Absolute Darling Releases Official Stills of the First Meeting Between the Lady and Her Robot Boyfriend

After luxuriating in two back-to-back awesome TW-dramas this year, I sometimes forgot how much TW-productions love to sensationalize media-worthy nuggets of promotional material. GTV released a batch of official stills from its filming of Absolute Darling, starring Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun. Why oh why am I not surprised that the stills are all of the money-making scene when Night comes out of the box in his birthday suit and lands on top of Riko.

Adorable Jiro had to wear something akin to a nude diaper to shoot the scene, and he confessed to being way more self-conscious than Gu Hye Sun, who was totally calm, cool, and collected.ย Jiro’s sacrifice might be worth it, becauseย they look very way cute together in that awkward uncomfortable way.

AD just started filming, so the production is expected to take another 2-3 months to be completed. Who knows, maybe this totally unexpected pairing will really spark and we’ll have another It Started With A Kiss on our hands?


Absolute Darling Releases Official Stills of the First Meeting Between the Lady and Her Robot Boyfriend — 22 Comments

  1. Very curious about this. I guess GHS’s dialogue will be dubbed into Mandarin. But just very strange to me, as I’m new to TW dramas, why all the collaborations between nations? Must be very difficult for the actors when you don’t understand what eachother are saying, instead just remember what’s on the script.

    • Taiwan isn’t the only asian country that has co production. Japan and Korean have done a few together. It’s a great way to get new viewer (some fan who like a kdrama star would watch a co-production if he/she paired a jdrama star and the fan get introducted to the jdrama star) Also saves some money on production also improves their entertainment relationship (easier filming access)
      As for dialog yes it’s would be kinda strange but I’m guessing there will be a translater or someone who knows korean and chinese to help things along and they’ll be prepped a head of time before shooting to know how it should flow.

  2. aaaaaah.. Jiro is so hot!.. Totally wishing it was me next to him.. hahah. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I agree with you that these scenes are trying to lure the female fans and they are definitely doing a good job. hahha. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. cuteness overload ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love GHS! I never thought that she’ll have this much chemistry with Jiro but these pics prove that we have an adorable couple in the works. All best to AD! I heard it might be aired sometime in August ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. At first I was kind of disappointed as to why the first guy backed out until I read the reason on one of the sites I usually visit, but I thought, no. 1 why would they take a leading man who would have a nearly expired contract in a short time? and second, why would he accept the contract and NOT renew it when he could’ve? I mean (he’s a big icon in Taiwan, the company would gladly accept him) didn’t he think about all the possibilities that will happen in the next couple of months before taking in to considerations the drama given to him, plus it’s not like any kind of drama, THEY’RE taking Goo Hye Sun, he should at least have some respect, or maybe not, at least politeness and consideration that the production even took a HIGH PROFILE KOREAN ACTRESS who’s almost known in the whole world. He’s act to me was kind of irresponsible; as an actor and performer and A BUSINESS MAN?! to not think about the outcome of his decisions.
    However, what he did is still vague to me, there might be deeper reasons why he did such move.
    [ My reactions kind of offend some people in my class so to be safe, PEACE OUT PEOPLE for those who hate critics from people who are anti their so called “idol”]

    • I am not a fan of Wuzun, the initial male lead. But I thot I heard that the production was delayed a lot and therefore cannot fit into his schedule anymore? And since he has other priorities, he decided to drop this project. Not so sure, that is what I read. And I also wonder, if WZ had “no choice” but to accept this drama at that time when he was still under his previous company, just like apparently Jiro had no choice but to accept it as his management company HIM asked him to? (am reading all this from various comments in different sites).

      Anyways, I guess you are a fan of GHS?

      • Btw, forgot to say that the pix looked really cute. Jiro and GHS seems to have chemistry from what we can see in the stills. Hope the drama will turn out well, esp for Jiro’s sake cuz he has not had much luck with his dramas previously. But I believe GHS is popular in Taiwan too (and other Asian countries) so that should also help sell the drama.

      • Wow people are hurting Jiro’s pride???? And we hope all his fans are all fast asleep or else beware of the blood!!!!! I’m scramming fast BLAAAAZE!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. ooh the first stills looking good… i’ve never quite been a fan of jiro since his iswak days- even if tw dramas in general tend to be ott in their humour and exaggeration, there was something abt ah-jin that irritated me. only started seeing him in a new light (as with rainie yang) in To Get Her. the role of an over the hill star (guo qi nan ming xing) seemed to suit him to a T… and there were moments of nuanced acting there that tugged at heartstrings. but even so, to me at least, that drama belonged to rainie yang. until DTLY that is. but as i’ve not been following jiro’s later projects, i look forward to seeing his improvement here. i hope he can work out some chemistry with GHS though. The only drama where I can safely say the cross-country collaborations were not a failure in chemistry between the leads due to language differences was My Lucky Star with Jimmy Lin and Yoo Hana. With the recent spate of Korea-Tw collabs, I hope something good comes out of Hayate, SkipBeat and this one.
    but anw here.. ahh jiro can def go the himbo route with the robot boyfriend role. in fact, i feel alot more optimistic abt his starrring than when i heard abt WuZun despite the robotic similarities. i’m looking to see what the tw version of absolute boyfriend is gonna pull off. the drama scape in tw looks to be busy in the next few months after a dearth of good shows in 2010 other than Autumn’s Concerto. DTLY is currently rocking my socks off, and I’ve become a huge fan of Joseph Chang. With the first generation of tw idol stars heading off to army soon, I’m looking foward to some fresh new blood. I hope this marks the second wind of good tw idol productions.

  6. o wow….as much as I like to sulk about this project, they do look cute…..even though i’m not really a fan of her acting, i’ve always found Gu Hye Sun beautiful….it’s such a shame that all her latest dramas have not done her any favors in that department though…and Jiro is just as hot as ever…love him!!!…still iffy on this drama premise but is they keep bringing up promo shots like these I might change my mind

  7. Ahhh! They are so cute!! It’s been a longgggg while since I saw a rom/com that makes my heart squeeze in delight. A romance/comedy that is really really romantic and really really funny/cute is what I long for. This could be it. Jiro is a great choice and I love Hye Sun.

    • I see tons of chemistry here…which reminds me of that drama w/ Jiro & Cyndi Wang which had 0 chemistry whatsoever. I love Hye Sun’s speech & expressions in her voice. It would be a shame to dub it. I’d rather see sub tittle when she speaks. How they going to find such a cute unique funny voice person??

  8. I’m really hesitate to watch this not because I don’t like either one of the stars because that is so not the reason I love Jiro been a fan since ISWAK days &Hye Sun though I’m not a big fan but I do enjoy her materials that she works on so no complaints here on the main stars.
    I think its because I’m such a fan of that manga &the japanese original version that I’m not too keen with a remake. Though I always loved Taiwanese &Japanese version of manga adaption more than the Korean. So yes I picked HYD, MG over BOF not that I didn’t love BOF cause I did its just HYD had my Oguri Shun &MG had the sexy original F4 plus a young Rainie Yang.
    Anyways I don’t know I’ll most definitely watch it anyways because of Jiro &would like to see if they keep true to the manga. Gosh I love the manga huge fan of Yuu Watase so yeah I most likely will still watch it.
    The stills are adorable though. The way HyeSun is smiling in the first one is too cute..lol Oh &I do hope they have chemistry if they don’t then man I would be tuning out of this drama quicker than I expected. Chemistry between the main is a major key point in a drama at keeping me a fan, if no chemistry then i won’t watch anymore but if there is a tons then I’ll be a fan. So I hope they have it.

  9. JIRO WANG!!!!! OMG i hate goo hye sun! she gets to act with a bunch of good looking actors LOL lee min ho, kim hyun joong, wu chun (short lasting but still!) and now JIRO WANG!! and on top of that she is from YG so she knoes BIGBANG and SE7EN!! OMG SHE IS LUCKY!

  10. WOAH! Cuteness+Hotness= DAMN!
    Am really surprised that Jiro and Hye Sun does look compatible together. Hope to see sizzling chemistry between the two. Looking forward to this drama. Glad that the lead was replaced. Hee.

  11. is this drama available on youtube or mysoju.. i already finish watching absolute boyfriend the Japanese version of this drama and its cool so i want to watch this also because of jjiro love him a lot…

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