Upcoming K-Drama Maids Officially Changes it Name to Romance Town

The upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Maids has officially changed its name to Romance Town (or Romantic Town). The production had been deliberating a name change for the past week, after objections from the professional housekeeping associations that it’s original title used a more antiquated (and derogatory) name for household workers.

I’m not vested in the drama or title enough to care, but I think both titles sound just fine. Romance Town stars Sung Yuri, Jung Kyeo Woon, Kim Min Joon, and Min Hyo Rin. It premieres in early May following the end of The Thorn Birds.

While I’m not interested in the drama, I’m not also turned off by the premise or the cast. Perhaps this drama will surprise me and turn out to be delightful and charming, which will make me really happy. I like Yuri a lot, even if she’s a pretty limited actress. She tends to shine in happier-toned projects, and with a leading man she has chemistry with. I think May will be a killer (as in good) month for K-drama lovers.


Upcoming K-Drama Maids Officially Changes it Name to Romance Town — 7 Comments

  1. Romantic Town??!!…thats not eve.n remotely related to the original title…o___O
    anyways…yes May looks like it will be a hard month for me as far as decision making is concerned

  2. Romantic Town?o_O why didn’t they call it Korea it will be as easy to search it online – aka 1 million results on google … none of them related with the drama …ohhh welll sigh

  3. Hum… I have no opinion about this drama. I’ve decided not to have high expectations about dramas because I’m only going to be heart broken…

    • Awww…you’ve been bruised before, right? Well, after you found a new kdrama to love you’ll forget the past. Then the another awesome-looking kdrama will come along and dash your hopes again 😉

  4. i don’t care what’s the tittle..all i know is that Jung Gyeo Woon will be the lead man for this..so i will definitely watch this^_^

  5. Er, okay. o_O

    I like the premise of the drama (sort of), but I’m not sure I’ll watch it. Actually, I’m kind of sure I won’t. I loved Min Hyo Rin in Triple even if the drama was so-so and I can see her as a plucky maid, but I’m not sure about Sung Yuri. Man, I’m watching her in Swallow the sun (let’s not even talk about HGD, please) and she’s sucking the life out of her character, imho. Or rather, her character feels…flat? I don’t care about her so I find myself FF-ing through most of her scenes. /o\

  6. I’m quite happy about it 😀
    I really wasn’t a fan of the name “Maids” so they could have come up with weird name that i would have choose them over this one. I can’t wait to watch this ^^ !

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