Lie to Me Episode 11 Recap

I have discovered that Lie to Me is turning out to be a drama that is considered a failure in storytelling primarily because it’s being presented as a K-drama to viewers with preconceived notions of what to expect. If LTM were a romance novel, it’ll be one of the better ones out there.

Flimsy and nonsensical plot nothwithstanding, the interactions and scenes between the hero and heroine are funny, sexy, silly, and totally satisfying to watch. Episode 11 was all Ah Jung and Ki Joon, all the time. I loved this episode to pieces, not for the romance (which was cheesier than a plate of chili cheese fries), but for the candid conversations between our OTP.

The plot got moved forward albeit in the broadest of strokes, but the emotional nuance and development between the OTP was given the opportunity to blossom with a trip to Jeju away from the annoying distractions of Seoul. I LOVE that Ki Joon went to help Ah Jung, and that he spent the entire episode pretty much assisting her and watching her be awesome at her job and try so damn hard. The man is head-over-heels for her, and these two need to have complete and utter faith and trust in each other to make it through the impending minefield of Yoon Joo, Sang Hee, and Aunt.

Episode 11 Recap:

Ah Jung answers the Minister that she is married to Hyun Ki Joon. Her just-announced spouse walks up to the group and declares that contrary to what Ah Jung just said, they are not married. Okay, you two need to get your story straight before the leaving the house in the morning. Or better yet, never leave the house and Ki Joon’s nice big comfy bed. The Minister and Chairman Chen look around in surprise. Ah Jung once again repeats that they are married, and Ki Joon follows up with yet another “we’re not married.”

Chairman Chen laughs and tells the Minister that Ki Joon is married to Ah Jung and they are a loving affectionate and loving couple. The Minister says that clearly he’s the only one who doesn’t know about this. The two old dudes them laugh about how they’ve been married for so long that there are days when spouses fight and then act like strangers the next day. Crisis averted in the most brain-hurty of ways, but eh, not complaining here.

Before Ki Joon can continue his attempt to expose the truth and scuttle his own deal, Ah Jung gets everyone to head off to eat lunch. They give each other a heated look before heading to dine, with Ah Jung wondering what the heck has gotten into him. Ki Joon joins the Minister and the Chairman for lunch, and Ah Jung eats with her co-workers.

Ah Jung is congratulated by everyone for successfully pulling off this event. Her boss finds out the person dining with the Minister is Hyun Ki Joon and wants to go say hello, but is stopped by Ah Jung who says that everyone looks busy over there discussing important matters. Ah Jung’s boss gets a call about Jeju.

After lunch, Ah Jung asks Ki Joon why he said they weren’t married back there? Wasn’t he the one who asked her to lie because of his business deal? Ki Joon turns it around and asks how Ah Jung dared to lie in front of the Minister. How many necks does she think she has? Ah Jung claims that she’s just performing her job under the contract for the Chairman’s sake. Ki Joon gives a laugh and pulls out the contract and rips it up right in front of her.

Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that the contract is over between them and he never wants Ah Jung to lie for him anymore. AWWWW, so sweet. He wants to start from the beginning now. If anyone asks him, he will say they are not married. Because of Ah Jung’s lie, his entire life has been turned upside down. He says he’s willing to forgive everything if they can start over. Ah Jung wonders who needs to forgive whom here?

Ki Joon gets all shouty at her, yelling that if he wants to, he’ll hold her hand and they’ll go see a movie together. And if he wants to even more, he’ll kiss her. And if he wants to even more than that……and then Ki Joon loses his train of thought. Erm, you’ve been doing most of that WHILE the contract was still valid, Ki Joon.

Ah Jung asks if he thinks doing this will make her happy? Ki Joon asks if she doesn’t like him? He doesn’t wait for her to answer and says that it doesn’t matter, he’ll just make her fall for him. Ah Jung doesn’t like his highhanded methods of dictating what she needs to do. She tells him she won’t lie anymore for him, nor will she get involved in his messy emotional world. Ah Jung leaves warning him not to confuse her anymore.

Jae Bum sits at home drunk, clothing and household items strewn everywhere. He sobs as he reads So Ran’s blog, where she updated that she’s saying goodbye and leaving now. Hhhm, so last episode Jae Bum was all shouty at So Ran, but once she takes off he’s super worried and distraught? These two have the most illogical and dysfunctional relationship. But I guess through it all they do love each other in their own weird way. Jae Bum calls the cops and then calls Ah Jung asking if she knows where So Ran went? When Ah Jung’s phone rings, we see that her background is still the picture of Ki Joon. So cute.

Ah Jung is at a meeting so she texts So Ran. The co-workers are discussing a tourism solicitation business trip to Jeju which no one wants to go. So Ran calls Ah Jung and informs her that she’s in Jeju. Ah Jung tells So Ran that she’s headed to Jeju and for So Ran not to go anywhere. Everyone at the meeting thinks Ah Jung just volunteered for the Jeju assignment and are happy none of them need to go.

Ah Jung heads out of the house with her luggage only to find Ki Joon waiting for her outside. He asks if she’s off on a trip and she snarks back that she’s hardly that leisurely. She’s off on a business trip, headed to Jeju on a ship. He offers to drive her, reminding her that he’s starting over with her. She declines and hops into a taxi.

Ki Joon is in a meeting with Aunt and some other hotel directors discussing the China project with Chairman Chen. KI Joon updates Aunt on a secret project going on in Jeju as well.

Park Hoon delivers a detailed report on where Ah Jung is headed and why she’s going – to assist the local tourism bureau in lobbying for Jeju to be designated one of the world’s seven scenic spots. Ki Joon asks Hoon how to get to where Ah Jung is headed. He calls Ah Jung, who is on a bus headed for the port, Ki Joon correctly tracks her whereabouts. He warns her that she gets her salary from his taxes, so she has to work hard.

Ah Jung arrives at the port terminal and she walks out towards the dock only to find her personal stalker Hyun Ki Joon once again waiting for her. Ki Joon says he’s here to escort her to Jeju. Ah Jung walks past him but he calls her “Ah Jung-ahhh” again and again, and she has to warn him again that she doesn’t want him being so familiar with her.

Ah Jung tells him to zip it, so Ki Joon turns on the radio in his car which blares a song about Jeju and Ki Joon hilariously lip syncs the song for Ah Jung to express his thoughts because he’s not allowed to say another word. Okay, this moment was so darn cheesy, especially with Ki Joon dressed like he raided Don Johnson’s wardrobe from Miami Vice, but just so sweet in its abject silliness, seeing Ki Joon without a care about preserving his cool image.

Ah Jung can’t help but smile a little at his playacting to tease her. Ah Jung walks towards the ship and Ki Joon catches up to her, asking if she’s really going to take a ship. He tells her that he gets sea sick and to wait for a helicopter he chartered to arrive. When he says that, suddenly the music starts blaring and you see Ki Joon act all rich and powerful as he calls to check on the ETA of his helicopter. His ridiculousness is so edifying. Ah Jung stares at him like the freak that he is. She ignores him and boards the ship, so Ki Joon has no choice but to follow her and have Park Hoon cancel the helicopter.

Manager Park wonders where Ki Joon went, but loyal Hoon won’t divulge his whereabouts. Hoon decides to sing a song about how two people are taking off on a trip. Manager Park stares at him. She has no choice but to head to a meeting in his stead. The old guys in suits are not pleased to be called to task for their mismanagement of the Gold Resort. They start raging at Manager Park, who stands up and tells everyone that they should have their resignation letters ready.

Ki Joon is massively sea sick on the ship, and Ah Jung reluctantly takes care of him by putting a motion sickness patch behind his ears. We see them sitting together inside the ship and poor Ki Joon looking worse for wear. The ship docks at Jeju and they disembark. Ah Jung mutters that if Ki Joon really wanted to escort her he would carry her luggage for her, but she’ll let it go seeing as how he’s not feeling well right now.

Ki Joon walks ahead and sees a stretch limo waiting for them. He shoves Ah Jung inside and they take off. Inside the limo, Ki Joon offers Ah Jung some wine, which she turns down because she’s on official work business. He’s surprised his usually lushy Ah Jung would turn down alcohol when she’s working. He then looks down and his eyebrows raise a fraction of an inch, so you know Ki Joon is ready to tease Ah Jung about something.

Ki Joon then takes out a bottle of coke and asks her if she wants to drink coke instead, which he proceeds to shake vigorously. Mwahahaha, oh Ki Joon, how can I ever take you seriously anymore when I can see that the real you is such a cut-up. Ah Jung of course flashes back to their Cola Kiss. Ki Joon continues with operation mentally tease Ah Jung because he next grabs a bottle of tomato juice and asks if she wants that since he knows she drank it before and spilled it all over herself.

Ah Jung grabs a bottle of water, and Ki Joon asks why she’s not touched by all the effort made to arrange the limo. Suddenly Ah Jung sees the place she needs to go and Ki Joon has the driver pull over. They head out to the famous Jeju bridge and Ah Jung takes some pictures.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung talk about this trip. He asks her what’s the purpose of her trip, and she confirms she’s here to lobby some foreign members of an association to designate Jeju as one of the seven scenic spots of the world. Ki Joon names the three guests she’s here to see, and Ah Jung is surprised he knows so much. He thinks she’ll make a mess of things by herself. Ah Jung confesses that So Ran and Jae Bum got in a fight because of her, and So Ran look off for Jeju.

Ki Joon takes Ah Jung to a hotel and hands her a schedule of the people she is here to meet. Ah Jung’s surprised that he’s doing this for her. Ki Joon says he’s here to help her, and perhaps he ought to pay less taxes because of this. She thanks him and promises to repay him.

Ah Jung wants to leave and stay at her original hotel, but Ki Joon stops her and tells her that staying at this hotel is better since the members are here. Ah Jung wants to find out if the guests have reservations at the hotel restaurant but the concierge won’t give out that information. Nor can she dine there because she is not a V-VIP. She turns around to leave and sees Ki Joon standing there waiting for her.

Ah Jung goes up to her room and checks out the view. Ki Joon walks behind her and presses himself right up next to her and casually mentions how this Jeju is clearly a natural scenic wonder. Ah Jung gets flustered and moves aside, asking if Ki Joon isn’t going to his own room. He asks if she doesn’t have anything to say to him? She finds out that Ki Joon is a V-VIP at this hotel and wants to follow him into the restaurant to meet with the guests. He says too bad he’s tired and also too busy tonight to go. Ah Jung tries to call So Ran but her phone is turned off.

Ki Joon does allow Ah Jung to accompany him and meet with the foreign guests. She hands out her business card, almost knocking over the orange juice of one of the guests, which Ki Joon swiftly saves from tipping over. Ki Joon ends up speaking on her behalf, and he can converse in French and Japanese with the members of those nationalities. The Japanese member, Kimura-san, is especially not interested in talking with them. Ki Joon asks if Kimura-san’s kids like DBSK? He can get them VIP tickets for the Tokyo show. That perks up Kimura-san.

Sang Hee is at the café. Suk Bong wonders where Ae Kyung went, and is told that she’s probably out on a date. Because Ah Jung went on a business trip, Ae Kyung is over at Ah Jung’s house to keep her dad company. Sang Hee finds out that Ah Jung took a trip to Jeju.

Ah Jung’s dad is watching Ae Kyung cook, which makes her embarrassed. He thinks she looks pretty when she’s cooking. Dad thinks Ah Jung is too busy worried about her own problems to care if Ae Kyung is hang out around the house. Sang Hee tells Suk Bong to go over there and do something about it, whether eat with them or throw tables.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk the members out to their car and make an appointment to meet tomorrow. Suddenly Sang Hee calls asking Ah Jung where she’s at? Ah Jung says Jeju, and then Ki Joon takes the phone away from her and tells Sang Hee that they just finished working. Ki Joon wants Ah Jung to relax a bit so she can’t talk with right now. He hangs up on Sang Hee.

Ah Jung finally gets around to tracking down So Ran, who pretends to be all weak and losing her will to live (when she’s laying by the pool and lounging). So Ran jumps in the water to fake that she’s going to drown herself, which is when Ah Jung finds her and is pissed at So Ran for pulling this stunt.

Ah Jung tells So Ran that it was all a misunderstanding (Jae Bum caught her as she was about to fall), and that she doesn’t even like Jae Bum a tiny iota. So Ran doesn’t believe her, but Ah Jung insists that there is someone else she likes. Ah Jung sincerely wants So Ran and Jae Bum to be happy together. So Ran’s eyes suddenly widen as she stares at something behind Ah Jung. Ki Joon walks up to the ladies and says hello to So Ran. Ah Jung calls Jae Bum to let him know that she’s found So Ran.

Ah Jung’s dad and Ae Kyung are eating when Suk Bong arrives. Suk Bong is in a fidgety mood, and demands to know whether Ae Kyung and Ah Jung’s dad are just friends or more than that. Ae Kyung placates him with some more soju.

Aunt meets with Yoon Joo and her mother. Yoon Joo wonders if Ki Joon is really busy lately. Yeah, busy being an adorable dork with Ah Jung and busy avoiding you, Yoon Joo. Aunt thinks that Ki Joon and Yoon Joo’s “matter” (i.e. marriage) should be take care of shortly. Yoon Joo doesn’t say anything but her face falls slightly. When Yoon Joo’s dad (a legislator) arrives at the dinner, Yoon Joo asks him to assist Ki Joon with his work.

So Ran sits with Ki Joon and Ah Jung and stares at them curiously. She asks Ah Jung if she’s started to date Ki Joon. Ah Jung chokes on her water and spills a bit on herself when she hears this question. Ki Joon grabs some napkins and begins to wipe her cheek and neck and try to clean her up. So Ran stares at this totally lovey dovey display with a smirk. She then recalls seeing Yoon Joo with her arm linked with Ki Joon. So Ran appears to want to tell Ah Jung, but decides not to mention it.

So Ran tells Ah Jung that their misunderstanding has been resolved, but there is still her issues with Jae Bum. She looks at Ki Joon and says that all men are the same. After So Ran leaves, Ah Jung gets a call from her boss asking for an update. Ki Joon continues to try and dry Ah Jung’s shirt, or at least tries to fix her collar, and she keeps swatting his hand away. Finally she just grabs her hand and finishes her call. OMG, this was such a typical gender reversal moment here. They look at each other adorably, but Ah Jung gets nervous and rushes back to her room.

Ki Joon comes out onto the balcony of his hotel room with a beer in hand. He peeks over at Ah Jung’s adjoining balcony, and adorably scoots over and then gets on top of the railing to peer out for a closer look. Ah Jung suddenly walks out and Ki Joon quickly scoots further away and pretends he wasn’t just trying to Romeo her balcony.

Ah Jung asks if he came here because of her, and he says no, he came here because of himself. He can’t grab on to something and its making him frustrated, so he decided to come. She says he’s playing hooky from work. Ki Joon asks Ah Jung about whether all women want to marry a man they can show off and use to elevate their own status?

Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon thinks of her as so conventional? He says that she told a lie because she lost her first love to her friend, so she wanted to claim that she met a better man to make herself feel better. Ah Jung tries to say that’s not the case, but Ki Joon says that it’s no big deal and heads to bed. Ah Jung tosses and turns that night, embarrassed to consider the truth about what Ki Joon said and how it makes her motivations seem so shallow.

The next morning, Ki Joon pounds on her door and calls her phone to wake her up bright and early at 5 am for a round of golf. Ah Jung follows Ki Joon and the guests as they play golf. She wonders why he called her here to just follow them as they played golf, since she can’t even stop to lobby them. Ki Joon pinches her on the cheek and says lobbying is all about showing sincerity, so she just needs to follow his lead.

When Ah Jung wants Ki Joon to discuss the lobbying, he instead just talks about golf with the guys. Ah Jung wants to get down to discussing the important things but Ki Joon reminds here that everything has its order. Do people get married first then date? Of course not, couples meet, go to movies, hold hands, then kiss. Erh, yes, just not you two. Tee Hee. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that for her lobbying, right now they haven’t even progressed to the kiss stage yet.

Yoon Joo goes to Sang Hee’s studio and finds him lackluster and not painting very well. He knows that she’s here because she can’t reach Ki Joon. Sang Hee confesses that Ki Joon answered his call, but he wishes that Ki Joon hadn’t. Yoon Joo finds out from him that Ki Joon went to Jeju, and that Ah Jung is with him. Sang Hee hopes that they can work out.

Ah Jung goes to make one final pitch to the guests about Jeju. Kimura-san asks her to describe Jeju in one word. Ah Jung says that Jeju is just like mom. She takes an abalone from the table and describe the women divers of Jeju who dive for abalone using their lives. They do it because they need to feed their children. Jeju has scenery, rocks, and women.

She says that everything from Jeju comes from moms. Because Ah Jung has no mom, every time she comes to Jeju she remembers her mom. She asks if Jeju isn’t suitable for being selected? The members all agree that they’ve seen Jeju in a different light after this trip. They thank Ah Jung and leave. In the limo, Ki Joon claps and congratulates Ah Jung on doing a great job and touching the hearts of the members.

Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit down in the grass outside. She complains that her legs are sore, and he offers to massage them, but she quickly declines. Ki Joon says that it’s touching that Ah Jung thinks Jeju reminds her of her mom, though he was hoping Jeju would always remind her of him. He lays down and asks Ah Jung to talk about her mom.

Ah Jung says her mom died when she was in third grade and life was very difficult for her and her dad. She wasn’t just her dad’s daughter anymore, she had to become the mom of the family, too. She didn’t want her dad to see how sad and lonely she was, because it would make it harder for him. Ki Joon thinks it’s no wonder Ah Jung turned out to be this brave, independent, forward, and rebellious woman.

Ah Jung sasses right back, saying that Ki Joon puts up a front of being so capable and so arrogant, yet inside him (and here she uses her finger to point to his heart) there still resides a little boy who loves make toy models. Ki Joon smiles, and now it’s Ah Jung’s turn to ask about his parents. Ki Joon notes that they really don’t know that much about each other (yet). Yes, that’s what happens when there is more tongue than talking between you two.

Ki Joon says that his dad died when Ki Joon was eleven, and his mom died a year later. Sang Hee was only five. It was hard, but they made it because his Aunt looked after them. Ki Joon lays back down and Ah Jung follows suits. They turn to look at each other.

Ah Jung tiredly heads back to her hotel room and flops on the sofa (just the way we’ve seen Ki Joon flop on the sofa before). She gets a call from Ki Joon, who tells her to walk to her bedroom and open the closet door. She follows his instructions and finds a stunning strapless white floor-length gown with a cascading pattern of black in-lay cut-outs. Ki Joon tells her to put on the dress and meet him downstairs.

Ah Jung walks into a foyer area that’s been decorated with a rose petal walkway and a romantic candlelit table for two set up in the middle. Ki Joon is waiting for her, wearing a white tux with black lapels. Okay, these two are wearing so many couples outfits in this episode it makes me weak at the knees. Plus I love how Ah Jung continues to look so artless and natural even in this gown, because that’s just her style.

Ah Jung confesses to feeling a tad awkward with all these grand gestures. Ki Joon sits her down and snaps his fingers to alter the lighting, music, and summon the servers. He toasts her on doing such a great job today, telling her that he really means it. Ah Jung concedes that she couldn’t have done it without Ki Joon. She doesn’t even know if she succeeded. Ki Joon says it doesn’t matter, because she’s done her best.

Ah Jung says that it’s the first time she’s considered what Ki Joon said on the balcony. Initially she lied that she was married to get back at So Ran. But when the person became Ki Joon, Ah Jung felt that it did make So Ran feel even more upset. So Ah Jung did what she wanted and she used Ki Joon in the lie. She apologizes now that she’s able to see things clearly.

Ki Joon gets up and walks over to Ah Jung. He tenderly leans down to deposit a kiss on her forehead. He kneels down and tells Ah Jung that he’s also embarrassed for using the lie to his advantage. Ah Jung starts to tear up, confessing that she saw his true heart when he tore up their contract and when he outed the lie in front of the Chairman. He smiles and wipes away her tears.

Ki Joon asks her if they can finally forget about all that has happened and start over again? Ah Jung smiles and nods. He leans in for a kiss (Hyun Ki Joon, you are such a kissing bandit!), which Ah Jung allows for a second before pulling away. She asks Ki Joon if they can take it slow, because she’s afraid. Ki Joon says he will work hard so that Ah Jung will believe that he has only eyes for her, for a very long time.

Ah Jung smiles and says thank you to Ki Joon. She takes his one hand in both of hers, the both of them staring at each other. The camera pulls back and we suddenly see Yoon Joo standing off in the corner, likely having seen most if not all of what just transpired. Yoon Joo looks in pain, turning around and walking away with a determined look on her face.

Thoughts of Mine:

I can’t believe how amusing and entertaining I’m finding the Ki Joon’s courtship of Ah Jung. Put aside that fact that Hyun Ki Joon appears to have morphed into a completely different character at first blush, what’s happening actually validates all the little clues that the writer laid from the beginning. Though I may be giving her more credit for planning so far ahead, because it’s clear the second half of the drama has undergone massive tonal shifts.

I see Ki Joon and Ah Jung as balancing the dichotomy of their own personality in exactly opposite ways. Ki Joon is controlled and efficient to the outside world, but a complete dork and adorably childish inside. How can a guy who loves making model cities not be a closet geek with cheesier than cheesy wooing tactics? Ah Jung, on the other hand, shows the world her ditzy side, but inside she’s steely and capable. It’s just so satisfying to watch two characters fall in love when you can see why they connect with each other.

It’s funny to see how Ki Joon’s just so unafraid of pursuing Ah Jung, and being so ridiculously lame in some ways, yet completely mindblowingly awesome in others. But all of that is Ki Joon, and what Ah Jung means to him. Oh, I giggled at and with him when he lip-synced the Jeju Island song, when he tried to get his helicopter to arrive but ended up taking the ship and got sick, when he tried to wipe the water off Ah Jung. But in the end of the day, he and she knows that all the cheesy gestures are just the tip of the iceburg, and it’s his desire to help her succeed at her job that means so much in the greater context of their relationship.

Remember what Ki Joon told his mat-seon date in episode 1? He wants a wife to be the silent partner to Hyun Ki Joon, to support him whatever HE does. Oh how the tides have turned, with our high and mighty World Hotel President ditching work and braving a sea voyage, all to assist a 5th level civil servant sent to procure some tourism business for Jeju Island. Reminds me of how in Secret Garden, Joo Won actually learned to care about how important her stunt double job was to Ra Im, and made an effort to help her land the role in the movie.

I’m finally ready to talk about Sang Hee and why I now think him falling for Ah Jung is actually a very meaningful plot development other than as a recycling of the plot. I see that Sang Hee “likes” Ah Jung, but his feelings for her are nowhere as deep as his feelings were for Yoon Joo three years ago when Ki Joon was engaged to her. While Sang Hee can swan back after three years and just apologize and everyone appears to have forgiven him, but you can see that he hasn’t really forgiven himself.

That’s the impetus for him trying to help Yoon Joo and Ki Joon reconcile, because he realizes that saying sorry is just so superficial an atonement for what he did. But what he did had consequences that he can’t fix now – Ki Joon moved on but Yoon Joo didn’t. Life is not always fair, and it’s not always easy to fix mistakes. Sang Hee’s form of penance now is NOT to push Ki Joon together with Yoon Joo. It’s to learn from his past mistake and realize that when faced with the exact same situation as last time – the girl he likes in turn likes his brother – he needs to do the right and mature thing.

The only way for Sang Hee to finally get over his guilt to Ki Joon, and to finally grow up, is for him to become the real fairy godmother to both Ki Joon and Ah Jung and help their relationship navigate any external conflicts. Perhaps that the is why writer didn’t make a point to show Sang Hee totally in love with Ah Jung, because the issue isn’t his feelings, but how he learns to deal with his own heartache and do the right thing this time around.

I’m not sure how the external conflicts will arise exactly for our OTP, who right now are so blissfully happy they are surely floating on a cloud (and I with them). I know the plot of LTM doesn’t really pass even the most superficial of analysis (Ki Joon telling Yoon Joo he’ll wait until she gets over him but then they need to take a break and then he’s off wooing Ah Jung?), but it doesn’t bother me in the least. There are just so many other things I love about the drama which are done so well that it compensates for the bad writing for me.


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  1. Thank you very much for thedetailed episode. saw the raw , now have to wait for the subs,but this is the best wayto understand the video.

    thank you much

  2. Thank you for the speedy recap! This couple makes my day. I don’t know why I love them so much! Hooray for clearing the SR misunderstanding! Hooray for wooing the right way KJ. =DDDD

  3. Thanks for the recap. I agree with you observation on Sang Hee. He just gotta let Ki joon and Ah jung be together because it means ki Joon can be with his one true love and Sang hee does not make the same mistake with he did with Ki Joon and Yoon Joo. Oh, Yoon Joo needs to let go of Ki Joon. She’s seriously on my nerves. Maybe if she lets go, in the end she can get together with Sang hee.

  4. Preconceived notions of what to expect? I think plot and compelling character development are pretty important in any narrative. Lie to Me is considered a failure in storytelling because it IS a failure in storytelling.

    • (I want to clarify that I have the utmost respect for Ms. Koala and her opinions. I just feel like saying, “I have discovered that Lie to Me is turning out to be a drama that is considered a failure in storytelling primarily because it’s being presented as a K-drama to viewers with preconceived notions of what to expect,” is akin to saying, “People are only saying Lie to Me is bad because they are comparing it to things that are good.” Couldn’t you say that about anything?)

    • I have to disagree with your assertion on its face. Plot and character development may be critical in any narrative, but the success or failure needs to be judged in context of what that narrative is.

      Would I bemoan that the plot and character development of “The Duke’s Lusty Lady” is clearly subpar to “Anna Karenina”? Of course it is, but the former aspires not to be grand literary narrative and is merely an entertainment bodice ripper meant to appeal to the inner wench in me.

      I find LTM is being held up to a standard that it ought to aspire to, but clearly the writer cannot achieve. I am simply positing that werre LTM held to a different standard, and its up to the viewer to decide if it wants to do so, it’s failures can be viewed through the lens of a different expectation of entertainment.

      No one need accept any form of entertainment that doesn’t appeal or reach your own personal standards of compelling. But a one-sized fits all approach is narrowing the lens of judgment by which others are clearly deriving intense and immense pleasure.

      And no, I’m not reducing my comment to something akin to Lie to Me is bad because people are comparing it to something that is good. I’m saying that LTM is a very middling rom-com (at best) and at worst it a complete mess of writing. BUT, once I examined why I still like it, I realize that it’s because I’m enjoying it in the context that it’s a story about an OTP without any additional merit, akin to a romance novel that one consumes and then promptly forgets.

      • I just feel like YEH and KJW deserve better material and characters that make sense, which is the main source of my frustration.

      • Understood and completely agree. But if your source of frustration impedes your ability to enjoy their performance, then it’s like missing the forest for the trees.

        Say you’re a Lebron fan and everytime he plays for the Cavs you bemoan the fact that he plays for a shitty team and can never win. Except he’s dropping amazing stats and breathtaking moves in each game, playing his butt off. Could you enjoy the game nevertheless and not wonder how awesome it would be if he played fot the Heat instead.

        Sorry if my basketball reference eludes you. Sometimes I get carried away, and yesterday was a good day to be an NBA fan.

      • OMG you definitely nailed it….thank you madame koala for verbalizing what i feel about LTM… yes, i agree totally to everything you said… I may not be able to explain as well as you did how I see the entirety of the drama, but reading your post really made me say “ahhhhhh, this is why I love LTM. not just because of the superb OTP but the entire appeal of the story telling itself.” hahaha am so happy with this episode…we finally got over the courtship phase, so next would be the dating per se and how the OTP overcome each hurdle that may come their way… thank you again ms.koala for loving this drama so much…
        we love you!!!

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    thank you again and i can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…hehehe

  6. Thank-you, wise & wonderful Koala! You are so ready to give us the fastest, most perceptive news on our LTM! **anxiously waiting for episode 12!**

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    This is where they needed to put the Tamra guy X)

    Thanks for the recap, Koala!

    • Randomly,while I was in Paris last January, I bumped into the French Tamra guy at a Korean restaurant. it was so cute, the Korean ladies were excited he spoke fluent Korean, and he was with a Korean lady he called “aunt” whom I guessed to be his manager/agent.

      • Seriously? So lucky! =D
        I live in Paris all year long, and I haven’t ever met either him or any kdrama stars that were filming/shooting there… Life fail. (I’ve seen Brangelina by accident though, but who cares when I could have come across Vanness Wu shooting or Jung Woo Sung hanging out?)

        Anyway, do you by any chance remember where that Korean restaurant was? *suddenly overly interested*

  9. This episode redeemed itself from the other flaws of the earlier episodes. There were times I wanted to stop watching this drama because I cringed at how things were layout. Maybe I was native and did not understand what the writer was trying to portray or she was just taking some time to make the drama fully blossom but whatever her reason this episode totally pawned me. *swoon*

  10. I totally agree with you, Koala. I’ve been rewatching the drama and have found that though the plot progression leaves much to be desired, the overall story and character portrayals are what make this enjoyable. The drama itself reads more like a movie or a novel like you said because a lot of the story is between the lines and not explicit the way people expect it to be in the better kdrama stories.

    A note about Hyun Ki Joon… I think the KJH deserves all the credit for being able to portray more character depth to this “typical male lead” that was originally written for the synopsis. KJH’s interpretation of the character, the line delivery, nuances in his character’s actions hinted at this adorkable chapter2-HyunKiJoon.

    As cheesy as ep11 was, I just kept giggling and swooning at everything. LTM is on par with many of my favorite Hollywood rom-com movies, and like those, they’re really produced for pure enjoyment .

    • Did you notice that everything in this drama, it not was it seems?
      KJ is a child, totally awesome guy who only want to be loved!
      AJ, despite being a successful Civil Servant, lacks self steem, and confidence on her self
      SR and JB, pretend to have the perfect marriage! Dont think so!!
      SH, try to be a man, he is only a brat
      YJ, try to be a woman in love, but end up being a lousy loser
      Everything is a lie, is like the persona they show to the world isn’t the person they really are!

      • why is everybody take so serious?? I mean.. hellow… this is just a drama/novel..are full of fiction and dream..everything happened in the drama/novel are totally a writer’s imagination. (don’t compare it with true story novel or any other related to it).
        this is only a show..entertainment show.. to make people fun. If you don’t get the fun then you may leave it and find others.

        besides, we need this stupid, cheesy rom-com to helps us forget for a moment what is the real world outside.

  11. Koala, I love your recaps, I do – but if LTM were a romance novel, it would NOT be one of the better romance novels. Romance novels get a bad rap because of their bosom-heaving covers, lol-tastic titles and some admittedly horrendous books in the lower-echelon ranks, but also remember that out of all genres of fiction, it is the best selling (not sure about other countries, but romance in the US is a multi-billion dollar empire). There’s some amazing romance novelists out there, and comparing the mess (albeit entertaining, crackling chemistry mess) of Lie To Me to a romance novel by some of the well respected romance novelists out there…. is an insult. The failure in story-telling in LTM has nothing to do with ‘preconceived notions’ or whats-it. The writing sucks, the plotting makes no sense… and YEH and KJW are singlehandedly working their butts off to lift this drama from mediocrity. They aren’t succeeding, the writing is that much of a mess, but most people are just watching for the KJW/YEH ship. Let’s not delude ourselves.

    • How can I insult a genre that I read and love? Are all your favorite romance novels the better written ones, with literary wit and immense storytelling depth even within the romance genre?

      Mine aren’t. I’d put LTM on par with a Loretta Chase novel. All crackling OTP chemistry and characterization, limited plot narrative and overarching story.

      We’re not talking about stacking it up against a Diana Gabaldon here. But addicting LTM ranks up there with some of the better romance novels, yes, because it’s got that indelible OTP chemistry that spills over and plugs up narrative cracks where normally it would be enough for me to bid adieu.

      I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis, but I don’t think pinpointing the source of enjoyment for LTM is a delusion about what the drama’s strengths are.

      • Have to agree with Koala here Noah.
        LTM reminds me of a Johanna Lindsay novel; fun and breezy with limited plot and story, but filled with so much to love. And thats what makes Johanna Lindsay a best seller, because she’s not complicated and her storys are fun to read and you can read it over and over again.
        Nora Roberts is also a popular writer, she develops the plot and the story well. Always have the friendship bond in her books that most people prefer, but when it comes to her characters, she really doesn’t do it like Johanna. But they are both still great authors.
        I think if LTM were a novel it would’ve been killer.

      • So can someone clarify something to me, would this should have been a book LTM fall under romance rather than rom com drama….? Cause it seems so full of drama rather than comedic antics….I know Anna Karenina is not funny, so let’s bury the comedy word and leave it to romance!!!! FUN ROMANCE!!!! cause comedy is stupid brutal honest exaggeration as to my definition…do correct me if I’m wrong….

    • some people mistake a good novel with one that follows all the rules and has nice words etc,to me a good novel is one that captures you and keeps you hungry for that way i do agree with koala that LTM has that effect on us,thats why we are watching like 5 dramas right now but im only THIS addicted toLTM atm,always checking forums and leaving comments and reading everyones opinions.

  12. Koala thanks for the amazingly fast, amazingly fun recap. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, love it.
    I love this ep so much. but I get so scared to say I love it since I know there has to be a storm coming–especially from AFS Yoon Joo. Gah I can not stand her. Gong Ah Jung, please stay strong! Please believe in the power of “Ki Joon’s Love and yours too dag nabbit!”
    AH, this show has me guessing, second guessing, hyperventilating, swooning, screaming in joy and anger. Gah, no wonder why my fam thinks im weird.

      • LOL, atleast they love us. I can forgive them for that. heheh. Though it does look somewhat peculiar with me being calm this minute, next I go into my bedroom, and minutes later (when im a ways into the show) they hear me screaming heheh. Which from their POV is for no reason at all lol.

      • Mhahahahaha!! My papa thinks I’m the next candidate to be hospitalized!! LOL He wonders why I laugh alone!! If he only knew!! LOL

  13. Thank you Koala!!!! Keep it coming. LTM the OTP is really one of the BEST. I like how things are going but I’m a little concerned about YJ, but SH I agree with you I really wish he will be the one who will pursue the relationship of KJ and AJ. The Aunt I really hope she wont be the GRINCH.

  14. This episode was equal parts cringe and swoon for me. And I don’t know how I feel about that…yet.

    No scratch that, I do know. I know that the storytelling is subpar (at best), the execution even much so…I cringed every time they have such abrupt cuts, random asides, and ill-timed music…I cringed at the all too convenient plot devices and what seemed like a cacophony of foreign languages…I cringed at the set design, etc.

    But all of the above doesn’t take away the fact that when AJ and KJ are together (and they don’t talk about THE LIE), their interactions feel very real to me. And it makes me smile and sometimes swoon and sometimes giggle like a 15 year-old.

    So yeah, even if it kills me to think that YEH and KJH deserves so much better (script, directing, etc)…this is what we have right now and I will not torture myself from wishing that there could be more. I’m sure, when all is said and done, what I will get from this drama is the wonder of YEH and KJH together and I already foresee a re-watching of all their BTS vids in my future. 😉

  15. Also, Koala, thanks for a respectable recap and an analysis of LTM that is true to LTM, and not just a bombardment of what isn’t so great about it.

    I really appreciate it because it’s incredibly annoying and disheartening to go to other favorite recappers only to see them hatefully recap something they clearly don’t enjoy/don’t care to understand.

    Like you, I’m a die-hard fan of this show despite of all the holes in it because the attraction and love story is more realistic to me, the characters all have depth (i.e., they’re not evil for the sake of being evil and the choices made aren’t just random but truly rooted in past experiences and who they are) and, last but not least, the enjoyable OTP.

    Had this been a novel, there would be more room for explicitly developing each of the main characters (Sang Hee and Yoon Joo, for example, could have entire chapters just on their POV). Unfortunately, the writer isn’t skilled enough to pack everything into 16-episodes and edit out all the extra fillers.

    Thank you again for your take on LTM! It’s more enjoyable with your recaps and opinions.

    • My thoughs exactly. I think that we all know what blog/site that you’re talking about. I find it really disheartening too, because after finishing today’s episode, I was feeling so happy, and then, I went to that site, read the recap (if we can call it that) and left feeling angry and sad. It’s like no matter how the episode can be improving and cute, they just see the bad parts of the show and don’t give it a chance. Anyways, I was going to write some of my thoughs there, but what good would it do when they already condemn this show in their minds? I really don’t mind CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS, but some thoughs there were just plain bashing sugar coated by weak humor. Personally, I don’t find it funny, but it’s their blog and they can write whatever they want to there. It’s just a shame for Lie To Me fans (we are very numerous that’s for sure-and even when the bloggers write such things, the number of comments there are very high) to be subjected by such fake criticisms. Anyways, we still have out dear Ms. Koala here who is writing full recaps for us, and like I said before, the best recaps are the ones done when the writer genuinely likes the show and have FUN writing her recaps, because it really shows 😉

      • AMEN!

        Even now, I have to just ignore that bbcap from the site you guys mention… Even if my gut instinct is to click the swoon-worthy image, I just know reading the comments there will upset me.

      • Hahahahaaha! U hit it right “J” What I don’t understand is why bother still?? I know LTM has a lot of flaws but, I fully embraced those flaws and I don’t give a dang… Its simple as you get If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.. That’s why I don’t bother going there coz, I don’t want to read anything. Good thing we have Ms. Koala in the house. The patron of LTM followers.. I love reading Ms. K introduction and her Ending thought every single ep… Thank you Ms. K.. LTM is turning me into Bipolar, its really beyond my control.. I don’t watch any Kdramas except LTM, I really lost my interest with other dramas and my drama world only revolves around LTM…

  16. This episode had so so much cuteness 🙂 We finally had many moments with our OTP hihi.

    Lie To Me is THE ONLY May drama that leaves me with a huge smile on my face after watching every single episode. I love love love Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan too.

    I noticed in this episode that Ki Joon had one motion sickness patch behind his ear on the boat, but when he got off, he had 3-4 patches LOL!

    I’m glad that Eun Hye had the chance to speak a little bit of English, since I’ve always wanted to hear her accent, and while she wasn’t perfect, I thought that her accent was really cute and I understood all that she said. Moreover, I don’t think that her character is supposed to be fluent. On the other hand, Kang Ji Hwan’s English was weaker (IMO), but it was still ok. I don’t know how his Japanese was, but his French was so funny. I didn’t understand a single word of what he said. Since my first language is French, I was glad to understand what one of the guest said (the blond one), but Ki Joon’s French came out as “blaghemefhh” to me. Total nonsensical gibberish. It was cute though, but I’m sure that the blond dude didn’t understand a word of what he was saying neither.

    Btw, did anyone else think that the portrait that Sang Hee was drawing was of Ah Jung? We didn’t get to see the upper part of her face, but it sure did look like her for me…

    ” Ki Joon notes that they really don’t know that much about each other (yet). Yes, that’s what happens when there is more tongue than talking between you two.” LMAO. Well done ockoala ^__^

    I can’t wait for episode 12! Lie To Me fighting!!! Thank a lot for the recap 😉

    • His Japanese was also very confusing to me. Hahaha. Though Nihongo is not my first language, I’ve been studying it extensively. I think KJH might have dropped or interchanged words here and there and they are in such a time crunch that they just couldn’t do that scene over and over. The poor guy had to memorize so much. LOL.

  17. Am I the only one freaking out about whats to come? About the inevitable? I dont know why its making me so anxious, but im freaking out. heheh. I just can’t take another seperation ep!! Damn Yoon Joo, freaking witch. WHY? I need to breath. And its freaking me out that im freaking out.
    All I want is for Ah Jung to stay strong and shut down Yoon Joo, thats all I need and i’ll be happy. Writer-nim surprise me. No wait, dont surprise me, give me what I want!! please.

    • lol, I’m also anticipating the inevitable… but what makes it bearable is now that we have full confirmation that our OTP are ALL-IN, and that they have such great communication between them, they should be able to rise above it together.

      I’m excited about how HKJ will be fighting for Ah Jung… I’m more worried that Ah Jung will sympathize with Yoon Joo.
      What route is this writer going to take — Soulmates, Que Sera Sera, or Kim Sam Soon?


      PS – I’m not comparing the writing of the previously mentioned dramas to LTM, I’m just wondering how each character will react to the inevitable. I’m also hoping Aunt won’t end up being like Joo Won’s mother in Secret Garden.

      • OMG, I really really really Hope Aunt wont pull a Joo-won’s Eomma. To this day, I dont Joo-wons mom name, all I can call her is… know (that not so pleasant word) hehe

        Oh I get what you were saying when ou mentioned the other drama. i wont go crazy on you. Plus Im a die hard Yoon Eun Hye fan, I back her in anything. But I sincerely hope the writer dont do any of those drama reaction. That would kill me. i still havent gotten over Soulmates! I’m still looking for a second part to that!! Ugh, Soulmates was soo good, and it left me with my mouth open and eyes twitching.
        I liked Que Sera Sera, but no heheh. That would just make me feel incomplete. And Kim Sam Soon, hopefully not. Though I liked this drama too. Which route would you like the writer to take?

      • Not sure yet… though someone mentioned a new writer for the end of LTM, so I’m not even sure if we can safely predict anymore.

    • I’m freaking out! same as you…. arghhhhhh… No more separation, it would be nice to see AJ and KJ fighting for their love and never give up!!!!!

      • Exactly right @Mary. I dont know what Aunt is doing, but she best calm down. Plus she knew Ki Joon and Ah Jung weren’t married. Park Hoon had told her everything, so why is she acting surprised in ep 12? gah

  18. i love your recaps as always, and no one says it better than you koala. Ah Jung and Ki Joon are the reason why i love this show so much. i can stare at the LTM banner all day, it’s too beautiful =D

  19. Your article is unbalance. First, you said the storytelling is a failure, flimsy and nonsensical meaning “absurd”. Then, at the half of your 2 paragraphs, you did a positive review but you already created a negative sentence on your first paragraph. If its a review, its a review. If its a narration, just simply narrate.

  20. thanks Ms Koala for the recap!

    just gotta say, the way the writer resolves cliffhangers are really really cringe-worthy T_T

  21. Yeah, like someone said in soompi, that this episode was so light and full of fluffy romance cause its only a calm before the storm’s one. Something big bad thing is gonna happen and knowing those stingy people in SBS they’ll leave us hanging, panting until the last minute again for a preview. Anyhoo, Ki Joon was so cheesily, giddily in love its hysterical to watch him going all the way to woo his Ah jung. I bet aside from YJ he’s never been with anyone..that is why he was so dorkable..

      • cuz of the epi 12 preview, u can foresee the big storm is coming ….

        YJ is going to do something evil for sure…

        I can say that waiting for epi 13 & 14 will be more worse than last week…

      • @Angelitocurioso you dont feel it? You dont feel that ep 12 is just gonna leave us bug-eyed with a few curse words wanting to part from our tongue? @JiabNaKa sums up what i feel, the reason im so anxious. gah

        Dont worry I’m breathing.

      • Ottoke? I dunno!! Just wait, and pray that in the end, the storm will dissipate, and our lovely OTP, will rise, once again stronger than ever!!

        And the song says:

        “Risin’ up, back on the street
        Did my time, took my chances
        Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
        Just a man and his will to survive
        Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
        You must fight just to keep them alive

        It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the fight
        Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
        And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
        And he’s watchin’ us all in the eye of the tiger”

        Artist: Survivor
        Song: Eye Of The Tiger

  22. Dear Koala

    Thank you for the wonderful recap. It really make my day….been waiting for this episode. What a beautiful plot. What a beautiful actors. Just love KJ and AJ…. so romantic.

    Again, thank you.

  23. when they laydown on grassfield after GAJ have make a deal with foreigner, i confuss when HKJ excange his hem become a blue one….i don’t know why in this episode i can’t feel their athmosfer of love…..i feel it’s so empty….

  24. Let’s go part by part, should we?

    *Ah Jung aka Civil Servant and Ki Joon aka Ice Prince:

    They really need a fresh start. Without all the crap of the lies, the running behind the x girl, (I am NOT saying that she is the Reaper). The I want to be with you, but I have to be an idiotic hero and do the “right thing”. Boy sometimes the right thing, is to be cruel, is the most human thing to do. Manager “Jedi” Park words!!

    The continuously misunderstandings about acting or it is real. The awfully stupid nonsense, not showing their true feelings. Ok, that was giving me nauseas!! OMG, can you two please get a room and TALK to each other, sincerely, without the pressure of anyone or anything!! Even the phones, turn that freaking crap off!! Damn it!! Right now, or better, take the shity battery off, (like in every K-drama-I really don’t understand why the hell they do that, seriously, just turn it off!!!) The little red button, push it damn it!!! And then make beautiful ice prince + civil servant babies!!

    That said. I’m so glad that they finally are acknowledging their feelings, their thoughts and how they are being there for the other. He knows that she is great at her job, but lacks a little confidence in herself, so he IS there backing her up. Cheering for her, saying “I’m right here, even if you don’t want me to, I’m here for you”. See, that is how a man wins the heart of a woman. And after all the kissy-kissy, and then I left you behind, because, I need some closure, (Aunty Fiasco), he needs to redeem himself, and sweep her off her feet, at least a thousand times!! She cry a river, he really hurt her, so he need to put on the game gear, and become a beautiful knight in shiny armor, Romeo style, totally 21 century, gentleman, and make her not only forgive him, but make her completely fall for him!! Seriously boy, do your work!!! You know what I’m talking about, do you? LOL

    *Yoon Joo aka Reaper:

    Girl, how many times I have to tell you, GAME OVER!!! Geezzzzz!! Do you have any pride? Common, girl!! You are pretty, successful, with a great family background, why the hell you are you asking crumbs of love from a person who obviously does not love you anymore. I don’t get you, really!! You are pitiful!! You really make me sick!! The man told you, I don’t want you in my life; I don’t want to see you anymore!! And there you are, following him, to the island!! Seriously, get in the plane to the Bermuda, and stay there girl!! Play with the fishes, make sand castles, and fall in love with a boat captain or a fisherman, or both and get the hell out of there!! Please!! Make yourself a favor, and accept the fact the he is not that in to you anymore. God!!! You make my dark side rise!! Seriously!! As a woman, when my x told me “I don’t want to see you, I have some else”. I run as fast as I can, and get lost from his sight. Because, I loved him, but, he doesn’t love me back!! And the only thing I could do for him is disappear. (Truth story)

    Girl did you need a new battery or something? You are stuck!! Even the man who said “I would wait until you get over me”, he move on!! Truth being told, he lied!! LOL, he doesn’t want you, so be a good girl and get the hell out of the way!! Please!! You deserved being love girl, and obviously, that man or woman, isn’t Ki Joon!!!

    *Heavy Sighs*

    *Sang Hee aka Demigod:

    My baby demigod!! You are beautiful, just the way you are. But seriously, the way you are, fucks the way the others are. Common, you fall for a girl, and the chick gets kissy-kissy with your brother? Did you have a curse or what? Did you do very bad things in your previous life? Because, in this one, you are screwed!! Seriously, boy, you need to grow a new pair of balls, and tell to yourself, until you believe it, that you ARE NOT, going to interfere in your brother happiness. That he is your brother, and the most important thing for you, is his happiness!! He already sacrifices a lot of things for you, but what you sacrifice for him? You have to grow up, and became a mature man (stop being such a wishy-washy brat), accept the facts that she is not that in to you, and move on!!

    BTW, Jedi Park, have a thing for you, check that thing! Just saying!! That chick is fearsome, and she can help you become a man you need to be!! She has a few whips, and leather that help!! OMG, she is such a Jedi!! LOL

    *Aunty, sweet old lady:

    Sorry I have to ask, did the botox give you a brain damage or something like that? Or the collagen was expired and gives you an allergic reaction? How in hell the Ice prince and the Reaper thingy need to be resolve asap? I told you, that things can kill you, and make your brain, useless!! Telling you!!

    Aunty don’t make me regret, the love I had for you once!! Love the Aunty fiasco, when you say to the Reaper, that she doesn’t need to be, between Ice Prince and Civil Servant, but now you are saying that they need to resolve this? Did I hear right? Aunty, you need to back off, and let Ice Prince resolve his love things on his own!! He is such a mess, and if you, the Reaper, and Demigod, keep pushing, he will just snap, and tell you to go to hell, and all of you move to Timbuktu, or something, and he will disappear from your lives, indefinitely!! That is what you want? To lose the other nephew? The sane one? Leave him alone!!

    If you don’t do that you will get a one way, trip to Saturn’s Moon Calypso. It is a beautiful vacation destination, all inclusive, with five stars hotel, Michelin guide restaurants, and a cannibal population, who would make you feel right at home!!! Okay, okay!!!!! Don’t make me do the reservation; the hotel manager is my friend!!! Mhahahahahahaha!!!

    And the songs says:

    Civil Servant to Ice Prince:

    “I’m afraid to love you,
    Afraid I might like it
    I’m afraid to hold you
    Afraid I might like it
    When your lips invite me
    To steal a kiss or two
    I’m tempted, but I never fallow through

    I’m afraid you’ll thrill me
    Thrill me then leave me
    What’s another broken heart to you?
    If I act, like a stranger
    It’s because I see the danger
    I’m afraid to love you, but I’m afraid I do”

    Artist: The Mills Brothers
    Song: I’m afraid to love you

    The Reaper sings to Ice Prince:

    “I guess I thought you’d be here forever
    Another illusion I chose to create
    You don’t know what ya got until it’s gone
    And I found out a little too late

    Now being without you
    Takes a lot of getting used to
    Should learn to live with it
    But I don’t want to
    Living without you
    It’s all a big mistake
    Instead of getting easier
    It’s the hardest thing to take
    I’m addicted to ya babe
    You’re a hard habit to break
    You found somebody else you had every reason
    You know I can’t blame you for runnin’ to him/her”

    Artist: Chicago
    Song: Hard Habit to Break

    Demigod sings:

    “I never thought that I would lose my mind
    That I could control this
    Never thought that I’d be left behind
    That I was stronger than you, baby

    Don’t wanna lose you now
    Baby, I know we can win this
    Don’t wanna lose you now
    No, no, or ever again

    I’ve got this feeling you’re not gonna stay
    It’s burning within me
    The fear of losing
    Of slipping away
    It just keeps getting closer, baby
    And I wish that I didn’t need you so bad
    Your face just won’t go away”

    Artist: Back Street Boys
    Song: Don’t wanna lose you now

    • OMG Angelito!! you’ve never miss to make me crack of laughter…
      thank youuuuuuuuuuuu so much for making the tread fun when some comments are taking this drama too seriously….

      thank you!!! muchas gracias…

    • Bwahahaha I can’t stop LOL…oh dear…as usual you are very funny especially when you are on a roll!!!! this episode really inspires you,
      huh….angelito you truly is THE MAN!!!! gosh! your comments are becoming my important daily supplement… together with ms.koala, you and the other insane regular commentors of this blog make my LTM ride more exciting!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart… muwahhhhhhh

      • You are welcome! I just say what is on my mind, and how I feel!! I truly hate Reaper, but I can understand her!! Don’t get me wrong I STILL hate her!!! LOL

  25. to me it doesnt really bother me how KJ says one thing and ends up doing the complete opposite,why? because we humans are fickle and we sometimes follow our heart without really thinking too much about it,sometimes its actually the complete opposite but that only reinforces my point (:

    • Totally agree!! He is following his heart, although his reason tell him something else. When the heart and the reason fight, you always end up in such a mess, that you don’t even know how to clean it!!!

  26. Again, thank you so much dear ockoala unni! This is a daebak episode! I love that KJ is so romantic, wooing AJ to the hilt, but I’m really getting nervous because of the “minefield” that you mentioned. Aunt is totally into the marriage of YJ and KJ and I’m pretty sure she will be against AJ if she finds out that Sang Hee also fell for her. Oh dear, and that Yoon Joo, the girl just doesn’t get it. Yoon Joo, will you stop it already! I just feel so sorry for Sang Hee (and Suk Bong – these two friends are on the same rocking boat).

    But back to our OTP, wow, these two really ignite. AJ/ YEH is fabulous in that gown, and so is KJ, er, KJH. They are so beautiful my goodness, why can’t it be real (going nuts over them again!). KJH is so gorgeous in white (and in blue). I also love the photos on the grass. Can’t get enough of these two really. Thank you so much for the fast recap and for posting these oh so lovely photos/ or is it capture something, screen capture is it? Anyway, this made my day. Still have two more exams and I don’t know how to concentrate with these two awesome people falling in love right in front of my screen. I so love them!

  27. Thanks again koala..this episode so sweeet…love their interaction n still hunger for more n more hehehe…IMO LTM not belong to any standard of Kdrama( don’t try to analyze it)..because this one is unique..simple love story like romance novel( that’s why I love harlequeen series so much) n the most important thing its entertain viewers..make us happy n laugh are enough…so like miss Koala said…enjoy what LTM deliver to us…cause complaining n blaming will not change anything so try to accept n enjoy it!!!

    • I don’t try to analyze it either, because, there isn’t nothing new under the sun!! Seriously, everything use some cliche, from another, but the thing for me that hook me, was, that everything start with a lie, and this tiny thingy, like a snow ball, just get growing and growing, until the point that the Chairman, knows they are married!! How weird is that!!

      In the movie “Where the Heart is” the character Willy Jack Pickens: says [Why does anyone lie? Cuz we’re scared? Or crazy? Or jut mean?… There’s a million reasons why a person lies… But sometimes, you tell a lie so big… that it changes your whole life… Lie’s so big… it makes you think… ]

      That is what happens in Lie To Me, they told a lie, so big, that it change their lives forever!!

  28. Thank You!! while I was reading your recap & review I pretty much looked like a loony here uttering “Yes!”…”Exactly!”…. “This!!!!”…. giggling in between…. totally having fun in koala’s playground & forgetting I was in Cafe eliciting curiosity from others, but who cares?! 🙂 Reading this particular review is like reading my fave chapter in a book (the one that leads to better understanding of the characters & the chapters that preceded this one)… I can read it again & again.
    Watched it live stream last night & I was all smiles before I headed to dreamland. aaaaahh KJH-YEH !!!! How will I get over this OTP when this all ends waaaaaahhhh YJ in me might just come out huhuhu

    • HAHAHA, you’re so right!!! I’m loving this banner even more now!

      YAAAAAAY OTP skinship!!! KJH didn’t take of his shirt on Jeju, but that’s okay. We still got tons of couple-outfits (even their pajamas matched!), lots of OTP alone time, and oodles of skinship 😀

      I’m pretty sure that in the scene where HKJ/KJH kept patting water off of GAJ/YEH’s (totally) dry shirt, our dear Yoon Eun Hye (not the character) was tickled and that was a real moment.

      I hope the new writer LITERALLY gets them a room already.

  29. Finally an episode that we really “belongs” to them! I like the KJ that he is now, he is not afraid to show his feelings anymore, totally different of what he is from the first few episodes of LTM. Yoon Joo’s character is slowly developing too. I agree with what you have said Koala, though LTM’s plot is simple and a little bit predictable and yet this makes the drama well-love and enjoyable to watch.

    BTW, your side comments in your recaps makes LTM even more exciting and fun to watch. Thanks again 😀

  30. Thank you for the recap.
    Oh my there was a lot of recap…I mean I don’t recall you having to recap so many scenes.The plot have not have moved much but the scenes were coming fast and thick.

    I’m off to watch LTM ep 11 raw again.I can understand the gist of most convo now thank god.I know I know subs are almost done but I want to see the OTP not keep looking at the subs 🙂

    Thank you again.

  31. I just love your recaps which are witty ,funny and your comments is like a dessert to my morning breakfast.I watch drama not to critic any writer but purely entertainment.I do have my preference actors and if the story is not to my expectation I just watched till it ends and forget about it.Just like life its not a bed of roses. It is only the importance of correcting oneself to a better person.Keep up your good work so that people like me has a place to relax and enjoy your views.

  32. Aaaaah! Thank you so much Koala 😀
    His gaze wasn’t normal at all! If he really likes YEH, then he’s really bad at hiding his feelings. Can’t wait for episode 12 <3

  33. I’m trying to negogiate with my self about what % the drama must be subbed on Viki before I watch it anyway. Currently 89%. I’m going to hold off a little longer by watching some Sports Night on Netflix. Maybe it’ll be in the mid 90% in and I’ll cave.

  34. Hi,
    Can anyone translate what are they saying in the preview? Can’t wait until tomorrow to get the essence of what’s going to happen..
    thanx so much!!!!

    • CREDITS to Rebel Souls (

      K:rest well and let’s meet tm
      AJ:I’m busy tm
      K: but let’s still meet
      AJ:what time tm?

      K tells his aunt sorry and says he never married AJ
      aunt: why did you lie to me too and why are you now coming clean?

      SH tells YJ:you have to be happy so I feel comfortable so I hate saying this but you have to let go of hyung

      YJ: i thought he would be mine till I died- do you know what it feels like to have him stolen by someone else?
      AJ says she thinks she knows how that feels

      K to YJ: you probably had a hard time like me but I accepted it-now it’s your turn (or he may have said it’s time to wrap it up – cant hear cuz of the song lyrics)

      • I don’t usually nit pick but something is wrong with KJ lines here “you probably had a hard time like me but I accepted it-now it’s your turn “.

        It’s been bothering me >>> how could it be YJ’s turn when she was the one summarily dismissed by KJ three years ago just because of SH? It’s actually the second time for YJ (not that I like her) but fair is fair>> KJ always has the upper hand. This is why I keep on saying KJ must suffer a bit more before he can be happy with AJ. He deserves 2x slap on both cheeks. And ten times more kisses after.

  35. wow! seriously, i’ve no idea how you manage all your blogging together with all the RL things you need to do!.. everyone seems to be sooo busy these days but you still manage to take the time to do speedy (and great!) recaps! kudos to you – if i havent said it enough!

    thanks for the recaps (and other fun tidbits you post thruout the wk).. woo!! i’m so looking forward to more cutesy couple-y times in this drama (even with the impending YoonJoo interference!!).

  36. OMG spoilery header!!!!! You know what just happened? This > *covers eyes* *peeks through fingers* *stares* askljdlsfh *covers eyes again* *peeks through fingers* *stares* alksjdksdlhfdfg *covers eyes again* Repeats cycle from step one. OMG I’m on an infinite loop now! LOL I swear that went on for like 5 good minutes! This show, what has it done to meeeeee?

    You know what, chingu? There’s something to say about changing laptops these days. Cos I can BREAK my F5 button and it wouldn’t matter cos my new laptop should be delivered soon. Which will probably happen because homg, I’m refreshing viki’s folder like MAD!

    Btw -OT!- I’ve just finished DTLY. Why isn’t the Ai Wei storyline over yet? Whyyyy? Also? Jie Xiu: one of the best tv boyfriend ever. Y/Y?

    • The header came in hot from @1crazynyt and it was screaming to be displayed. Sowwy, chingu. DTLY recap up later, but yes, Jie Xiu may be THE best TV boyfriend ever. Ever. Insane how well-written he is. Avril annoys the hell out of me.

      As for LTM, WATCH NOW. I need to spazz some more with you. On days like this, I think it’s okay to break a laptop F5 button for Ji Hwan and Yoon Hye’s sake.

      • when I refreshed and saw the new header, my mind nearly burst in happiness…


        The dramagods had spoken today.

      • i’m sorry for butting in this convo…

        big YESSSSSS….to Jie Xiu being the awesomest awesome dreamboat in dramaland. seriously, how wonderful is he? and where can i find my Jie Xiu? i’d totally line up for him.

        also, Kang-ah comes a *very* close second in the awesome dreamboat meter. <3

      • Ahhhhh, still no subs! *wrings hands* I need my LTM fix stat! Sooooooooo tempted to watch it raw! I think my Korean -still at newbie level, btw- is good enough to get most of what they say…

        Oh yeah, I read it and commented already.

        BTW, do you know you can email me pics or requests for your headers or graphics or whatever, yes? Just a reminder! 😉

  37. I love Parkhoon when he sings that song, i wish he gets some more screen time.

    Spoilers for Ep 12:
    KJ asked YJ not to meet AJ behind his back,he very clearly told her to come to him if she has any issues, but still the B**** has to meet. How difficult is it to follow simple instructions and respect the wishes of the man you supposedly still love.

    Its things like these that matter , you dimwit.

    what is she doing walking in to the cafe’ ?

    • Ahh Yoon Joo give young ones a bad rep. How are we suppose to date sexy older men when she’s an epitome of a cling on!! She’s so flipping upsetting.

      • LOL, thank God I am an Ajhumma!!!! Mhahahahahahahahahaha!!! Buahahahahhaaha!!!

      • i am an ajumma too and KJH is more than 10 years younger than me…and i would love to CLING to him in any way i can…tongue-in-cheek- pervert- mind overload hehehe

      • Hahah Who wouldn’t love to cling to KJH? But Yoon Joo is going about it the wrong way..tsk tsk. Not that I mind because shes just helping to cement Ah Jungs spot beside K indefinitely.

  38. thanks koala~unni for always providing us with speedy recaps 🙂

    i gotta agree with the comments above about the OTHER site.. shame, i really like the way they recap… but this recent weecaps (if we can call it that) are just borderline rude; the witty writing are all coated with too much sarcasm IMO. i do know that it’s their site, but if they’d gone and decided to support the fanbase/anti-fanbase of LTM by opening that thread… they should have at least been objective with it. im so irritated at some people (over there) who finds way too much humor in bashing and making LTM appear insignificant. i just don’t get the mean albeit funny (to anti-Liars) weecaps there (if we can EVEN call it that). if they don’t enjoy watching it, then they should have stop writing about it ; I know that they did a poll, but that’s totally contradictory to what they’re saying (that they can write anything they want since it’s their blog) to some complainers. I would much rather not see that open thread which totally ruins the mood after getting entertained by something I LIKE.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! My once favorite ‘site’ has now became a not so favorite. Oh well, I am glad LTM still has so many HARDCORE fans despite the not so great writing. It’s a rom-com for goodness sake. Reality is already a pain in the a**. So, let’s just enjoy the flimsy, nonsensical, dreamy, fluttery, awesome drama of KJH and YEH. I am so biased. Haha. 🙂
      On a side note, I am so darn happy I found this site!!! 😀

    • Can we just forget about, “others recaps” respect, their work, and just enjoy, this group of insanely Unnis and Ajhussis, that are crazier than ever, totally hook on LTM, and all the lovely-dovey, that the OTP is doing!!! Can we?

      • Yes, we can. At least I can.
        Just watch whatever we enjoy. And in this case, cherish our OTP till the end in this wonderful playgound.

      • i like their site BUT can’t say i respect their LTM weecaps.. and that is my opinion

        and im not trying to rant about other sites nor badmouth them ..coz I am aware that they do have the right to post whatever it is they want to post.. im not telling anyone to not go visit the ‘other’ site.. im just trying to sorta justify why im loving this site more than the others in terms of recapping LTM, is that a crime? i do enjoy reading the recaps here and I used to love reading recaps there so I can’t help but check that out too.. we can’t help but compare things sometimes.. it is inevitable.

    • I never tried other site, I just love Koala’s. I like reading all others comments here and it really help me to survive until the next ep.

      • Heh I’ve never read other peoples comments until I came to Koala’s site. Heheh, then I was like ahh, I like. Because there is power in words, and peoples words have a strong effect on you, whether you like it or not. So coming to koala, I love reading others comments, even when their opinions differ from mines, because the people on here arent making toxic remarks. It’s all in good stride. I mean I am a big supporter of the first amendment but, it really comes down to this “if you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all”.
        Its hard to practice that statement but it really pays off.

      • @Leishers

        Well said!! Us as followers need to understand, that no one think alike!! And if you don’t like something, just let it be, because we have our own mind and they works in mysterious ways!!

        Except Reaper and Ai Wei, those biatches, I really hate them!! LOL, I know is a drama, is fictitious, so my hatred is totally fictitious!! LOL

      • same here… said it before and will say it again—-never did i feel i truly belong to a bunch of wacky, insane and utterly deranged individuals…just here at this playground i met my kind of people who for the love of LTM , KJH and YEH shamelessly bonded and shouted that we are crazy and shallow…but boy, never been prouder to say so… bwahahahaaaa

      • @ mizweng

        The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem! Welcome to our world!

        LTM Fighting!!!

  39. Thanks, Koala. Love the banner you have. For all those who criticised LTM or YEH for choosing the drama, your choice!
    I am proud to say I will have withdrawal symptoms once LTM ends, its such a lovely escape to watch the blossoming love between a beautiful pair indeed.
    I just enjoy the interactions and emotions that the lovely pair share with one another, their insecurities about starting afresh after failed past loves, their helpless attraction for each other.
    Well said, Koala, “I see Ki Joon and Ah Jung as balancing the dichotomy of their own personality in exactly opposite ways”. I echo the same views, both are so capable to the outside world, succeeding in the professional lives, but still new to love. This also shows that HKJ did not woo YJ before, hence, he is still trying to figure out how to impress AJ.
    Its interesting that AJ, HKJ and SH seem to have wisened up after their last love and want to do things differently. Hope they put their learnings into action in the next few episodes as HKJ fights for his love, AJ believes in the strength of their love & trusts HKJ, SH protects his brother’s love since he should realise that AJ loves his bro, not him.
    If only YJ could understand the situation better!

  40. I just learned that SBS is changing the writer… Boy, is it going to be a M3 repeat?? Feeling so disappointed now.

    • Oh No that sucks. How can they change the writer from writing her own story? Ahh, thats stupid. Now the whole feel of the show will change. I actually liked M3 first writer better than the second one….O.O ahh SBS! This is a no-no.

      • And do you remember that it was JGS that wrote the ending because the writer messed up and the actors/actresses believe the crap he/she wrote..

    • whoaaa… REALLY? This means we REALLY shouldn’t expect anymore previews for the last couple of weeks. They’re going to be writing, filming, and editing last minute if that’s the case… though they did wrap up Jeju a (couple of) day(s) before actual airing, they’re really gonna be pushing it now.

      I just hope our favorite actors can cope and stay healthy! YEH’s looking thinner and thinner every week.

      • someone at soompi said from epi 11 the writer already changed…i agreed YEH getting thinner

      • @berro, if that’s the case, I hope this new writer does justice to our characters…

        (…and inserts KJH nekkid time/more skinship/some more comedy in there)

        I’d hate it to suddenly be completely irrational and different from what the original writer intended. I hope this new writer is just better at execution and keeps true to LTM.

    • OMO @Doublesbubbles for real? JGS wrote teh ending? hahah thats way weird but cool. But still, i dont think they should change the writer. I mean, I get that they want the ratings to go up, but the show is almost done. The rating aren’t going to go up because of a new writer, who will most likely complicate things seeing that they dont know the thoughts and the path the first writer had. ugh, this sucks. But I’ll still watch it.

      • Yeah, I was on the M3 ship with Captain Koala and we were totally enjoying the chemistry of the GeunGeun couple and it was only after the last episode that JGS disclosed that he was not happy with the ending (I think the writer actually wrote that he will die) and thus, he took over to re-write the ending.. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Well Semi good news is that Ep 11 is the new writers. Which, so far they are good. I knew ep 11felt different to me. Heh.
        But I think i’m going to miss the first writer 🙂 Her writing was fun.

    • oh nooo….this a messss…..too late now….only 4 episodes to go….how could SBS do this to us??? poor YEH n KJH…

  41. dear ms ockoala i love what you said earlier that it is a “story written in reverse”…it made me look at the drama from a totally different light…i used to think that the writing sucks for this drama but not i think it is brilliant

    Thank you for your recaps 🙂

  42. i just finished watching the raw Ltm for me this episode was filled with many swoon worthy moments between the 2 otp..just seeing them together makes me happy…i guess thats why a lot of us enjoy watching this…amazing acting between the cast….

  43. i totally agree! HwanHye deserves something better but i guess the simpleness of the story and the OTP (which is the biggest factor of all) makes the entire show a hit. every one can relate and understand whats going on between the cast. there’s conflict and problem but eventually they solve it plain and simple.
    this episode shows the sincerity of the character. on how a successful and famous person can fall in love in a not so likely way. two different worlds collide which makes their foundation stands strong as they ascend in realizing their true feelings.
    love how KJ prepares a dinner for AJ. and now, as he woe AJ i’m sure everybody is having a hard time taking out their smiles on their faces as we remember how cheesy and romantic a rich and handsome guy like KJ will be just to get AJ fall for him.

      • everyone of us dream of having a prince or being a princess. and by the way of KJ wooing AJ is like a fairy tale but not impossible to happen. KJ and AJ are different in everyway but their differences compliments them which make them an inspiration.

      • @angelitocurioso
        Me too, I want a Park Hoon look-a-like secretary/translator/boyfriend…!
        Doesn’t he like chick flicks too? hehehehe

      • Awwwwww!!

        That is what make this story magical, just like in Secret Garden, or Sam Soon, o My Princes, or Oh My Lady or Drunken To Love You, or Best Love, or You’re Beautiful, or Personal Taste, or Pasta, or Sunny Happiness, or Stars Falling from the Sky. They (the OTP) come from very different backgrounds, and diverse life styles, but when they are together, they collide like galaxys, creating all sort of new stars. They don’t stand each other at the beginning, but they are force “to be together”, which lead them, to start feeling something for the other. They get uneasy just in the presence of the other and then!! Bow shaka waka pow pow!! Hell get lose and it is a train wreck!! The heart knows what the heart wants? They say, so it is beautiful, at least for me, to see, how they complement each other, and how they understand each other, even if they don’t understand themselves!! And who doesn’t want a love like a fairytale? I know I do!!

        And the song says:

        “Today was a fairytale
        You were the prince
        I used to be a damsel in distress
        You took me by the hand
        You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
        But can you feel this magic in the air?
        It must have been the way you kissed me
        Fell in love when I saw you standing there
        It must have been the way
        Today was a fairytale
        You’ve got a smile that takes me to another planet
        Every move you make everything you say is right
        Today was a fairytale”

        Artist: Taylor Swift
        Song: Today Was a Fairytale

      • @ Angel

        OMG, forget KJ, I want Secretary Park!!! He look so adorable, in the movies, when he do, “the puss in boots” trick on KJ!! OMG, I just wanna hug him, for ever and ever and ever!!! *Ottoke? * I can’t breath!!! * *OMG goose bumps all over* I’m blushing* Seriously!! WTH???

        And poke his cheek bones!! LOL Seriously, I’m in love!!! *sighs*

  44. Thank you so much Ms Koala for your thoughtful analysis and insights and the responses to the comments. Wonderful and makes me smile. 🙂

    Sure the episode was pretty cheesy in its romance but I still ate it up cause in real life, a lot of people do a lot of cheesy things when in love. I just love how KJ is super adorkable. I think it’s really fitting to his character… I agree that I think the writer has dropped hints that he has this other side to him that he really doesn’t let be seen too often. I think that’s part of falling in love – getting to know all sides of a person. I’m actually really glad that KJ pointed out that they don’t know each very well and glad that they were able to talk a little about their respective parents’ deaths and how it impacted them as kids. I really appreciate how hard AJ works at her job and how KJ is helping her. I must say what a tough task she was assigned to do.

    YEH / AJ looked soo pretty in that dress 🙂 And I love how it matched KJ’s outfit. Wow – KJH looks really dashing in white and/or beige, especially that first outfit in the beginning of the episode.

  45. As much as I enjoyed reading your thoughts and picking your brains so to speak, the other attraction that always lead me in your camp is the intellect and calm of the bloggers. Some would say silly things at some points but then comes out with depth on another.

    It really boils down to choices (shall I go to a place where I can rant all I want regardless of reason or shall I go to a place where I can be reasonable?) No hate just pure enjoyment.

  46. I agree with your comment that LTM plot is very flimsy when the writer conveniently forgets that KJ agrees to wait till the simpering YJ gets over him, but then he goes on awooing AJ with might and main. And I totally enjoy his efforts at courting AJ so sweetly and adorably. But I have to differ in another of your analysis: I think Sang Hee really falls for AJ and his feelings for AJ may be as great as what he felt for YJ, if not more. BUT, this time, he’s more mature and emotionally more responsible and so he will decide to hide his real feelings for AJ from this brother so that Hyung won’t be put in another uncomfortable, awkward and potentially tragic position again: fighting over the same woman. I think Sang Hee, to atone for his past “misdeed”, will now move to do his best in helping KJ with his quest for AJ’s love. He may be the essential person to persuade the aunt, who’s now looking on favourably on YJ (for whatever reasons? YJ now is the same as she three years ago, but maybe the aunt thinks SH isn’t dying now if his brother marries YJ) tha KJ is better off with the one he truly loves NOW. I’m looking forward to the developing courtship between our two incredibly sizzling pair, and dear drama gods, please leave a bit of room for romance in each episode and don’t make us weep tears for the couple who have now started tasting the first thrills of a real courtship and please let them savour the moments that will last forever in their lives. Thank you so much for the recap, Koala, as we non-Korean viewers, with no Chinese either, rely on you recappers to go through the days waiting and waiting for the subs to come on. I’ve been visiting your site for maybe half a dozen times a day since Saturday.

  47. Thanks for the speedy recap. Double thanks for filling in the blanks for Sang Hee. I’ve always felt that he was forcing himself to move on and didn’t really think that his love for AJ was as deep as when he fell for YJ. He’s a conflicted soul.

    Lordie, AJ and KJ are so freaking amazing together! What are we all going to do when the drama is over (I don’t think that rehab is going to cure anyone)? I really hope that they date in real life… I don’t think that I’ve liked an onscreen couple this much in years. They are a true true true OTP. *swoon*

    Oh, so you live there? I recently moved to the other side of the mountain! It’s like The Tale of Two Cities, but it’s more like The Tale of Two Lakes (natural, not manmade) in the city that kind of sounds like Tarantula (well maybe not, but it has a”T” and an “a” at the end… maybe sounds like a team…

    • Opsie… Sang Hee’s love for Ah Jung WASN’T ISN’T was NADA never as deep as his feelings for Yoon Joo that little devil… that’s what I meant to say.

  48. Thanks so much koala for the recap! 😉 …I’ve watched livestreaming of the episode last night and will do again tonight(even if I only understand the language in bits and pieces). I am forever a YEH fan and now KJH! lol! ( I don’t normally wish on screen partners to end up dating in real life, but, for this two? HECK! I am! hahaha).

    Objectively for me, I find the episode a teeny weeny bit anti-climactic, maybe because of the ferris wheel ride feeling I had anticipating for this episode ( *eyes rolling *). But, darn I love LTM to the core with all it’s flaws, we watch shows to keep us entertained. I say, it may have imperfections in the unfolding of the story but we still feel good after watching it right?

    I totally agree that if this has been a novel this surely would be a surefire hit. I think we should not be bickering if this is a well written one or not. Each of us has our own preference and opinion. We normally won’t appreciate one thing at once, what may be good for me, might not be good to other people. We just have to respect each other’s choices. If using novels as comparison, some novels are highly appreciated by a certain group of people, while others will smirk seeing someone holding that novel. This is true for every drama and any other things that exists in this world. 😉 …I think one better way to enjoy this drama more; is to avoid over analyzing ( like what the haters are doing) and just enjoy the show as the story unfolds….

    For us LTM lovers, we love this drama due to the actors and the way this drama keeps us buoyed. It makes us feel we are in cloud nine in every episode that we watched. What a bunch of hopeless romantics we are! lol wanting our heroine having a happy ever after with our hero, while, thinking on the side of having the same happy ending for ourselves…

    Go LTM!!! I will still watch you! 🙂

  49. Thanks Koala for the detailed recap and beautiful banner…I’m speechless with this episode…All the loving and caring really keeps us on our toes and truly wish the characters the happy endless love cause their love + attraction for each other is solid..Beautiful and charming scence of those two and after watching it, I still thinking abt the two character/HwangHye in their own context…LTM, HwangHye Fighting

  50. BAD NEWS EVERYONE (Maybe good news, ehhhhh still doubt it)
    and I said to myself WTF! they should have done it earlier like after the first week of the drama. They are doin’ it now and there are 4 more episodes to go WTF are they thinking! TOO LATE. Can anyone salvage this with just 4 eps to go. (Deja vu: M3 case)

    *I should just shut up now and stop my rant

    • maybe they were thinking better late than never? 😛

      anyways, the reason i keep holding on was totally because of the OTP. if it wasn’t because of them, the drama would be long abandoned.

      and I kinda am glad that they decided to finally change the writer, tho it is too late to salvage the whole drama, he/she could perhaps make it better somehow? – imho

      • I’m looking for confirmation. Until I see something on Nate with who the new writer is, this is not official news and I won’t post about it.

        MBC released news about the writer switch after it happened to M3 and gave us the name of the new writer. SBS would do the same if this is true.

      • just checked someone posted that there are TWO writers taking over ??????????

  51. Can anyone shed light to my limited mind? How do I read the gazillions other comments in here???? I so love the crowd in hear although the heat so up!!!! ANYONE????

  52. You are awesome! Wish YJ and Aunt could take tips from you. I was rolling with laughter reading this and thanks for making the comments thread great fun!

  53. OK confession!! I have stared at your header forever!!! Did the same with the Cola Kiss header when there seemed to be a Bermuda Triangle where news of LTM was concerned for a while!

    But Now!!!! Whoop-de-doo!!!! I had to go watch the ending of ep 11 on YT and I’ve not stopped smiling!!!

    Let’s face it – the sotry telling has been splotchy since ep 1. We all know that – and I don’t care – really!

    Why I, and I believe most of us spazz over LTM is purely ‘cos of YEH and KJH – I won’t be dramatic and say the role of their lives – but as close to a perfect coupling as I’ve ever seen and been obsessed about [in a not creepy way].

    It’s personal now – I just want to wallow in the love story between these 2 people – and join the mob that is planning a concrete burial with the fishes for “Hannah v2.0” aka YJ – and fixate on any skinship or conversation or nuance between out OTP – Laugh with them, cry with them, get angry and frustrated with them.

    Face it we all have preferences – just chill with the same mind set and let others have theirs is what I say.

    AJKJ fighting!!!

      • If you watch Bones – you’ll understand 😛

        If Not – Let’s just say – a girl named Hannah got in between Bones and Booth the OTP – and hell hath no fury than a fan deprived of her Bones/Booth moments – the call for Hannah to die still rings out loud!!! LOL!!!

      • Remind me of someone called the Reaper!!! LOL I so want her sleeping with the fishes!!!

  54. I wonder what the heck is YJ’s parents doing???discussing marriage?while their daughter’s engagement was cancelled 3 years ago….Are they shameless too?Ahh, must be, same gene, that’s where their daughter got it, refuse to move on and accept the fact….haizz…dilema…

    • Im confused about this as well… they all knew that the engagement was cancelled, what a shameless family…
      Is this the smart evil way YJ thinks she wants to show Aunt how her family can help KJ’s business…
      Ahhhh… what an evil girl she is….
      Auntie, you’re smart enough to know how to deal with this girl…do you?

      • Buy a ticket to Bermuda Triangle or Calypso, the options are limitless!! I know how I handle!!! Call Vencenzo, and tell him, in Italian accent “make her sleep with the fishes” Capisce? LOL

  55. Omo! I thought I was about to shit bricks in ep 10, when AJ/KJ were playing the not married/married debates! Fuhhhh…luckily, it didn’t end up in a dramatic way. I don’t want them to go slow, I want them to get kissy-kissy lovescenes pronto! Ki-joon ah, go burn some bedsheets with Ah-jung now!

    *offering prayers to dramagods*

    • I don’t want them to go slow, I want them to get kissy-kissy love scenes pronto! Ki-joon ah, go burn some bedsheets with Ah-jung now!!

      LOL OMG, we need some action!!!!

      • *tee heee*
        dare I hope for some bedsheets burning in ep 13? Aigoooo, I’m having angina now and it’s only Thursday! Monday, pls come sooner.

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    • I was wondering the same , even though the episodes are getting better and better , the thread in soompi became slow just at most 10 pages by day which is weird , we used to be more active there :S
      anyway thanks for the pic u posted and ockoala thankuuuuu for the rocking recap 🙂

  57. The only thing I didn’t like about the new writers (who so far are rumored to have done ep 11) is that they cut the kissing scene to a peck. They better give us more or else…

    Would they even consider having the original script writer’s input? Or have they totally just let her go?

  58. thanks for the recap so much koala! i cant watch ltm right now cuz of finals but thanks to ur recaos i can atleast know whats going on, but i will be catching up once finals Are over! i did a triple take, not a double, when i saw the heading! i love it and i cant wait for the next ep! a little part of me died from that sudden burst of extreme hqppiness! haha 😀

  59. @ Bo @ Angelito… please be prepared your weapon for tonite’s eps. I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a HUGE nite (credit to BEP for the lyrics ^.^)

    • Don’t worry, wherever I go, I don’t go alone!!! LOL, I have an army of fearsome Unnis that are ready to launch on command!!! LOL

      • you know.. I’m imagining bunch of unnie and ahjumma, bring broom, golf cane and butcher knife with eyes flames like a fire …ready to “finish” YJ and the aunty .. ^.^

      • Half hunt Aunty aka Botox Lady and half to Reaper’s apartment!! And lynch that witches together!!! Mhahahaha

  60. I really love this episode..I read somewhere that the two new writers were the ones responsible for the changes of KJ’s character. I’m keeping my fingers cross in wishing that this sudden change won’t messed up everything..and another wish for the drama to get extended..hehe

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    y so love the couple. but i feel sorry for sang-hee but is ok i hope the writer will give him a happy story ending i so love this drama ok

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    You just revealed how young you are!! Think we tick the same box !Hahaha!!

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  64. Does anyone else think that Park Hoon looks a lot like Brainy Smurf?
    He’s just adorable – want to take him home and squeeze!!

  65. SPOILER!!!!!

    Im so giddy, giddy,giddy… If we have a new writer, I could say, the new one is tender and so sweet, but I want rough one.. KJ definitely a changes man he takes things nice, slow… But I want him to be fast and naughty….

      • Thank you for the pic!!!! Love it! I really hope that episode 12 wont break our hearts… KJ loves AJ so much…

      • OMO!!!! OMO!! @1crazynyt thanks for the pic. If thats episode 12 then I think im finally getting my hug!!! Woot woot, there should be a hot make ut scene after this. Slow and hot since Ah Jung did ask for slow. But im so happy thats a hug. Hope she’s not crying. Flipping Yoon Joo. Gosh, she brings out the worst in me

      I like how you think!!! LOL I need action!! Boom shaka waka pow pow!!! Like Now please!!! Hell they are grown ups, and for the world to know they ARE married!! So bring the action baby!! I bring the popcorn!!!

    • thanks once again for the pic 🙂
      I wonder if the hug will happen after each of them meet YJ or before , in anyway I wish they won’t be any separation or fight becoz of YJ or SH or the aunt , I just wanna see a flirty KJ and a happy AJ , both deserve to be happy with each other

  66. Thx for quick & ‘detailed’nopsis , Ma Koala ! Was plowing thru d chinese tranz .yawn. Writer change is always a bummer! Dejavu…M3.
    Is there anyway to highlight to d the new writers that they shdn’t try to ‘impress’ wt unusual anti-climaxes.That its enuf for a rom-com to do what a rom-com does best .Thats to transport us into a fluffy paradise of dreamy heart-palpitating romances where smoochy kisses abound amidst ridiculously but oooh-so-delicious love gestures ,WITHOUT killing any leads off or worse,give us the anti-climax of not ending up together !UrGh! I wanna see more cheesy lovey dovey scenes,then Kisses,then 3rd wheeler YJ gets the message & vamoose ,then proposal, then more kisses then Marriage ,then Kisses!!!
    HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! YES!!!! Mind-blowingly ,dreamily unreal wonderful Romance !

  67. Change of writer, hmmm…maybe it’s ok as long as they add more eps and more smooching time on air hehehe…
    Kick YJ ass to Paris…SH follows YJ to heal her heart and get away from AJ and KJ. AJ and KJ have lotsa dates, kissing scenes…got married…more honeymoons’ scenes (totally drolling) and have lots of kids.
    Note (New Writer): That’s the storyline you should continue on hehehe…

  68. daebak koala!!!you’re always the first to write the recaps!!!!thanks so much!!!I read this earlier in the morning but i just put my comment now because im laughing with all the comments here..hahaha… but why i always like the character of the third party?i like their looks and the role they play…im always like that even before…and then when the drama ends, that’s the time i’ll like the lead actor…ottoke… and why is that the places they go iso alike in the places in 49days?like for example in the scene where ah jung is drunk and they sat to a bench in a cherry blossom walkway, it’s the same place where Yi Kyung and Yi Soo from 49days are walking sweetly…aigoo… are my thinking correct or I’m still hooked at 49days?????

    • HGJ is a complete goner by this time, as far as GAJ is concerned. He is all geared up to rip the contract to pieces, to court AJ earnestly and to turn himself from fake to real hubby for her. Hence, the contract in his pocket. Ooo…GJ has developed a one track mind – it’s all about GAJ!

  69. someone at baidu made a good analysis on KJ’s kisses.
    I hope whoever that was who wrote it wont mind my borrowing from her, improvise a bit and share with all the LTM fans at the playground.

    cherry blossom almost kiss : enthralled by AJ
    ice cream kiss: uncontrollable attraction to AJ
    cola kiss: confirmation of his feelings towards AJ
    party kiss on the forehead: adoration
    party kiss on the lips: affirmation of mutual feelings

    YEH is so natural whether she is shy, embarrassed, annoyed, sad, happy….however her feelings are

    KJ’s facial expressions in the last scene before and after AJ pulled away from his kiss was impressive. He started off tender-lovingly, confused-panicking and lastly relieved-lovingly again.

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    In a way, I kind of felt sorry for Sang Hee, but I’m really glad that despite his feelings, he showed redemption through his past by trying not to make the same mistake from his past and not make history repeat itself even though it obviously hurted.

    As for Yoon Joo, when will she finally accept that Ki Joon clearly moved on? I’m sorry to see her hurt face, but everyone already told her that Ki Joon isn’t the way he used to be 3 years back when and also he told her exactly that he isn’t interested anymore. Why else would Ki Joon ‘accompany’ Ah Jung (though I thought this as a really adorable episode) and help out with such matters at work and with So Ran? I just really want AH JUNG and KI JOON to get their happy ending that they deserve despite the w’s of how everything happened in the beginning and how messed up it became. But finally, things are slowly revealing to the core truth and hopefully, everybody will accept their profound love that they have for each other.

    As they say, “OPPOSITES ATTRACT”. In this case, it’s really true for both the leading actors. And I hope one day after this kdrama ends, just maybe, they’ll work on the same project again or at least a CF. ( my dreams).

    As for now, I’m gonna sleep and dream about the most happiest moments of LTM. I really love the OTPers that I just can’t get enough of them. Sweet Dreams with a *smirk on my face. 🙂

  72. To an earlier comment that the writer forgets that KJ agrees to wait till YR ets over him, my take on this that I posted at soompi. “We see YJ laying the guilt trip on KJ when she said she havent changed and how can he change so he said he’ll wait till she get over him, But I think YJ changed the play of the game after she went to AJ and lied that they are getting marry. YJ further raised the stake by challenging KJ that what if she cant sort it out forever will he wait forever and did AJ say she’s willing to wait. (His expression changed subtlely there) It was an epiphany for him. An eye-opener moment. Then he was back at home drinking and dont we love to know his thoughts. YJ herself make KJ realised that AJ is not going to be around forever and we know that he already like AJ so that could just be the catalyst for him to pursue AJ or risk losing AJ. “

  73. Okay, this moment was so darn cheesy, especially with Ki Joon dressed like he raided Don Johnson’s wardrobe from Miami Vice, but just so sweet in its abject silliness, seeing Ki Joon without a care about preserving his cool image.

    omo!!! you cracked me up koala! LOL you just mentioned my favorite tv show back then aside from street of san francisco. thank you for making this ajhumma so happy just right now. 😀

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    • Ahh ep 11 was good. You cantw atch it on Viki? They subb really fast. But after reading the live recap, man I’m chomping at the bits hhehehe. I really wanna watch ep 12.

  76. omo i’m really falling for the ah-ki couple!! seing how they got cheesier than the cheesiest makes me feel so obsessed with them… haha

  77. i LOOOOVED this ep! the OTP finally has time to spend with each other and have a true conversation.

    i love how they look at each other…and AJ’s shyness towards KJ.
    too sweet. =) unfortunately it’s back to the real world in ep 12!

  78. Koala, thanks for the recap…and your enthusiasm. Enjoying it just as much as the KDrama. Thought the tone of the series changed when they all got haircuts instead of new writers.

  79. ur so wonderful Koala for entertaining recaps. ur the best ever! I never laugh so much especially this topic on this site, was enjoying reading each post. can’t change writers now, hoping for the best. we need more tight hugs, hot lingering kisses from KJ and AJ. thoroughly enjoyed ep11. we got much needed dialogues, and witness KJ’s sincerity in wooing AJ. LTM fighting!

  80. just saw the 12 ep live all i can say he chooses ah jung everytime !!! its like all they can see is each other how very rare is that in a kdrama ???
    makes one feel really happy 🙂

  81. guys!! ep. 12 is wayyyy better than ever… I mean love every part of AJ n KJ togetherness…
    the botox aunty + reaper YJ… are ready to be kick off to bermuda!!!

    Angelito… let’s go!!!

    • Yes i agree that Ep 12 was great! I watched raw cannot really understand what they were talking but the chemistry between the OTP was simply excellent! *drools*

      • yea…me too… I don’t know what exactly their talking about and all I can see from the expressions… especially when YJ’s depression face ..well I’m sooooo happy ^^

  82. wow!!! 2 words to describe this episode…SWEETNESS OVERLOAD!!!!! God, KJ totally owned my heart in this ep…i forgot already how he made AJ cried in ep 8… I kept on squeeing, cheering and clapping my hands throughout the ep… oh dear i want my own KJ… i just love this ep!!! can’t help but sing and dance…
    OMG KJH and YEH at their best, IMHO…

    • though i haven’t seen ep 12 yet. softy from rebel souls made a live recap and indeed “sweetness continues” as our OTP affirms their
      feelings towards each other…so excited to read the blow-by-blow recap madame koala…

      • dun wuri mizweng…you’ll be in love with KJ more thousand times than before in this eps.. and and more thousand times hate YJ and the botox Aunty as well…
        I don’t wanna to think about what will going happen in the next eps..which i think the worst not come yet :(….

  83. just read at soompi that from this episode on they just change the writer
    thats explains why kijoon is a bit different here :)))
    but love their cheesy moments!!!!!

  84. First of all I would like to empathize with the writer, life is tough isn’t it but brutal honesty is always good for the soul, it opens an opportunity for change and growth. Like I said there are no bad people just bad ideas, so one bad idea now, one genius idea tomorrow. I hope the best for this aja aja YEH!!!! Yes there are times I do get my act together and think like an adult rather than being ultimate full of nonsense 😉

    • Ah yeah to the previous writer you’ll hit the jackpot one of these days and as my Mentor told me just keep writing. 😉

  85. Thanks soooo much for such a comprehensive details n yr summary of tots too – this is so great !! I love this eps too – I just love them ! Two of my favorite actors – love him in be strong geum soon & hong Gil dong n YEY – well – every drama she made except fair lady – cudnt stand d look of d main guy … Till eps 12! Yay …

  86. i HONESTLY love your recaps
    it makes me better in understanding the whole situation and the story behind the plot and the conversations.
    you really examine the episodes as in REALLY examine!
    and i’m finding myself falling in love with your recaps and thoughts
    it makes me love the drama so much more and helps me learn the true meaning that’s hiding behind the door since i’m someone who’s blindly follow the plot and not really examine

  87. Hey, does anyone out there know the title of the song that was played in the car when they were about to head to Jeju by boat? I thought it was a pretty cute song. If anyone as a link to the song, it’ll be immensely appreciated.

    Kamsahamnida! 😉

  88. see, I was right, they were wearing couple outfits and yes, I too was so giggling when KiJoon lip-synched…he was so cute…they are both so adorable!

  89. i was kind of getting goosebumps watching the dinner scene. TOOOO CHEESEEYYY lol. and i dont know if u know this, they changed writers starting from this episode… (the other one got sick n left) and i could totally tell that throughout the episode. i feel like this was too dramatic of a change in their characters and just wayyyy fictional. like obviously this is all fictional but the reason i got hooked to this drama in the first place was because of the hint of reality in it from the start. with those added super ass cheesey scenes, im starting to think otherwise. hopefully, episode 12 regains that “reality” form just a tad bit and ur right! ki joon is such a KISSER lol lol. not that i mind though 😉

  90. this episode is really cute… I find Gi Jeong cute here…he really is a romantic kind of guy in some way. Serious at work and romantic in love…. Gives me the feeling that I want a boyfriend of this kind too, since im a civil servant too..hahahaha

  91. IMO, HGJ loved OYJ in the past but not enough to keep her with him over hurting his beloved younger brother.

    I think had history repeated itself with GJ, GAJ and HSH, it’d be a very different ball game altogether. GJ had totally flipped over AJ. Look at how he could even completely zone out from everyone else around him (in the Ice-Cream kissing scene at the end of Ep 6) and just unwaveringly, piercingly stare at an awkward-feeling AJ. Our hero was so besotted with AJ he virtually entered a world of his own where only he and AJ existed. Must have for him to grab and lock lips with her so long and hard, oblivious to everyone else at the housewarming party. I’m confident this time, GJ would not give AJ up, even for SH’s sake.

    Another indicative sign of this is when SH called AJ who was on Jeju island and GJ just grabbed her mobile while she was in mid-conversation with his bro. He basically told SH to lay off AJ and then hung up on his sibling. Yes, this time round, GJ would fight tooth and nail to keep AJ by his side if he had to.

    I simply adore this ultra-romantic character called HGJ!

  92. not necessarily so:) I find Ki joon’s change believable, since we’ve seen a glimpse of his goofiness in a flashback where he ran excitedly to Yj when she accepted his proposal 🙂 I believe he’ll be that way to ah jung as well

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