Written Preview for Episode 12 of My Princess

I haven’t watched episode 11 of My Princess yet, but I worry that the drama is getting bogged down in the same old issues. I wish Seol would just take up Hae Young’s offer, and let the rest of the drama be about Seol and Hae Young getting back to the palace and convincing the public they’d make a perfect royal couple.

MP written preview for episode 12:

To Yoon Joo, who said to Seol “in the lives of everyone, all everyone needs is for you to disappear”, Seol writes a message “Lee Seol will return to the palace”, and Seol leaves the palace. With great difficulty, Hae Young has found a way to reach his father. After mulling it over, Hae Young calls and leaves a message.

On the other hand, Seol finds people who supposedly knew her father. She contacts the people who saw the ad. She calls every day, asking about her father. Hae Young finds out from the palace lady that Seol has left the palace. He goes to find her, and together they go to Jung Woo’s place…

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]


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      • Estel
        Well said, precisely, conflicts can come after their kissy-kissy and boating..
        now why don’t the writers think of that?? Malnourished?? more kimchi coming right up!! he he..

  1. Thanks so much for epi 12 preview.
    You are super fast. As I am in love with MP, I am finding myself that its hard to wait for next epi.
    So HY left palace in epi 11 and LS will leave there in epi 12, and then they get together again and profess J will be helping them a lot, I hope.
    Lucky that at least they got someone in their side.

  2. ah thank you.
    after I watched today’s MP raw version
    and wondering what the hell happened in the last 5 minute, when lee dan comes
    hardly can’t wait for episode 12.

  3. Koala….wow you’re quick!!!
    I havent watched episode 11, still waiting for it to be available online. But after reading your preview…I have to say…
    It’s really anoying to see these kind of things in dramas and movies when it keeps running around in circles, with the sole porpuse of making the viewer watch for longer what could have been settled in a few minutes. Honestly I hope they stop with this nonsense and simply stay together.

  4. This drama and especially episode 11 made my head ache! Can’t the writers please get their act together and gives us more rom-com scenes? And gosh even a little kiss has been deleted? No wonder the ratings are going down.

    • oh my…this is the same reason why i can’t get myself to watch this episode, i usually am right at it come wednesday morning—oh no is it worth the frustration or should i wait till next week???? aigoooooo….

  5. Ah as I predict,this drama going down and it makes me pity them and top of that no geun2 like in it like in MSOAN to make me stick to the end.nonsense..this matter can be settle with DNA test.that would shut everyone with real proof of damn princess.how come they make this drama worse than drama in my country which I hate but even better as they know DNA as to know one’s true identity.ah lucky I found DH as my new puppy which its getter awesome in each ep,acting is not great except KSH but they nailed it with great story.

    • Usually royal family had everything tested because everything is being record and had it occured that how come a 5year old kids remember everything so detail?heck even I tend to forget what I have been told 5min ago.even not DNA,you can have blood test.I’m royal family have that record.by mention it to that evil witch and wicked LD would freak out.I bet they will drag it to the end and as usuall only give happy end at the last 5min

      • hey erika
        am afraid that is SO true. time allowance for happy end = 5minutes.. wishful thinking.. just hope they will do something constructive to the plot…

  6. Yeeee!!! Thanksss I was so hopeless for epi 11!! Which was so just running around bush..who’s princess?? That sucks!!! We viewers want romcom not some bucketful of tears!!! As I read ur preview ..m sensing that this 12 can be cute !! Don’t know though !! Had waitied like a fool for epi 11 n how was it?? Duhhhh.. Just wanna kick. The writer for drivin me crazy..mp fightin keepin ma finger crossed for 12!! N for it’s ratin too

  7. What I think it is..is maybe they fake the princess dad’s death (on the way to the hospital or morgue) they switched it. ..and like any korean drama he have a amnesia and now he is starting to remember who he was and now it’s time for him to show up again for the sake of his daughter…oh well..the story is getting annoying giving more screen time for the witch from hell..than princess and the diplomat…i hope it gets better tonight really hate the 2 witches..oh wll what is drama without a villain…just hoping they limit the sceen time with the bitchiness..instaed show more kissing and boating..hahahahahaha..just wishful thinking…more kissing and hugging please…save the drama by showing intimate scenes with this 2 already…

  8. “”just wishful thinking…more kissing and hugging please…save the drama by showing intimate scenes with this 2 already…””

    Am afraid the script is going in circles like my worst fear even before it started, that somewhere along the line, it will sway towards M3 script.. getting a bit scary.. still hopeful.. fingers crossed.. Maybe our macho man SSH would like to step up and alter the script as to our wishful thinking ?? he he..

    Of course, they should know that there could still be conflicts even after they get together?? Omo, writer has gone for a quick nap… Oey!! wakey! wakey!!

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