Kim So Eun and Jung Il Woo as the Ambassadors for JIFF

Two of my favorite young actors got tapped to be the ambassadors for this year’s JIFF (Jeonju International Film Festival). Cutie pies Kim So Eun and Jung Il Woo posed for a series of adorable pictures, which doesn’t evoke so much the “film” or the “festival” (despite the random use of film-related props), but does make me go “oooooh, so prettay, me likey.”

Oddly enough, usually when I see two cute actors I like paired up for ad campaigns or promotional pictures together, I always get this rabid urge for them to do a movie or drama together, but I don’t have any such want. I continue to like Kim So Eun and Jung Il Woo, whether together or apart.

I think Jung Il Woo’s fun turn as Scheduler in 49 Days is influencing my impression that he doesn’t need a romantic plotline to shine. And maybe part of me can never ever let SoEul go – so seeing Kim So Eun paired up with Bummie’s good friend Jung Il Woo makes me a teeny bit sad.


Kim So Eun and Jung Il Woo as the Ambassadors for JIFF — 11 Comments

  1. OMG. so. CUTE!!!!

    they’re so cute I COULD DIE!!!!

    i want jung il-woo and one of those “I Heart JIFF” shirts. kthanxbai.

  2. aaaaaaaaah…they’re cuter they kittems and puppies!!..I’d like to see them in something together…I thought her pairing with Lee Min Ho was even wierder when there were rumors of this flying around for City Hunter

  3. Adorable!

    Dude, do you know who’s refreshing WITHS2’s page obsessively, as in every minute or so, because she needs to get her hands on the subs for 49 days? ^^

    BTW, JIW is so talented. I still can’t get over how wonderful Return of Iljimae was. *clutches heart*

  4. She is so cute, in a wholesome kind of beautiful. I actually always hoped KB would be her real life boyfriend until I saw a certain coffee commercial and I thought ‘they make a cute couple’ then MSOAN happened but she is adorable, second only to the lady I am a fan of. I think this girl can act also.

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