Upcoming TW-Drama Mei Le, Go With Mike He and Cyndi Wang Completes Filming This Week

Taiwan’s GTV is on a bender this year with a slew of high profile projects, including Extravagant Challenge and Hayate the Combat Butler. The former is in pre-production, and the latter is done with filming and in post-production.

Mike He and Cyndi Wang’s upcoming GTV baking and music drama Mei Le, Go also completed filming this week and joins Hayate in the post-production phase. It would have finished even earlier had Cyndi not come down with a bout of cellulitis right before the drama wrapped.

I’m really meh on Cyndi Wang, and it’s only my newfounded Mike He appreciation that makes me curious about this drama, since the story sounds so inane. But I’ll be the first to admit that the story for Sunny Happiness sounded just as inane, so I’m just waiting for Mei Le, Go and Cyndi Wang to both prove me wrong and make me issue another mea culpa. Mei Le, Go is the drama adaptation of a popular mainland novel called The King’s Love Song.

Plot Synopsis for Mei Le, Go:

Han Yi Lie (Mike He), a famous pan-Asia musical sensation, is the judge for a popular variety program. He has a difficult personality and insists everything be done his way. He constantly lets his personal assistant, who has a crush on him, clean up his mess.

Cha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) is a kind, courageous, and ordinary girl, who believes with hard work comes equal rewords. To help her boyfriend Han Yi Feng (Yi Le’s older brother) achieve his dreams, she gives up her own dreams and opens a bakery.

Mei Le and Yi Lie accidentally make each other’s acquaintance, and Mei Le’s sunny and warm disposition touches Yi Lie’s normally cold heart. The owner of a large franchise restaurant chain wants to buy Mei Le’s bakery. Then Yi Feng’s relationship with Mei Le encounters trouble. Yi Lie helps Mei Le get through the toughest time of her life.

Yi Lie’s assistant tries multiple times to interfere in Mei Le and Yi Lie’s relationship. The franchise restaurant owner goes from having an appreciation for Mei Le to gradually liking her. Yi Feng also has a change of heart and wants Mei Le back.

Mei Le and Yi Lie face opposition from numerous sides, but in the end, they use their true and unwavering love for each other to compose a song that becomes popular on both sides of the Strait called “The King’s Love Song.”

Since Hayate the Combat Butler wrapped production first, I believe Mei Le Go will air after Hayate, and will hit the airwaves likely in late Summer 2011 in Taiwan, but may air earlier in Mainland China, since it was a co-produced drama.


Upcoming TW-Drama Mei Le, Go With Mike He and Cyndi Wang Completes Filming This Week — 22 Comments

  1. sounds interesting. I think i will watch this when it airs.
    this kinda reminds me of smiling, pasta though. just a bit. lol

    • Cyndi + over-the-hill musician? 😉 But this time with bread instead of pasta? Yes, TW-dramas are clearly not about creativity.

      I miss Nicholas Teo. I hope the rumors that he’s going to be guy#2 in Absolute Darling are not true.

      • lol they should add both? bread and pasta. mhmm.

        i hope it’s not true either. Nicholas Teo in Absolute Darling? ya know, i think i’ll stick to the manga.

      • arghh!! Nicholas Teo is damn hot!! I miss him badly since you mentions his name!! I love him with Cyndi more.
        I really hope i can watch Nicholas Teo i a drama back with Cyndi…
        Btw, i don’t feel any chemistry between Mike and Cyndi when i look at the pics. But, both of them are good-looking!! 😀

  2. I’ll wait for your reaction, okay? Sorry for using you as guinea pig, but I don’t trust myself with tw dramas ^-^”

  3. I second Sere…I adored Mike He in SH, but something about the way the actress looks is telling me to stay far, far away…maybe I just haven’t had enough sleep today.

    I think Mike He should make a drama starring…ME! kkk Except I don’t speak Chinese, so that might be a problem. Shucks. I guess I should stick with Song Joong-ki, Jang Geun-seok, and Jung Il-woo then. And of course, my ILU, Choi Siwon.

  4. Looking at these pictures.. I actually think that its possible that these two could have some good chemistry.. now I’m curious to watch! thanks for posting. 🙂

  5. yeah Cyndi has never fared well with me either but I cant tell if its her or the dramas that she’s been doing…..even Momo Love which I had some hopes set on because of the awsomeness that is Winnie Chu and Jir Wang couldnt hold my attention for more than 2 eps but I dont know if that was because of the boring/silly plot either

  6. I like Cyndi (Smile Pasta was adorable, I don’t care what anyone says :P) but what is with Mike’s haircut in this? It looks horrifying.

    • I also liked Smiling Pasta but chica can not do a kissing scene. I’m worry about that because she is doing a drama with (in my opinion) the King of Kissing scenes in Taiwanese dramas.

  7. I have nothing significant to say about this post, just want to tell you that your header is so freaking beautiful. 😀

  8. Mike He’s hair is killing me, it looks like a wig haha!
    but Taiwanese dramas never change, this sounds exactly like every other drama I watch – but somehow, although I always know the outcome …and the journey is always similar… I still obsess, always on the edge of my seat ha.
    will definitely check this out.
    thanks ockoala for always updating me on the newest dramas 😀

  9. I’m so dreading to watch this drama! I fear that if it sucks (which I believe it will) I’ll end up disliking Mike again (for choosing this project after the rare gem we found in SH) until the time he goes into a new drama. Or to soften the blow I can re-watch SH again after every terrible episode of MLG week after week. Haha!

  10. What a waste of Mike He! I really can’t stand Cyndi. Sorry, imo she also looks too old for him. After SH perfect OTP sigh…

    The last pix remind me of PYH (RIP) in Loving You.

  11. Can’t understand why Cyndi Wang is getting all these lead actress roles – can’t act, way past the cute look/age but still endlessly touting the “bewildered wide-eyed look”, never wanting to let go of the sweet sixteen persona (which is really quite awkward and weird at this stage) and forever playing the same roles????!!! Love Mike but I don’t think I can stomach another Cyndi drama. So I am going to pass on this one. It’s really a pain to watch her.

  12. Somehow I don’t see the chemistry in the pix.. But I didn’t necessarily hate her in pasta either, soo.. And this one has Mike!! Might as well watch first episode to watch him lol

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