Another Preview for Drunken to Love You Episode 5

It’s such a shame that Drunken to Love You airs only once a week, because the interminable wait between episodes feels like a month rather than 7 days. I love the drama’s pace – taking important plot developments and moving through each one briskly and efficiently, and lavishing the slower moments for developing the relationship between the Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. The preview for episode 5 made me squee out loud is all I can say.

New preview for episode 5:

Jie Xiu: I may not be able to endure your sorrows for you, but at least in the days ahead, I can lend some of my happiness with you.

Avril: Could it be that they’re not play acting anymore and have decided to make it real? Jie Xiu is someone who completely and solely belongs to only me. Or are you so clueless as to believe that you have the attractiveness to steal him away from me?


Another Preview for Drunken to Love You Episode 5 — 7 Comments

  1. I didn’t hate Avril but she really is an arrogant somebody! I absolutely love JX and XR. I hope they clear Avril off in this one focus ep and get to the stuff I wanna see. More JX and XR! MORE! MORE! MO-AR!

    • me too, I actually didn’t hate Avril and kinda understood her lack of commitment issues. Now they’re just spinning her off as the evil, full of herself second lead. It frustrates me because I really didn’t want to hate her *sighs* Bring on the Jie Xiu falling in love with Xiao Ru moments and visa versa <3

  2. Don’t you just hate it when the 2nd lead is some selfish prick or b*tch? Ugh here it goes again where the 2nd lead is gonna belittle the main lead &make that person feel like they are being selfish &taking something that doesn’t belong to them. *roll eyes*
    I love Rainie. I’m such a big fan of hers. I’ve watched like nearly all her work so seeing her in this role is great because in someways it’s totally different from her other ones. She has sass &she stands her ground so I am hoping she’ll stand hers against Avril. Thanks for the preview.

    ps yes I wish taiwanese dramas will show more than once a wk at times because I hate the waiting around for the next episode. a wk definitely feels like a month xD

  3. I love how jie xiu take xiao ru hand to hang around his neck and shoulder, and they slow dance.. its priceless scene..

  4. Yipee!!! i’m so excited for the next episode, i can’t wait. it’s getting so interesting and love Jie Xiu and Xiao Rui shining moments.

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