Group 8 Releases Full 25 Minute Trailer for Birdie Buddy

SBS picked up Paradise Ranch instead of this? Group 8 released the full-length trailer (25 minutes in length) for its fully-completed sports drama Birdie Buddy, starring UEE, Lee Yong Woo, and Lee Da Hee. It doesn’t look that bad.

Really, I’ve seen far worse trailers (and end result dramas). But you shouldn’t take my word for it, since I am a total sucker for sports-coming-of-age stories and I golf, so lady golfers are my kin. I’ve linked to the trailer below (with and without subs), so watch for yourself.

With Poseidon and What’s Up both getting shafted as well, I don’t know what the chances are that Birdie Buddy will be picked up even with positive audience feedback to this trailer. As viewers we bemoan the K-drama live shoot system, and then you see a pre-shot drama like Birdie Buddy sink all the money into production costs only likely never to be picked up. There just doesn’t seem to be a win-win situation here.

I have to say that thank the lord Lee Yong Woo got rid of these dreadlocks rather quickly in the drama. I would have never been able to take him seriously otherwise. UEE, on the other hand, looks quite charming and spirited without being OTT or cutesy. Like I said, BB seems like a harmless little sport romp, so I hope some TV network picks it up.

Trailer for Birdie Buddy:

If want to watch it with English subs, Dramafever has it fully subbed already, so click here to watch.


Group 8 Releases Full 25 Minute Trailer for Birdie Buddy — 8 Comments

  1. SBS was undoubtedly banking on DBSK’s recent comeback to bolster the ratings of Paradise Ranch. Too bad that it wasn’t really that good…even though I thought that Changmin definitely could have been worse, and in fact wasn’t that bad. Maybe I’m biased. I think he’s cute. ^_^ But I couldn’t stand Lee Yeon-hee’s character and actually thought her acting wasn’t that great. Maybe that was the writer’s fault.

    I admit to not really being a fan of golf, but I do think that SBS is retarded to not use a preproduced drama to give their other projects (and the actors and staff!) more time to film and get a head start on the process. And UEE was pretty good in YB, so I don’t doubt that she could do a passable job carrying this drama.

    • Lee Yeon Hee ruined Paradise Ranch for me. Yeah I agree, she’s so freaking bad there, I wanted to stop watching it on ep 1 as soon as she fell on the poop. Lol. And she’s supposed to be the senior actress there. I did try to watch it till the end because of Changmin, but I really felt like it’s a waste of time.

  2. Watched the subbed trailer on Dramafever and although am not a fan of golf, I found it pretty entertaining. Uee is also a lot better actress than I thought, maybe she improved since YB? SBS really should have given this drama a chance. I like it, probably would watch it too. Ah well, too bad. 🙁

  3. I do like UEE. Both as an actor and variety program star. She has definitely improved alot! But they shouldn’t put their hopes up at all. Eric’s drama sounds more interesting and the cast is more famous still couldn’t find a spot. They should just air in youtube for us to watch.

  4. I’m kinda pressed for time atm so I can’t watch the trailer, but what I STILL don’t get is this: why, if tptb can’t find a network/timeslot to air their product, don’t they release the dvds instead?

    I know that straight-to-dvd can’t get them as much money and fame as a regular airing but wouldn’t dvds be better than nothing at all? Letting a finished drama lie in a limbo can’t be a win for them. At least they’d get some kind of revenue back and fans of the actors who star in the drama might be happy.

    And if the drama is good, dvds will sell and people are bound to talk about the drama and maybe, just maybe, a network will take pity on them and air the damn thing from the beginning.

    IDK, it feels like a waste of money and talent if no one gets to see these dramas. If I don’t get to see Poseidon and What’s up, I’ll be soooooooo sad.

  5. Thanks much for the dramafever link koala!! it seems like a solid underdog drama more than anything, and the golf part also seems well integrated. (I have some reservations about the lead guy’s acting but the story seems more about the two women anyways) wonder why paradise ranch was picked over birdie buddy 🙁

  6. Well the last time I played gold was in California, mini golf course hahaha…swinging clubs ain’t my thing since it’s mini I can’t swing above the knee, but what really thrills me are group sports like, basketball, football, then how come KOREA has not made any sports drama on soccer, ain’t that your main sport? Yeah this golf drama arouses my curiosity hmmm…but not enough to watch it, it’s too posh I like people getting down right dirty and sweaty that’s the glory of sports!!!! No pain no glory!!!! I hated Kristen Dunst Wimbledon the movie, did I spell that right….man bored me to death. If it’s a group sports then there are a lot of twist….it will keep me glued in front of the tube I might say. 😀

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