Material Queen Releases More Trailers and Vanness Wu’s Theme Song for the Drama

We’re just two and a half weeks away from the premiere of the TW-drama Material Queen, and this is one drama where every single promo, still, and trailer gets me more excited about it, where initially I had zero interest. Unlike in Autumn’s Concerto, lead actor Vanness Wu gets to showcase his singer roots and grew-up-in-the-US crossover appeal by singing the theme song for MQ. It’s called “Is This All”, and features Ryan Tedder of One Republic. I love this song. HOMG I cannot stop listening to it over and over.

On top of the absurdly gorgeous cinematography we’ve seens in the stills and first trailer (courtesy of the PD from AC paired with the Paris location shoot with clothing styled by Patricia Field), I’m now almost certain MQ is going to have a awesome OST. Fruck, now I have another TW-drama to follow. Bringing you the song, which premiered today (Vanness’ album drops on July 8th), and the latest batch of MQ trailers. For those of you looking for the earlier MQ posts, just click the tag below.

Is This All by Vanness Wu feat. Ryan Tedder:

Trailer 2:

So Lynn Xiong plays a top-model whose motto in life is to land a rich man and be taken care of. She mistakes Vanness for the heir of a global fortune and blatantly comes on to him. They discover each other’s ruse (she’s a goldigger, he’s a butt poor musician), but life keeps throwing them in each other’s path. Can love win over money? I’ve said this before, but I love that Lynn’s character is a blatant and unrepentent golddigger, a genuine departure from the sweet and sacrificing heroines we get by the boatloads. Bring on the bitchy!

Teaser 1:

A sneak peak at Patricia Field styling Vanness and Lynn.

Teaser 2:

A glimpse of the Paris shoot, with a tagline: “people believe shiny things can direct the fate of your life”.

Teaser 3:

What would you choose between love and caviar?


Material Queen Releases More Trailers and Vanness Wu’s Theme Song for the Drama — 31 Comments

  1. Personally, I’d definitely choose love, no question ^^ Having money to buy stuff you need and want is very nice, of course, but love is just much more fulfilling and wonderful, in my opinion.

    • I hate to be a downer, but I think people who say they’d choose love over money haven’t really experienced what it’s like to be poor worry where your next meal will be coming from… just sayin’

      • Oops… Sorry for the typo.
        It’s supposed to be
        …poor and worry where your next meal will be coming from

      • I agree. In dramas, yes it’s always love but in real life love does not bring food to the table. But that’s why we turn to dramas. We want to imagine that such romantics do exists.

      • Love is definitely more fulfilling, but let’s say if you’re dirt poor your whole life why must you be a golddigger and find someone extremely filthy rich to make you happy? Why can’t you live a comfortable life with someone you truly love instead of just wanting to be rolling in money. The girl in material queen I’m sure I like her because she is the lead and they will always have some redeeming qualities, but let’s say she was dirt poor her whole life then why are her clothes and bag so nice, more than I can afford and I’m not dirt poor, she chose to spend her money on nice clothes instead of necessities and that’s not being dirt poor that’s having the wrong priorities.

      • Love and money are both important. But this is the 21st century afterall! Who says the women can’t bring home the bigger paycheck?

      • my mama always told me that if you just marry for money, you end up earning every cent.

    • I agree with Alyssia. In reality, either with want to acknowledge it or not we want to have a sufficient enough money to support our family. I am not saying I have to be rich but I never want to live where I can’t even afford to buy my kids shoes or milk.

  2. Whoa that song is all kinds of Awesome!!

    I have been really really really looking forward to MQ it just seems like it’ll be a visual feast I mean the clothes, jewelry, scenery, actors and the shots already look so glamorous.

    I look forward to a gold digging leading woman in a TW drama, never seen one TW drama where the girl is not sweet or genuinely nice.

  3. When it comes to Vanness, i know i am biased. He’s not the best actor but damn he’s hot. I am so watching this drama.

    Love or Money ?

    Love definitely.

  4. u know sometimes when u choose love, somehow it comes with money… 🙂 so u will have both… sorry i know it sounded corny but its true based on personal experience…

  5. Love – Make sure the guy with the caviar loves u. :p isnt that the theme ?? hahaha

    [After that re-make him. Goodness me. Who on earth likes that fishy stuff?! gross.
    However. If you’re talking D24 and the likes. That’s a different story! :D]

  6. Love and Money…emm… I guessed both matters…been there and down that… and i know what is life is…you need both….

  7. vaness wu is not a bad actor.u have to watch autumn concerto.that’s when i fall in love with him as an actor.

  8. ahhhhhhhhhh! This is what I’m looking for most as my summer guilty pleasure drama, tthings r looking exactly what I wanted. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

    Lynn, I predict, will run away with this. Not saying she’s terrific, anything remotely Oscar worthy, but she’s unbelievably natural and at ease in front of the camera (the opposite of Vanness, sorry…and many many TW leading men, :X) Just born with it…and the miles of legs of coz.

    Vanness…errrrhhmm… as I didnt even warm up to his ‘acting’ in AC, the glimpses of him here is the same old habit of OTT ’emoting’ = acting. I’m not holding out hope I’ll find him much improved. I’m just hoping this will stay blingbling and superficially fluffy enough and he won’t be asked to do more than he can. I’m watching it mostly for the clothes and PA!RIS!

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