t make sense! Why do you need a neurologist? What you need is a Psycologist and a Pychiatrist! You are going to the wrong doctor, no wonder you are getting a wrong diagnose, a Neurologist is a doctor that involve with the nervous system. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get diagnose with psychosis or neurosis. But on the other hand you might still need your neurologist as you continue on this attitude and way of thinking you’re liable to
      have aneurysm in the brain.
      You are bashing me? You don’t even know me nor know how I look like? I hope you look in the mirror before you you say something.
      This is the last time I am going to say anything to you. Look really deep into your heart and try to learn to be more good and kind to yourself then you will learn to be kind to others. Don’t be consumed with hate as it is not good for your soul. If you are young, you will grow old and ugly so fast, you wouldn’t even realize it become a bitter person. If you are old already, try to grow up and be more broad minded then when you get to judgement day, you would have a place in heaven. God be with you in your ways and you way of thinking.

    • ooh,so you realize it??i see…I agree with Smiley_iris, it’s better for you to go to Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. We just suggest it, maybe you not realize yet that you need some professional help. Seems you’re like to start war n uncomfortable with peace. Just help yourself dear, before it getting worse. I think all of we in here just feeling poor of you.

    • Hey ms hater..those with happy soul does not have hate in their heart. And sorry to say those mad soul also has full of hate and i don’t. :) and the one you want me to listen, haha no thanks! Go listen it your own. :) oh and good luck on your mission. Anyeong!

    • ohhh… geunyounghater only hates geun geun couple… (huh???) but ahh why did she called MoonGeunYoung with profanity words, doesn’t it means she refers her hate to MGY only? that means in the end she hate MGY, ryte??? so, who does she hate exactly? is it geunGeunCouple? is it MGY ssi? or is it MGY ssi bcos she’s part of geunGeunCouple? still, in the end it’s MGY she hates, ryte? cos definitely it wont be jang Geun suk cos she wants JGS to be with PSH badly… aishhh… @geunyounghater, you should make up your mind precisely… cos no matter how much Question I ask the final answer/conclusion is still the same… you hate Moon Geun Young… WHY???

  6. because i hate her ! and if you could just show me the photo and the link then i’ll go to the other thread…anyways, i hate her because of her fans who exaggerating for something and even stealing a thread that should never be here !

    guys, cant you say something good? or other words? stop like this, why are you here, immature.etc…are these only words were save in your minds?!i request you to be in a kinder again :))


    • I love GeunShin too but I don’t hate the GeunGeun couple. For me anyone Asia Prince chooses is fine for me because I have watched both Mary stayed out all night and You’re Beautiful and it’s thumbs up for both couples. But honestly I like GeunShin better. Lol

  7. @geunyounghater,
    thank you for your very CLEAR answer…
    sadly for you MY EYES NEVER DECEIVED ME… as it say WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!!!
    SPREAD the LOVE, shall we…

  8. @mysin-what the hell did i see?i didnt even see anything..you didnt even show me anything..why would i believe?and all i want is a couple ring picture and all you give is useless reactions..give me the active link for me to leave you all..and if not..well,too bad..geungeun is reel

  9. ha…ha…u changed your name again but still we can recognize u and i think we don`t have anything to show u why we have to show s`thing we have to s`one like u ryt mysin..

    • @dear may… all I need is a straight answer from geunyounghater/missarocks whether she hates MGY, and she DID, that’s all I need to know…
      so, may honey it’s already answer that you, me (we) and geunyounghater/missarocks has different interest, so, no need to continue these argue… it’s like, for example, if you like to spend your free time reading books while I rather prefer watching movies till I sicked of it, rite? cos I wont push you to do your free time with my way or vice versa, rite? so, cheer up may ;-) each of us has our own interest… ;-)

  10. @cotto62: Do not badmouth that drama(YAB)…Because no matter how you say it’s childish,its where JGS, PSH,JYH, and LHK become MORE popular..they all benefited for that drama…and hey, did you ever think that without YAB, there’s no MSOAN also?
    and guys, MSOAN had its low ratings in Korea that its writer quitted because of it…and it was supposedly to be aired here in Philippines,but they did not continue on it..

  11. (on the bed scene bts of PSH and JGS..)
    guys, if you say that JGS has no respect for PSH and thus teasing her that way,try to think again..The person JGs respects most is his mom..And his mom likes PSH..his mom even stated that no matter who gets partnered with JGS,she will still like PSH..How can JGS possibly disrespect PSH when his mom truly likes her right?

  12. and guys..did you notice that even though JGS stated in ideal type world cup that he likes MGY,she was not even one of the options where he chose?
    Yeah he did not choose PSH on it later on,but hey..he stated that his mother was looking for marriage prospects while he was looking for someone to date..

  13. @all shippers..

    okay then,I’m now willing to set up a truce here…Its truly because I’m in doubt of this couple…If you could just show me your (so-called) “couple ring” and several evidences(outside their drama), then even it takes a lot of time, I’ll believe this couple is for real…I’m not threatening or something on my statement here, I’m requesting, do not be frustrated on your replies coz I’m replying in a calm way..

    • Cool…i also replying in a calm way…but u should do it from the beginning…
      U already throwing a stone to fight but what we all here do to you???giving u a lot of love to answer ur comment…not a negative one…
      A lot of Pinay here, we love them and PIPA are also Pinay, so why u call her MAD SOUL ???(B4 u love another from diff country, try to love and respect ur own people) it really breaks my heart…actually, I don’t know her, i’m Indonesian, I know her from her lovely comment, so i can figure what kind of person she is (in my eyes : nice one)…We are here from different country, different culture….so no need used Harsh words when u give some comment…and we learned each other how to respect other opinion…so if u not agree with our analysis,we don’t mind at all , in fact u can join us with ur disagreement…we’re having fun making some assumption here…if in the real life JGS can’t belongs together with MGY, it doesnt matter for us…so don’t take it seriously…we just support them for the best…i’m MGY biggest fans…i love her not bcs of her look but bcs of her angelic heart…maybe u also heard that a lot of K-idol loves her too, i bet they have the same reason with me … PSH mayb more pretty,taller,etc than her…but beauty from the outside is not everything…I like PSH b4, i read all her news and profile,..suddenly i bcame don’t like her not bcs of her personality but bcs of her fans attitude, some1 like u…who always bashing another actress specially MGY,what is her fault??bcs she play with JGS??how abt if JGS pair with Yoona,or Jesicca,or Tiffany,or YEH,or other actress, so…will u bashing them too???or maybe only MGY bcs she’s the one actress who has a great chemistry with him and in ur heart u can’t denie it and attack her so hard…untill u called her with profanity words…so sad to hear that…my suggest is 1. read MGY profile 2. try to find MGY FC site.. u can see and read all the comment not abt her,abt another actress… do we (her fans) ever bashing anyone???no…we don’t need to,dont have to…bcs its not MGY’s behave, it’s not what i mean ur behave same with PSH…no, i believe she is not like that….don’t make her shame with ur attitude…”Knowing 1st b4 Judging”
      Abt the “couple ring” unfortunately we can not show it to you…why???it’s only our analysis/prediction/assumption that they will together as a couple and we have faith here… if u have the same faith abt ur couple…go to ur own thread and make ur shippers stronger so u don’t have to be insecure…What’s the big deal if JGS doesn’t choose 1 of them (MGY or PSH)????, so…will we gather to bashing another one???…No..thank u…it’s JGS,MGY and PSH life’s not urs or mines…they’ll decide their own choice…but once more…we all (GSI team) are here as GGC lovers have faith that they’ll together….thank u if u read my comment and plz make a positive one….

  14. SAU HATER,once again, i can’t believe a pinay like U will go a long way just to embarassed us Ur kapwa Pinay(sobrang nakakahiya!!!).Ur not being reasonable,we are here for what we believed (self enjoyment)… then if u believed otherwise why bother to take ur precious time just to provoked everybody here, ….Nagmumukha ka lng tanga!It’s like u’r guarding ur entire wealth in a very safe and secure place to live….
    Tumigil ka na puede ba? Nsa international site tau dala2 mo ang pagka Pilipino mo…sa ginawa mong ito mabubura sa isipan ng mga dayuhang ito na pala KAIBIGAN ang mga PINOY.Bigyan mo ng kahihiyan ang mga kababayan mo kahit konti.

    • okay fine :)) no more violent reaction just give the picture of the so called couple ring . im asking in a calm way and you gave me such a nonsense answer and nonsense reaction. ill stop bashing this site if you give me the picture and you guys, stop avoiding the topic.

  15. bundaghifary,
    honestly,i came to hate mgy becoz of also her fans..if you just know why psh deleted her accnt in cyworld and me2day..
    it was becoz of her antis bashing her..and lots of them were mgy fans,so i came to think of hating geungeun..

    i think im now in a calm way in replying to you all shippers..im not here to fight anymore,guess i became too frustrated in the days before..i hope you can share the geungeun evidences to me..



  16. whoa … what are those comments ?!!
    i just cant believe there is someone who spent her time to bashing people like that, spreads hate to someone who she never met .. it is ridiculous …
    if you don’t like how antis behaviour to your fave artist, then dont do the samething to another artist. If you do that, it’s only show that you are just same as low as those antis, right? You know perfectly how bad your feeling when someone bashing your fave artist, then why did you do the same thing here?
    Save your energy to do some positive things dear …
    dont be so childish .. What are you fighting for ?
    Jang Geun Suk’s, Moon Geun Young’s or Park Shin Hye’s life is none of our bussines.
    as human being, they have their own right to do or not to do something. Just like us here ..
    Captain Ockoala made this site for all geungeun shippers. They (including me :) ) love to investigate anything related to geungeun couple. We all think that there’s must be something between them .. we love this couple. We hope that JGS and MGY are really dating ~now or in the future~
    BUT we also know perfectly that whoever JGS choose as his girlfriend is his own right. He can choose anygirl … Of course we will so happy if he choose MGY … But we will not hate him if he choose another girl (but I hope not he he he )
    As a good fan, we must know our place. If our fave artist do something bad, we have right to hate them .. but in their private life, as long as they are happy, we must support them … right ???

    ~wow, thats must be the longest comment I ever made :) I cant believe it, moreover for korean artist. Like I said before, i’m not so into korean drama and korean artist. But reading such as comments .. well, i cant help but write a comment ..
    happy tuesday eceryone :) <3 <3

  17. I Love this one
    “A Million Reasons Why the GeunGeun Couple is Cuter than Kittens^^”

    To the haters;
    If you hate Moon just don’t come here .You don’t believe in GeunGeun then OK .We really don’t Care :D

    Go Go Fight for you’re GeunShin, which Stking with one OLD NEWS . .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. HATER; Do have any Prof that Shin Hye Delete her Cyworld Account because
    of Moons Lover ?? Give us the Link, I don’t even know that Shin Hye has a Cyworld Account only her Twitter & I’m one of her Followers .Ahahaha! If i know you just hate Moon because Suk is closer than Shin Hye and Moon and Suk known each other for almost 8 years while Shin Hye only in YAB time .So Baaaaaaad! ^—–^

    I like Shin Hye for Jung Yong Hwa very Cute ^^ anyway Haters why don’t you put you’re real name ?? Are you Afraid ?? if not let me know you’re name so that I can add you in my FB Account .Ahahahahahaha :D :D

    Kidding .Lol :))))

  19. To all GeunGeun Couple Lovers.
    Don’t you all waste your time explaining to @GeunYoungHater about it.
    Forever, she won’t understand it. From what i observed, GeunShin always trap in their OLD times. Showing and proving something it was already PAST/OLD. All they said is keep repeating Mama Jang likes PSH. Its an OLD story which is already PAST. People minds and acts do change. Jang Geun Suk is a mature guy. Although he respect and love his mom. But, i believe he will not following what her mom said. Even when her mom said she likes PSH, did JGS do something. Did they really couple? There are one incident where PSH and JGS wore a ring which is something similar or they call it as couple ring. All GeunShin shippers with NO SHAME asking JGS if they really couple. The NEXT thing i know is after that, JGS NEVER EVER WORE THAT RING AGAIN EVER UNTIL NOW. Still, GeunShin said as IF he want to protect her. When all GeunShin confidently said PSH is his ideal girl where she can cooking. The NEXT thing i know that JGS also STATED that it’s okay if his girl CAN’T COOK because he is a good cooker. Which is very curious because MGY also STATED that she don’t have confidence in cooking. Nahh!!! Take them all your GeunShin shippers. What you said it’s NOT what you get. And it’s proofly show that JGS didnt even protect PSH so-called by GeunShin fans his GF which is absolutely NOT TRUE but its show that both of them are not in any kind of relationship. And, i believe that Mama Jang will understand these matter. Mama Jang is a mature woman. JGS is the only son she have. And i believe whatever decision JGS made, she will accept it with her open arms. Besides, its not like we’re in 18s century where a child have to obey what her/his parents want. So, DONT LIVE IN THE PAST…

    And if you wanna know, we do have SO MANY proofs about GeunGeun and JGS nor MGY NEVER DENY ANYTHING ABOUT IT. But, we’re NOT like GeunShin, even the news is NOT true they still post it anyway. But, we’re GeunGeun Lovers are really secretive. We won’t share anything until we have strong proof and credits directly. So, all news that didn’t even confirm we’re only share among us. You don’t know the story so you CANNOT jump with conclusions…

    P/S: I saw that in one of GeunShin fanpage… THEY CONFIDENTLY said that PSH will be part in the “Love Rain” drama which starring JGS next year but they didn’t put any credits nor stated any proofs. Even PD Yoon didn’t stated anything related about taking PSH. All i know that GeunShin shippers desperately tweet KBS to take PSH. But, the NEXT thing i know is that PD Yoon and JGS STATED there is NO FANS DEMAND. LOL XD

    • I love PSH and no offence against anyone but I think that it is good idea that PSH was not selected to star opposite JGS in “Love Rain” cause “You’re Beautiful” is so recent, only 2 years ago and I don’t think it’s favourable to conflict the viewers since many still linger with the memory of Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung.

      Same for MGY. Not a good idea to pair up with JGS within the nearest time cause the pairing of Kang Mu Gyul and Wi Mae Ri is still so fresh in our mind. That’s my take. :-)

    • Hi Hani, (25 August 2011)

      I am not for any of the ship. My
      observation is there is something
      between Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye.
      1She was invited to his dream concert Tokyo Dome & hugged PSH backstage.( vd was initially banned)
      2 JGS called PSH’s mother, mother In Law.

  20. I’m a HwanHye shipper but recently visiting this forum as I caught an interest on Jang Geun Suk and have watched both MSOAN and YAB including Beethoven virus.

    I admit that I adore Park Shin Hye and Moon Geung Yeung is equally fine with me. I ship neither one of them but the clash between the two ships really surprised me (this not happening at the HwanHye forum).

    I browsed through the BTS, press conference, FM of both YAB and MSOS and my conclusion is JGS is a complicated character to be defined.

    With Park Shin Hye:
    He is extremely comfortable with her and I’m surprised by how touchy JGS to PSH and vice versa. But all the cast of YAB especially the A.N Jells are very close with one another so it’s not fair to say that JGS action (esp the imaginary bed scene BTS) towards PSH should be interpreted as not respecting her, in fact, it was simply because they are at ease wth one another – probably because she is younger, still lacking of experience and not really an accomplished actress.

    With MGY:
    He obviously has limitations with MGY and the level of comfort is definitely not at par with the one that he had with PSH. But it’s understandable of him to behave that way (shy, etc) towards MGY as MGY is nevertheless a more accomplished actress with so many accolades to proove. After all, they are of the same age and simply the fact that the personality-wise of MGY which is more passive compare to PSH.

    I came to the conclusions that JGS is a bit flirty and flamboyant. Having said that, I don’t see his characters negatively but just to sum up that it is in his personality and chummy actions with his co-stars that sparked many rumours. This guy love to play games, keeping many hearts a flutter – it is simply in his nature and that’s what made him super attractive.

    But with all due respect to the GeunGeun shippers, you guys definitely can see between the line and so as the GeunShin shippers. Because that’s the same with me (a HwanHye shipper) that we believe what we want to believe and sometimes we can projected so much and also at the same time, fail to see clearly.

    Good luck to u GG shippers and continue fighting! I’m fighting for my HwanHye couple as well!

  21. well said Alexa, im totally with ya, and if JGS really dates PSH nor GGM or HWAN in reality. Im happy for them.

  22. yeah~ sorry GGC. It’s the right time to wake up from hallucinations and face reality..
    are you all blinds? ahh~ you know I’am a solid shippers of all real couples celebrities. and also I am good and observing which is the real and reel one.. I meet many and lots of REAL AND REEL LOVE SITUATIONS.. I also done many personal counselings. I really observed JANG KEUN SUK with his leading ladies on his dramas and movies.. and I’am not shocked that my observation came up that HE REALLY LIKES AND LOVE PARK SHIN HYE A LOT. ok, I will tell you, I’am his EEL from his INTERNATIONALS WEBSITES. and to be fair I LOVE ONLY ASIA PRINCE. I support and always follows him. even my cousins and aunts tells me that JKS is very playful and he is dedicated to his work as an actor. If you really a solid EELS of Jang keun suk you will know and obeserve the different of acting on cam doing fan service and his actions off cam doing and saying the things he really wants.. If you love jang keun suk don’t be unfair. LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM FOR WHATEVER MAKES HIM HAPPY.
    don’t create hallucinations and even dared to expect things about him and his love life.. He don’t want to Disappoint his fans whom he calls his EELS.. he loves us and he is really working hard to satisfied us.. So please let sukkies speak it out publicly or just in his actions or playful words. you should learn to be his valid eels and read between his lines..
    Hope all of you will understand me. and don’t get mad at me because I’M JUST SAYING THE TRUTH. thank you.

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