Three Real Kisses and One May K-drama Poll

My dearest drama friend Thundie, who always has the coolest and most creative posts, whispered to me yesterday that she was running a poll on the May K-dramas, asking folks what is their favorite, etc. I told her I’d make a post just to pimp her poll, so click here to vote away to your heart’s content. It looks like Best Love is leading the pack in all categories, except for one. Our Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye is already the runaway favorite in the OTP category.

Frankly I’m amazed, because LTM is getting little love elsewhere, so I’m pleased that even folks who don’t much like the drama acknowledge how undeniable the chemistry is between those two. Since I’m asking y’all to vote, which is like giving you homework, I’m tossing in a reward, if you will. Below the jump is the SBS released BTS of the Ice-cream kiss filming and additonal stills of the three kisses.

BTS of Karoake and Ice-cream kiss:

Icec-cream Kiss:

He-kisses-her Cola Kiss:

All three kisses have been accompanied by such meta-dialogue that it makes any Hwan-Hye shipper completely insane (i.e. me). Recall Ah Jung asking Ki Joon “is it real or just acting?” Swap out the character and insert Eun Hye asking Ji Hwan “is it real or just acting?” about them filming these acting scenes for LTM. Yup, blows my mind.

She-kisses-him Cola Kiss:

They are my runaway vote forΒ OTP of the year. No one else comes close, even if there are some great OTP already this year. True story – I upped the intensity on my treadmill tonight to vent my frustration at the ending of episode 8, but after while my mind flitted to the Cola Kiss and then I started giggling, and in a fit of swooning my foot slipped and I toppled off the running track. Yes, Ji Hwan and Eun Hye making out like bunnies made me fall off my treadmill. I am not ashamed or embarassed.


Three Real Kisses and One May K-drama Poll — 50 Comments

  1. Yes, Ji Hwan and Eun Hye making out like bunnies made me fall off my treadmill. I am not ashamed or embarassed.

    hahah! love your comment !!! β™₯

  2. HOT HOT HOT!!!! just like you every time i watch them on scene i get this tingling feeling in my stomach..they might not be getting a lot of love elsewhere but this site’s love will make up for it..thanks for all the goodies =)

  3. voted! wheee! i finally get to watch ep 7-8 of LTM! thanks so much, i was so sad when they decided to drop it at DB but i understand the reason why. just wanted you to know that your site is awesome and i bow down to you for the recaps(and tons & tons of HAWT pics!!) πŸ™‚

  4. Aww, Koala! The idea of you falling off your treadmill just makes me giggle. I think I might love you a little for that!

  5. Gosh, ockoala! We really are LTM and YEH-KJH shippers! You’ve had more posts about LTM than any other drama in 2 days! Love it!

    I’ve been checking other sites and LTM IS loved!

    LTM ranks 1st in MYSOJU.COM for number of views of its episodes.

    The LTM Soompi thread is accelerating at an unimaginable speed with so many posts and views. Just last night the number of users peaked to 548! It currently has 2,515 replies and 406,892 views beating all the May dramas.

    In its rank moved from 171 to 95 in a span of a week!

    I read that in major Korean portals, LTM made it to the most searched…


    Many thanks for this blog!

  6. public making out, hahahhaha, love them so so muchhhhhhhh….. thanks to Ockoala ‘coz u stand still for LTM!! Yay..

  7. ockoala, just to let you know you have gained a fan in me. i am not really into blogs but somehow you made me realise the fun in reading blogs and its benefits so thank you. that COKE KISS is epic. i don’t see AJ and KJ in that kiss at all. every time i watch that kiss, all i see is KJH and YEH. gawddd i want them to kiss every chance they get even though my heart says no at the moment because d i c khead KJ just broke my heart for hurting AJ.

    YEH and KJH, how can they kiss like that and not feel love? damn such good actors they are! i am going to bet my allowance for the week, there is going to be a lovescene to culminate all the kissing scene. there MUST be or else……..

  8. tee hee, i already voted b4 i saw your post & when i vote for the OTP, Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye was not the top. Only second. πŸ™‚ glad to know that they are the tops now.

  9. Koala you so funny….looks like LTM syndrome affected you so badly…I’m with you…can I join u in the treadmill n fall down together??? ckckckckck….OTP: YEH-HWAn (spell in chinese ye4 wan3 – night) this two always on my mind every night (pervert)hahaha

    • yup…they two really know how to just in one take they do it so damn hoottt…..koala..U must post this BTS Cola-Kiss cause The Kiss is freakin HOT…..n taste like COLA hahaha

  10. These “lusty” kisses are like chugging a shot of soju as opposed to tasting wine. The best kisses are those short kisses between Hyun Bin and Song hye-kyo in World They Live in. You can feel the warmth and love by looking at SHK’s face smile as she plants a short smack on HB and draws back. It’s so electrifying you can watch it all day.

  11. thank you ockoala!!!! i have been so restless after watching ep 8, cried my heart out..honestly check your blog all the time like many times in a day to check if you got anything new about LTM and so happy that so far you have been blogging a lot about LTM and it really makes me so happy…YEH and KJH can date anytime they want, i hope anyway…they are just so awesome together..

    • DB is, another blog just as wonderful as this one. They announced a few days ago that they they were discontinuing the recaps for LTM and doing an Open Thread instead (sort of an open space for people to post their comments on). This angered a lot of fans who wanted the DB girls to endanger their health (they’re currently recapping FIVE dramas and one variety show) and keep recapping a show they weren’t even enjoying in the first place without understanding that RECAPPING IS HARD. Ms. Ockoala misses meals just to post a recap for us. And also: a drama does not stop airing just because a blog stops recapping it . I really don’t get the hate.

      On a good note, it made a lot of people discover Ockoala and her great blog so I guess that’s a good offshoot of that insanity.

  12. oh the bts of ice cream kiss again πŸ˜› kjh smiling and biting his lower lip while reviewing the kissing scene speaks a lot!

  13. lie to me kisses are so hot the its really hard to forget,yah i was wishing,dreaming that time kang jing hwan was really in his heart that sweet words he said to yoon eun hye was really a true one…

  14. As much as I sound like a teenager right now but OMG…I was almost breathless watching that scene and i swear i was almost blushing..
    I cannot watch all these drama’s right now cause of my insane study schedule so i catch up with your recaps and i mean hearing you go on about the kiss i had to watch it..And just don’t have words anymore..that was AMAZZINGG!!!!
    And is it me, or do they both seem shaken after their kiss? I mean maybe its just good acting but maybe my little dreamy heart likes to believe that their kiss was sooo out of this world that they were both a little shaken up on what was going inside them?!?!

  15. Wow thanks for these photos! Yes, I was like “is KJH delivering this line for real?” (during the after-party clean up scene). Now, it’s time for YEH to ask before the cola kiss “is it real or just acting?”, my goodness. Voted already,why, LTM, of course!

  16. are my laughing pills, menopause pills, hormone pills..everyweek..Keep up you funny scent of writting…trying to workout with stepped machine but fell flat with your review…thanks..

  17. Hey, Koala are you ok? You never know, that kind of falls can end in a serious injury! You never know by the fluids in the area? And the happy flap? Flapping?? LOL Hope you are fine, because I wanna keep reading your posts!

    BTW I’m still a little sad, for the ending of episode 8, but I know deep in my guts, and my hopeless overly romantic heart, that in episode 9, the story is gonna get even better and better!!
    Really I wanna Ah Jung returning the “almighty super duper special PEN” to Ki Joon, in an envelope, (like saying, I’m returning everything, that belongs to you, and my feelings for you ends now) and when he opened, he stared at it, wandering what it means, and when “he gets the message” he starts to cry just like Ah Joon did!! OMO Im cruel, but I think he deserved!! Unni thank you so much for everything!! Fighting!! Abrazos desde el calor del Caribe!! ^_^

  18. I voted already. I will do anything for LTM since I really really love this drama and the OTP. IMHO they are the best pairing ever in K drama land πŸ™‚
    And I also want to thank you for recaping LTM. I really like your style of writing. Witty, funny and smart. There is a big differences between write because you like it and because you have too. And you’re clearly loving every second of it (writing about LTM I mean). I’m just glad that besides a blogger you’re also a fans of this drama.
    Have a nice day and be careful with you treadmill πŸ˜€

  19. falling off the threadmill for our OTP…haha, you are in trouble, ockoala! and so am i. in big trouble with a capital T.

    their chemistry! that BTS scene in their cola kiss! its even more intense my belly turned. gah, these two needs to get a room already. πŸ˜‰

  20. I love the two of them so much! Amazing chemistry! Thee’s also a BTS that was released for the Cola kiss πŸ™‚ Here’s the link : credit yn1003

    (Don’t trow rocks at me, but I’ve also been shipping YEH and Won Bin since this morning after seeing their Beyond CF. When he called out “Eun Hye”, I totally melted ^^ )

  21. I’m so glad I found your site after DB decided to drop the LTM recap… just want to let you know how awesome you are & how gazillions of mankind appreciate everything you do… πŸ˜€

  22. Best Love is indeed my fave out of these May dramas because everything is just perfect plus its the Hong sisters their dramas are golden in my book but the best OTP is definitely Hwan &Hye couple. Their chemistry is off the charts, literally the only thing saving this drama.

  23. WHOA! What a hot kiss!!
    This kind of kiss makes one forget everything, except his/her partner.
    I wonder how they both manage to continue the filming of other scenes πŸ™‚

  24. I will never look at a Coca-cola the same way ever again……I have goosebumps and get all giggly like crazy….=)

  25. i’ve been watching this drama from it’s pilot it!!!! i slept 3 o’clock in the morning just reading all of the comments here, hoping that someone would post any link to episode 9 preview..but in vain..huhuhu. i’m wondering what would happen in the next episode.

    thanks for the recap.

  26. Ok so I’m so sad for AJ I had to come here and stare at some pics. And I find the second to last picture lightens my mood a little – AJ kissing KJ and tugging on his lower lip – aahhhh!

  27. ockoala!!! I am not fan of blogs but I have found myself wandering into yours and can’t seem to stay away!!!;) I love coming on here and finding recaps to my heart’s desires so that I can find relief or anticipation for the next episodes!!! It’s through here that I found my love for LTM! absolutely love it and so looking forward to the next episodes…

  28. I actually watched the episode 6 and 8 with my co-teachers and my principal and everybody just screamed when we watched the kissing scene! I was the only YEH addict/fan/shipper there, but they got hooked with Lie to Me and watched the first 5 eps πŸ™‚ haha. if you could only seen us. :))

  29. Koala, I love you! Am I the only one who thinks something happened with them two after the cola kiss? I ask only because she was running on hormones & her heart, not her brain, when she went over the other girl’s house? Like she was more than emotionally attached to her “husband.” WHAT do you think?

    btw, can anyone please please please have a good copy of her “wedding ring?” I would really appreciate it! Thank you.

    =D can’t wait for next epi! for more kisses I hope!

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