Written Preview for Episode 13 of 49 Days

I knew this would happen. Since 49 Days is not my crack of choice (the way it is for others of you), the onslaught of pre-premiere goodies for the May dramas and the completely unexpected awesomeness that is Drunken to Love You has me completely forgetting about 49 Days, and almost missed this written preview for episode 13. I’m sure when Wednesday rolls around I’ll be in the mood for more Kang and his awesome deductive abilities. Until then, have a written preview to tide you over.

Written preview for episode 13 of 49 Days:

Kang continues to pretend that he doesn’t know how his heart really feels about Ji Hyun. He brings delicious food for Ji Kyung. He finds out that the Haemi Island acquisition still needs Ji Hyun’s seal on the deed of trust to become effective. Ji Kyung also senses how Kang is much nicer to her now. She thinks it’s odd, and wonders if perhaps Kang knows her real identity, jabbering on to Scheduler about her thoughts.

On the other hand, In Jung is becoming suspicious of Ji Hyun’s so-called friend Park Jung Eun. She explains all her suspicions one-by-one to Min Ho. In Jung tells Min Ho that Ji Hyun’s seal may be connected to Park Jung Eun. Min Ho turns it around, feeling like In Jung is causing him more frustration, and he loses his temper with her….

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 13 of 49 Days — 9 Comments

  1. The plot thickens…. I’m so excited now that Kang knows the truth… this is getting so good! Thanks for the preview write up!!!

  2. so excited! thanks for the translation! looking forward to your recaps and thoughts! (off topic but any more news on Vic??)

  3. O. M. G. This picture of Han Kang makes me all giddy mwa ha ha! The gorgeousness that is my Kang-ah!!! Thank you so much dear ockoala!

  4. My favorite scene was when Khang figured out the real identity of Ji Khuyn/Ji Huyn and hugged her silently. I can’t wait for the continuation from that scene. What a chemistry. I hope they end up together. And, thanks for the preview of episode 13, Ockoala.

  5. Yes, that last scene of kang ah hugging is sooo awesome. yeah, agree totally. we want jihun (LYW) to end with Kang ah.. pl pleazzzzzzz Drama God!

  6. All I read was blah blah blah Scheduler &then blah blah blah again….hahaha xD
    Sorry i still love the drama but all since the whole YiKyung &YiSoo thing I am stuck on them, plus getting tired of this whole “evil fiancee &bff business take over” plot or the same ol’ “school friend in love with you but you don’t know” thing too. It’s pretty overrated. I would be interested if somehow Kang starts to like Yikyung but don’t see that happening so I rather watch YiKyung &YiSoo/Scheduler.

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