SBS Confirms Lie to Me Changed its Screenwriter Starting from Episode 11

Who needs more hugs? I need more hugs. Hug me, Ji Hwan-ahhh! Actually, I think both Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye needs hugs from us. And they need to keep hugging each other as well. They are never allowed to let go, else the universe might be disrupted and flowers will wither everywhere. Here to report that it’s official – SBS has confirmed that Kim Ye Ri, the original screenwriter for Lie to Me, has left the production due to “creative differences.” Taking over since episode 11 has been veteran screenwriter Choi Yoon Jung (see her works here), whose last drama was the lovely short Running with Park Min Young and Baek Sung Hyun.

Every time there is a writer switch mid-drama, I always blame the production channel. By green lighting a script that was proferred and accepted, only to dump the writer when the ratings are not so stellar, is just a crappy thing to do. It’s like buying a VW Bug that you fully investigated, and after driving it for a week and it performing exactly as it ought to for a VW Bug, you want to return it because it’s not a Beemer. I’ve experienced a mid-drama writer change (M3) and lived to tell the tale. I think LTM will be just fine.

The problem with mid-drama writer changes is that it always disrupts the story flow and character development. Look no further than Ki Joon pretty much unleashing his inner doofus all episode long (as well as his inner awesome boyfriend). I love this drama so I can rationalize away the abrupt tonal shifts, but I can imagine this is going to be so odd once you watch the drama in its entirety.

I can’t decide right now if I like the original writer or the new writer, but I do have to say that I’ll probably end up liking both for the different things each did right. So LTM now has the extra notoriety of having two PDs and two writers frankenstein their way to one whole drama. The fact I love it to pieces speaks volumes about the chemistry of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye and my love for the central love story.

M3 had so many more latter-half production issues that LTM, mainly stemming from M3 being a drama adapation of the manhwa Mary Stayed Out All Night. The manhwa wasn’t even done when the drama aired, and it became increasingly clear that the manhwa author was actually pulling an OTP switcheroo for her story. Yes, the latest chapters were headed towards a Jung In-Mary ending.

So the new writer brought on for M3 was actually going to KILL OFF MU GYUL (as in kill off Jang Geun Seok‘s character) in episode 15 and have the story be about Mae Ri’s first love and her finding love again. That might work in the manhwa, but Jang Geun Seok put his foot down and said “No F-ing Way, Lady.” So he rewrote the ending and episode 16 was literally written and filmed up to the last minute. I’m still so traumatized by this it hurts to type it out.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say that is there is no way in hell the new writer for LTM is switching up the OTP here. For that, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. So no matter how random the second half of this drama appears to be, at least the love story between Ki Joon and Ah Jung remains the focus of the drama. I can accept other random shit as long as the love story continues to develop naturally. Oh, I need to go lay down now. Just keep chanting to ourselves “everything will be just fine.”


SBS Confirms Lie to Me Changed its Screenwriter Starting from Episode 11 — 127 Comments

  1. Thanks koala for the news ^_^
    and from what i have read i guess ill just do the same with you 🙂
    gotta keep chanting on my mind that “everything will be just fine”…
    Well i just hope the new scriptwriter gives us wonderful and epic kisses like ice cream Kiss and Cola Kiss that’s what im hoping the most~~~

  2. Hi Koala unni!

    Yeah your right as long as the love of AJ and KJ still remain ill watch and support the drama. Hope the writer add more make out scenes between it will make my world go round and roun d( giggle so much )

  3. the switch of writer is obvious to me…honestly i’m not liking the flow of the story now but still hoping that it will improve…

  4. “Anyways, what I’m trying to say that is there is no way in hell the new writer for LTM is switching up the OTP here. For that, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.”

    You’ve nailed it right there Koala. Despite all the riff raff, the actors (OTP)carried on, props to them. Thanks a bunch Koala.

  5. I can clearly tell that you loved M3, coz you always compare it.

    Well, yes the writer shift is evident, well i feel sorry for the old writer as much as i feel sorry for YJ, it was then and the new writer is now. Its all about being agile and catering to audience like us here who want to see more bonding btwn the OTP and do not care about other stuff.

    The original writer had a concept , but there was no way on heaven or hell that she/he was going to get >12% rating as the pace was slow and we were going no where with the story line between the OTP. The PD change and the writer change is good to shift gears for the show considering there are only 4 more episodes left.

    Wait, are we sure that we will be done in four more episodes? or is there discussion about extending by a couple of episodes, now that we have new blood in the drama? i can always take extra hugs and kisses.

    Closing remarks: no complaints about the writer change.

    • We can wish more episodes, more kissy-kissy, more huggy-huggy and please bring me some BANG-BANG!!! Seriously!!!

      • Ahahaha… same expectations w/ u @angelitocurioso…

        So, pre ep 11 was ‘Hot n Sexy’ under current emotion kinda romance, post ep 11 is ‘Sweet’ romance… I wish the new writer would merge it together and give us the combination of both.. To satisfy my, or shud I say our, pervertness… 😀

  6. MaMAAAA!!! Breathe In.. Breathe Out..Breathe In..Breathe Out! !
    I hear you ! I hear you… Everything WILL be Alright! Ala M3 Disaster CAN’T happen twice. No ! No! It Won’t! The Higher Order of Balance within kDrama Universe will prevail. This writer kill-off will hv a better end.
    I too still shudder from that M3 earthquake .My poor JKS boy-man love.

  7. I didn’t know this. So that’s probably why I felt that there was this imbalance with putting so much foreign languages in one episode. Otherwise I didn’t feel much change like I did with M3. M3 was a disaster and I felt sorry for the actors and production crew. It was so evident that they were working their butts off but damage was already done.

  8. Just to be fair lets wait and see how will the story run in this midst of change of new writer lets hope it can help this can pull the ratings, maybe it can extend to more episodes. We will rejoice if that happens, it means we will see our OTP more. AJA!!!

    • I do agree with you sky…as long as KJ&AJ stay together with many unforgettable moments to show us…i’m ok with anything 🙂

      • I love how the interactions between the two felt so natural. Just looking at the screen caps makes you wonder if these two are really an item or not.

  9. excuse me .. but is M3 refer to Mary stays out all night? I liked the early part of it then it get ..hmm… needless to say … i ended up only watching the end – I mean like last 10min or so – just to satisfy my curiosity of how it turns out and it was a disappointment …and I like Moon Gyun? sorry … can’t remember her name. Anyhow – no complain for the switch over writer – 1st writer is passionate and second one is a romantic type – I noticed the change in KJ but nevertheless still loving them – in fact as I told the world – I have found a new love – LTM ^__^

    • I watch M3 first epi and then the last epi
      I like LTM, at least KJ an AJ character much better
      I know that LTM epi 12, there is about 725,000 click
      on line in tudou on Wednesday

  10. as long as there are more more scenes betwixt our favorite OTP’s then im fine with that the’re the cutest gorgeous best handsome pairing ever YEH/KJW more power to u ms koala for always giving us the latest ondit with our OTP can’t get enough of them they’re like chocolates the more u eat the more u crave for more thanks for satisfying my cravings

  11. hmmmmm since i love ep 11 and 12, am not really worried about the writer change…for as long as we get to watch lovey dovey moments of our OTP, there will be absolutely no complaints from me…

  12. I’m very shallow, as long as I have my otp with more of their lovey dovey scenes then I am happy gal. No complaining here!

  13. LTM change in writer is not so obvious because the bonding between OTP is getting better each week. I would recommend the ending to be happy with the OTP couple being intact. If there is a change, or Ki Joon ending with someone else, then it will be disaster and viewers will feel cheated. By that time I don’t know how long the comments would be in Koala’s playground.
    As for M3, I give my salute to Jang Geun Suk for being brave enough to challenge the writer/PD and change the storyline. If he was removed in episode 15, then M3 would not be successful as it is today. I heard that Japan will be having a grand opening/preview for M3 drama soon.

  14. Is this a bad time to tell you all about this?


    DCLTM is organizing an After-Party gift for the staff and crew of LTM.
    They’re currently collecting monetary donations, gift ideas, cake ideas and a special message-book for the cast members.
    I asked if us International fans can participate in the comment-book for our beloved actors and they’ve gladly welcomed us.
    I don’t mind collecting all the comments and sending them over to the DCLTM-event staff since I’ve done it before with YEH’s previous projects (confession: i have nothing better to do hehe).
    So, for those who want to show your support and love for LTM and our leads.

    Please go to page 245 of the Soompi LTM thread and PM smr05.

    I am off to compose my first love letter.I am still deciding who is my 1st love-YEH vs GAJ or KJW vs KJH.

    Decisions decisions.

  15. thanks for the info, well i guess ill just enjoy the 4 last ep. indeed there are flaws with respect to the story line but i truly enjoy the love building between KJ and AJ, more than enough to keep me with excitement and i much more, i truly enjoy this drama

  16. no complaints here.. so long as the OTP scenes turn out sizzling and oozing with more love in the next episodes to come ^^

    in response to Ah Jung’s “…you seem like a different person”

    maybe to her, this is an all-new Ki joon.. though I’ve always felt that Ki Joon would be one of those types to go all-dorky and all-out when he’s in love.. as was proven by the previous scene mentioned by Koala (him playing games while stuck at home per Ah Jung’s orders.. LOL)

    i guess, Love is indeed mysterious that way… it can bring out the good, the bad, the pathetic, the dorky and all around cheesiness in a person…

  17. So the new writer brought on for M3 was actually going to KILL OFF MU GYUL (as in kill off Jang Geun Seok‘s character) in episode 15 and have the story be about Mae Ri’s first love and her finding love again. That might work in the manhwa, but Jang Geun Seok put his foot down and said “No F-ing Way, Lady.”

    I would have seconded JGS on that and probably hunted the writer down if she did it like that..

    • You and all the other holiday couple shippers with Captain Koala at the helm… hehehe… they were already set to sail … glad JGS put his foot down and re-wrote the script… h e saved that writers life hehehe!!!

      • Totally agreed. JGS saved the writer’s life. ha.ha.
        What I heard was that he got a bashing soon after the drama ended for insubordination and not respecting the elders. He still maintained his popularity though as he was loved by fans from all over Asia.

  18. Aaaawwww I want to hug them (KJH & YEH) too after hearing this news. I think they need our support for continuing this drama. I don’t think the changing of the writer will help this drama much (in term of rating) with just 4 epi behind. It’s too late for that.
    I’m ok with this changing as long as they didn’t separate our OTP in the end (and I don’t want to think of that possibility). So far I like the new writer’s work for epi 11 & 12.
    I’m just thinking on the positive side that we’ve found & loved the best pairing (IMO) in K-drama land : KJH & YEH.

  19. its ok to have a change of writer for me as long as the otp will have a happy ending..hope to see more hugs kisses and screen time bet kjw and yeh then ill be be honest im more interested in their pairing together than the story anyway…but thats just me coz i really enjoy wtching ltm no matter what other people might say…

  20. you’re right. if i re-watch the drama again, it’s going to be so hard to reconcile the characters when you get to epi11-12.

    i hope the change of writer will not bring in more drastic changes.

    i read in soompi that it was for ‘health reasons’ that the writer quit.

  21. Oh really? Was that what really happened in M3? The writer was really planning to kill off Mu Gyul? I didn’t know that, or maybe I missed that out or maybe I read that among the comments but wasn’t able to confirm it. Gee. I didn’t know that actors could have a say on a major thing like that. JGS must be really huge over there. Well, he’s one of those actors who can really act well.

    I guess changing writers is the norm there. The production company is really all for the numbers, then. Business is business. Scary. So that’s that and we have to move on as spectators and just see what happens to our beloved OTP (but that’s really kind of ruthless, just come to think of it, really ouch and ugh for the previous writer). Maybe that’s why Ki Joon suddenly changed like, you know, really suddenly transformed. But as you said, it can be equated that he has realised his love for Ah Jung, thus, he has changed, trying to woo her in any way he can because he can never let go of this girl (sigh), so they got away with that fine.

    So the new writer was responsible for all those wonderful hugs then? Hmmm, I like. But the previous writer was responsible for the ice cream and cola kisses too… well, I wish more of both would come. I know the next episodes would be chaos and just chaos so I’d hope that the writer would balance it out by showing us our OTP’s relationship moving on to another level, which is, you know, with more kisses, and this time, real kisses. I mean not the lying or “acting” kisses or the because-I-like-you kisses but the because-I-love-you kisses. We have yet to see that, and if we finally do, it will be awesome! You hear me new writer? Awesome!!!

  22. I’m so invested in this couple right now, that I care diddly squat about what
    goes on around them. Bring on the hugs, cola kisses ’cause they have my vote for 2011’s Best Couple. The chemistry is electrifying and the most realistic I have seen in all the dramas I’ve watched. There is just something so believable about their body language together, and it starts with their eyes. YEH is such a natural at what she does and KJH is the ultimate “lover” (man of the word turned silly high school crush teenager) and he does it so flawlessly that let’s coin this word for him “DREAMBOAT”. Yes, I know it’s a 50+ year-old term, but it suits him to the tee. Anyone agree?

  23. hmmmm…. I guess I just wait for the surprise. I just want to enjoy the ride, sharing the love between these two. Can’t bear to see it end but we must move on. I will remember fondly of this experience and will continue to support KJH and YEH. Hopefully the new writers will do a good job in delivering a superb script.

      • me too i agree with you i will always support KAyNG JI HWAN and YOON EUN HYE….. i will support “LIE TO ME ” im really really really hoping that the writer will make the ending happy ending… KI JOON and AH JUNG get married and have a children :P….. i want to see them both more happy moment… love them both… jia you….. 🙂

  24. Now, if this replacement writer would care to add a few boating in.. i dunno.. EVERY episode.. then that would be better than awesome.. LOL

    ..but wah! i just remembered that AJ asked KJ to take it slow.. really writer-nim?! >< too bad really, the cola kiss was a perfectly good before-moment for a boating scene.. aish..

    • rewatching every OTP scene this recent episode.. and goodness… their chemistry is just undeniable.. be it candid-banter, seriously angry or overly romantic scenes.. sigh.. i love them!

      • totally agree with u on that..incredible chemistry on and off screen… watchin every single BTS footage the attraction between the 2 leads is undeniable 🙂

    • yupp yupp yupp you are right, im from indonesia and i really like this drama but the most i like was the OTP :P…. KANG JI HWAN & YOON EUN HYE… jia you….. i will always support both of you, and hoping to watch another drama from both of you .. 😛

  25. no complaints here. actually I just thought maybe the writer heard some comments and paid attention. oh silly me.
    KJ choosing to be with AJ in the end is a good ending, actually unpredictable so the new writer seems more romantic. delightful OTP !

  26. At this point of my LTM addiction- it is a no brainer >>> they can change the faces of YJ and SH >> change location to Timbuktu >> pulverize the World Hotel into smithereens >> change the Aunt to Uncle >>> Mr. Chen becomes Cong. Park >>> yada yada doo>>> but TAKE NOTE>>>> KEEP AJ & KJ together. That’s my simple wish fairy God mother.

      • Now we need to really have serious talks on how;

        ….to send YJ off someplace peaceful (she needs rest)
        ….to convince the writer/pd on your kissy kissy bang bang thingies
        … to deal with the LTM withdrawal symptoms
        ….to ……hey are you still with me…. sleeping or stalking park hoon again……….

      • MMMM

        Park Hoon!! I dont know what I would do without my favorite Pastry Smurf!! I love that man!!!

      • Good for you. Want to hear a secret? Sssssssshhhhh…… I think ………….l like ERIC……. *small hearts fluttering around his name* hahaha

  27. If the story writers separate AJ and KJ
    1. I am never ever going to watch any show that the PD and writer work on.
    2. YJ career is doomed, there is no way on earth i will ever watch her show again, even if her lead pair is Binnie or KJH himself , ever ever again.
    3. SH – if he ends up with AJ, i am never watching you ever again, i am not going to hear you ever again too and your voice is irresistible, though he is only whining these days , for me he comes very close to The voice – Lee Sun Gyun
    4. If you ever believe in concept of rebirth, KJH and YEH have to be reborn again in someshow and end up as married couple with six kids for me to watch them. There is no way on earth, i would want them to see them both separated in this show. ofcourse, the only other alternate for me is to hear they are dating in real life too.

    I am not waiting for the show to finish, but when it finishes, i want to hear the good news that they both are dating. I am going to give them time, Well until they start another show, as thats what happened to Binnie, he realized he was in love until Song Hye-Kyo started another show and separation made them realize they were in love.

    Anyways coming back to YEH and KJH, when are you breaking us the good news?

      • I meant the pd and the writer, not KJH and YEH.

        1. i had billions
        2. i was korean
        3. or remotely knew anyone in korean drama industry

        i would make rom-coms with only these two , no other characters, give them all the screen time. release three shows an year, and rest of the time, follow them in a reality show.

    • Marry me, Mary or Mary stayed out all night, depending which blog you follow. Here? It’s Marry me, Mary, shortened in M3, which is an acronym found when Ockoala and her friends were bouncing ideas back and forth on twitter. ^^

  28. My first reaction (and I haven’t watched ep 11-12 yet though I saw random spoilery screencaps) was: “aw, crap!” I don’t really like when the writer get switched mid-production esp if the drama was doing okay-ish. I don’t care about ratings although I understand why a network would and would like to shake things up in order to get more viewers to watch. Still, as long as the OTP doesn’t get messed up, I’m fine. *joins you chanting*

    And chingu, why did you bring up M3 and ep 15? I can’t think about that and what that writer was going to do to our Mu-kyul-ah! Thank you sweet baby jesus JGS put his foot down. It’d have been tragic if the otp switcheroo had happened. I do like Jung-il, you know that, but…well, you KNOW. Omg, i’m stopping here or I’ll get incoherent again.

    Random. Viki released subs for ep12, but not 11. Aaaarrrggghhhhh! The wait is killing meeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • If M3 was going the way of a Spring Days where the heroine fell in love with both guys along the way, and Jung In wasn’t such a robot for the first 2/3 of the drama, then an OTP switch might be palpable. Though Seok-fans would have burst an artery in their brains regardless. Actually, I take that back, it has to take into account actor chemistry, and the GeunGeuns were %^^&%%^7 OMG the sweetest, cutest couple EVAR, so yeah, even contemplating switching the OTP in M3 is sheer insanity.

      I still remember trying to come up with an acronym for M3. MSOAN is such a mouthful.

      • That’s what I wanted from M3 when the cast was announced BTH. I wanted to see Mae-ri torn between the guys because both were awesome in their own ways. However, the way M3 was written and the insane chemistry of the GeunGeun made that impossible, just like you said.

        That was fun! 🙂

  29. I guess LTM viewers won’t really mind the change of writers for this drama. As long as they deliver and won’t disrupt the line of story telling, and as long as GAJ and HGJ end up together happily ever after nobody will complain.

    The problem in rating is an issue for the network/producer surely has to earn something from their investment. I guess choices made by Koreans are due to cultural upbringing, they were exposed to different things that are different from other nationalities: that are also influenced by other factors. With that, other international viewers are influenced by the western culture. There are choices of dramas that went well in ratings in Korea but had only a small following outside. LTM is being delivered with a touch of western storytelling, (that may be quite liberated for the Koreans) that is why most viewers in the net are hooked with this. Had this drama been shown in Hollywood, it would be comparable to the works of Drew Barrymore or Anne Hathaway (romantic-comedy genre) and would definitely earn big bucks.

    When this drama goes off outside Korea, maybe they (Koreans) will have a change of heart and appreciate it. Also, producers would then be happy for they will earn more since this already had a huge following in the international scene. YEH’s market power is so strong outside Korea so this will definitely be a success.

    • Now that you brought up ratings, yes I completely agree with your line of thinking. It’s good to keep that in mind to keep our balance.

    • That’s what I read as well. Anyway, I’m happy SBS released a statement saying that they’re sticking to the original writer’s plans. Now the execution will hopefully be better AND we get our single-writer’s love story 🙂

  30. Whatever, I’m still in. Thank you thank you Ockoala for worsening my addiction. I got a pad to read you better.

  31. the pd change, the writer change n boom the rating is 11.7 in seoul compare to last week of 10.7. but I really care about it. we web viewer knows that they’re #1 w/ their international fans.just like *liethan* said the second writer is the romantic type so I’m all for it. give this old lady romance all the time. I don’t know what I’m gonna do after this drama is done, maybe buy the dvd so I can watch this 2 beautiful ppl all the time…ayay yay

    • and lastly I just love reading all this comments from this young gen. who are sooo in love w/this drama. they always make me lol everytime. thanks ms koala

  32. The rating dropped to a disappointing 9% for yesterday episode. Ugh, I dont understand those Korean viewers, i mean, its SO good, and we got our OTP delivering their touching ending and the hugs! Do I have to talk about that powerful hugs?

  33. I don’t mind the writer change so much. We get to see a lot more of YEH & KJH together and less of the boring side character stuff, which works for me. Plus it’s great to see KJH act all goofy because lets face it, he’s so endearing when he does.

    I just wish that they had changed out the writer in the beginning so that the story was more like what these two episodes bring out. But I love this drama, beginning ’til end. So I’m not butt hurt about the switch, for now.

  34. no wonder we’re seeing a different ki joon but i’m not complaining. i so love the OTP so much that i’m ignoring the flaws. anyways, i’m here to be entertained so i’m accepting any random development in the love story of the couple. more sweet moments, the better. heheh! but i’m afraid, the two now are about to brace an impending storm. and yeah, let’e keep on chanting… everything will be just fine!

  35. If I’m honest every time Lie To Me, the best chapter after chapter we have shown a relationship real and honest. The chemistry between Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan is beyond the computer screens. If you do not read what the writer really change or notice it. The success of this drama is guaranteed at the international level and as they say in my country: Nobody is prophet in his land. Korea lost a great drama with excellent performances. I really love it and I’m super addicted to it, I count the hours to come and view it on Monday. Be true that the change in writers is that they extend the amount of episodes? Know anything about that?

    • Same here. My sister, who I force to watch dramas with me, loves LTM. From the first. And my brother was even watching it with her. When ep 2 was done and my sister wanted to go to sleep, my brother said “just lets watch the next damn episode. You can sleep after” heheh.

  36. As long as AJ and KJ are together I have no problems with the writer switch. I love LTM. Hopefully they can make special episodes for us. Lie to me have millions of fans world wide. Thank you Koala.

  37. They wanted to…To KILL? Are they….Are they out of their minds? Thats one the reason why I started watching M3. Because JGS. I didnt watch his YB drama, because well…I didn’t really get the vibes for it. Plus the leading girl irked me for some unknown reason. But i watched him in his movie “Baby and me” Gah. Lets just say….He GRABBED MY HEART OUT MY CHEST AND TATTOOED HIMSELF ON THERE. Gah he was so cute. And I liked his co-star. But Anyways, where was I? Hmmm How dare they wanted to kill him. M#$%&^*F($#%^&. But good thing he fixed that. Hah, thank go this ltm new writer is heading in the write direction. poor first writer though, i hate hearing stories like hers. It gives them a bad rep. She should write a book. And when sbs ask to turn it into a tv show, she say’s hell no!! hehe. But Yeah I fort where I was. LTM FIGHTING!!!!!!

    • They wanted to kill, Kang Moo Kyul ? Seriously? But, they were mad or something? I watched M3 not because “the great story about Mary and her two husbands”, (get the sarcasm)!! Because Jang Geun Suk, is one of the most sexiest men alive!!! OMG and his lips!!! *totally melting* I fell in love with him ans his lips in You’re Beautiful and he was a tortured soul there, but in M3, he was such a free spirit, I lurved the contrast of the characters, and damn, he do it perfectly!!! I need to go to South Korea and teach some senses to some writers and producers and everyone in between!! Common!!!

      • @Angelitocurioso I think you should too my dear. I mean, these writers and their tragic ending, gah. Good thing Jang Geun Seok stepped in. Man he is even sexier to me now. I’m just picturing him saying, “Hold right there now Wiatch with a b. New writer-nim wannabe real writer-nim say whaaaaat?” Heheheh

      • *melting*
        Ohhhhhh with that sexy mouth of his, saying that things!!!
        *totally melting*
        Mmmmm Yummy!!!
        Ottoke? I don’t know which one choose? Park Hoon = Pastry Smurf or Kang Moo Kyul = Sexy Lips!!! LOL

        BTW you were the one watching Manny, right? Found out that in, epdrama, episode 13 is available with subs!! Totally awesome!!!

  38. I actually liked the way the drama was going with the old writer. IT was a little disruptive watching ep 11&12 because KJ changed completely to a more silly and lovey/dovey type where as previously he was not. Also, lets not forget that the old writer gave us the cola kiss which was pretty great! LOL
    My first impressions of the new writer is that he’s a little cornier. Seriously nowadays young people are not this corney (the romantic dinner scene, and the dialogues are just little more corney in my opinion). If my date was to snap his fingers to change the music or to get the food i would be ROTFL.! Also the way the story is going, its very predictable. Thats all the complains i have, but i still love watching them two. 🙂

  39. do you that this screenwriter Kim ye ri is also the screen writer of “heading to the ground”? the one that stars yunno n go-ara. everytime I read a review if this drama nobody said a good thing its always the worst drama in dramaland. ha!! no wonder…

    • I read somewhere the writer for LTM not from HTTG…”.With a writer who has been selected via formal exhibition process,.” from YEHnet..About rating even LTM not doing well in Korea, but
      Advertisement for Lie To Me is mostly sold out…It is also doing very well selling ad spaces for reruns as reruns of Lie To Me episode 10 sold about 30 CF slots…that’s more than most other drama’s 1st broadcast. So, it’s doing very well..

      3. Ratings do affect advertisers, but I do think they also have other data as well…Such as rerun viewing numbers and internet download numbers..Perhaps not the exact numbers, but they may have something that gives them an idea as Lie To Me has gotten lots of internet attention..

      Afrika, Korean video program that airs LTM has over 80 ‘Lie To Me’ accounts compared to 2 for ‘Baby Face’ and 3 for ‘Best Love’ when we checked 2 weeks ago. And LTM DC gallery is the most active DC gallery of all dramas that are airing now…(cr:CDBloom in YEHnet)..for me I just luv the drama..even my over the hill agewise but this is my cup of tea, one of the drama I will watch it again and again for the so REAL chemistry KJH/YEH satisfy my quencher of thirst for romance of love..

  40. I liked ep 11&12. When your inlove you Trasform to a different persona and you tend to do crazy things that you would never imagine you would have done. And KJ is No exeption to that, the dude is f^cking inlove. What do you expect??Hayyyyyyy. If nobody mentionef about the writer changed, I wouldnt noticed it coz I was so engrossed watching KJH/YEH on screen. No Sh!t the new writer has to give us a steamy bed scene so she can make a difference and give KJH/YEH a justice. Pls… I wanna see some NASTY lovey dovey. (wink)

    • Just to let you know I love all your GIFs…I even posted some on YEHsoompi with credit to you…of course!! Thanks and keep doing more LTM GIFs for us.

      • Take whatever you want, anything for KJH & YEH. Let’s spread out the cola love. I wish, I could have done more than that. KJH & YEH deserve the best in K-landia world. They set a new record when it comes to kissing scene and It might take awhile before someone can break the record or maybe they could break it with another hot kissing scene we still have 4 more ep remaining.

  41. The change in his character doesn’t bother me one bit. To me, when he is with her he gets to be himself. He gets to relax and bring the side of him that he has to hide with other people. And a proof that his character is not that off the wagon is the Cola kiss. I’m happy with the change and how he’s giving himself a chance.

  42. Another piece of my mind!!

    Let me divide things, because it is too much info in my head. And I need to process it all. Why the hell I am reading/writing this, listening all kind of sad love songs? I dunno, maybe I am a masochist!! A hopeless romantic? Y_Y *shaking my head without understanding*


    As for the writer change, I don’t really care, because, I think the flow of the drama was slow, in the first episodes and their relationship was progressing little by little. In drama land, is always like that. As in life, things take time to develop and grow. Like the flowers, but they do it backwards, first marriage, then love. Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

    Anyway the new writer, put out, the big guns, and makes our beloved OTP, so lovely-dovey that I freaking lurve it!! I live in the real world, with all the crap, that happen in this cruel and dark world, is more than enough, but when I turn on to see a drama, I want to see, fantasy, comedy, love, dorkiness, totally insane fall in love stupidity, that make me drool!! I don’t want to see, illness, or heavy drama, or Grey’s Anatomy dealing with life and death everyday!! That is a NO, NO, HELL NO!!! For me. That is too much.

    I want to see a guy, who was perfectly ice prince, poker face and all, become a totally dork for the girl he likes. I want to see a girl, who is touched by all the awesomeness that he is doing, showing her, his love. Like Jie Xiu in Drunken to Love You, with the balloons, and the sign and “I can’t take your sadness away, but I want to give you part of my happiness” Totally corny, totally cheesy, but I lurve it!! How cool was that?? Or Seung Jo in Playful Kiss, “You love me, you can’t love anyone else” speech/kiss under the umbrella!! Oh Crap!! That makes my knees tremble!!!

    If the new writer can do scenes like the dinner date, where they kiss, so touchy, so tender or the I take you to your door, and see you enter, or I watched you from my balcony, wanting so bad to see you, and when I do, I smile like if I have won the most beautiful thing in the whole fucking world. And after a day without seeing your face, I finally see you, and I hug you, trying to imprint you in my skin, to never let you go!! OMG, I buy it!!! Like Sam Shik in Sam Soon “I hope you were little, to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere” OMG!! Where in heaven I can find a man like that??? Please tell me??

    *goose bumps everywhere* and definitely the music doesn’t help!!

    As for the character change, is about time!! Demigod needs it to grow, we know it hurts and it sucks, but it is necessary. Civil Servant needed to acknowledge Ice Prince’s feelings. Ice Prince needed to show how he truly feels, and after all, remember he is a grown up, with the heart of a child!! He confess that he still play with miniature models, to Civil Servant, and I think was the first time, he do that!! Botox Lady, she was “fine” with the fake marriage, because, she was trying to protect Demigod, but once he told her, that he was pass the point of no return, she is only looking to save her company, I don’t think she care a little about, Ice Prince feelings for Civil Servant. He do it once, he can do it again, right?

    As for the cheesy, corny, totally awesomeness of Ice Prince, he was dorky from the beginning, remember how the Cola Kiss start? He was shaking that bottle, like the end of the world? Remember who was the one who started with the kissy mode? Remember the bench and the floating cherry blossoms? He was/is a hopeless romantic, it just that as he says, he fell in love with someone who he wasn’t supposed to love, so he had to stop himself! He had to restrain himself, because he doesn’t want to hurt Demigod! Remember when Civil Servant was drunk and try to cross the street, almost got hit, but he pull her towards him, and hug her, totally worried, and totally freak out!!

    [Quote] bella
    in response to Ah Jung’s “…you seem like a different person”
    I guess, Love is indeed mysterious that way… it can bring out the good, the bad, the pathetic, the dorky and all around cheesiness in a person… [/quote]

    Love bring out the god, the bad, even the ugly, but that is, what is tricky about LOVE, you have to accept, everything, even the flaws, it is easy, to love the good things, but is in the bad times, the ugly times/things, that LOVE is truly put to the test, and you can see how strong it is!! The first act is always beautiful, is the second act, and the behind the scenes that counts!!

    Honore De Balzac says:

    -1-“Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.”

    -2- “Love is a phenomenon so rare, that you can live all your life without finding the person, that the nature gives the power to make you happy.”

    Love, happiness, support, communication, understanding, are such rare things, to find in this highly speed super disconnected world. That when you find someone, who can complete you, when you have that person, you become someone that, you don’t even recognize. I remember when I fell in love, I do so corny things, write “poems and songs” OMG totally cheesy, but it is fine, because, when it comes from the heart, everything is fine!!!

    (Ok, the music still doesn’t help!! LOL)

    “The most precious possession that ever comes to a man, in this world, is a woman’s heart.” Josiah G. Holland

    The only thing a person can gift to another is their selves! With a bow and all!! When you fall in love, you jump that bridge, like you can fly! It doesn’t matter if you fall and hurt yourself, because tomorrow, the sun will come out, and a brand new day will start!! So, I am in love with Lie To Me, not only because, the OTP, burn my eyes out, but because the love story, how to totally random people, because faith/destiny/serendipity/God, wanted them to collide, in that precise moment, and recognize, in the other, things that they don’t have!!

    Xiao Ru +Jie Xiu, Drunken ToLove You
    Ah Jung + Ki Joon, Lie To Me
    Sam Soon + Sam Shik, Sam Soon
    Jin +Ae Jung. Best Love
    Everyone of them have things, the other dont, that is what make the story so magical!! So beautiful, so full of love!!

    To be honest, I jump in LTM, bus since episode 5, and I didn’t want to watch the first episodes, but I did it, to understand the story better, thank God All Mighty, that I did, I fell in love right away!! It hook me, shake me, and left me wanting more, and more, the story, the actors, the pain, the love!!

    • lol – such a long rant speaks volumes about how much you (and in reading your essay fully) we, love dramas 🙂

    • Gawd! I could not believe, I’m reading your comment with the compilation of love quotes and saying… Im cracking up right now.. Sorry….Dude I think your a positive carrier of (ALTMS) Acquired LIE TO ME SYNDROME.. I can see the signs and symptoms. You are badly infected.. You need a high dose of EP 13&14.. But seriously, I’m with you.. I know the feeling.. I could even watch any drama. That’s why, my drama life, Sucks and Stinks… My life would never be the same after LTM…

    • woah!!! that’s some kinda of a speech there! *claps till my hands hurt* mabrook, habibi!!! (congratulations my dear in arabic) you made your point very clear indeed. encore! encore! encore! 😀

  43. Ok..I have been reading comments from DB and this blog. I always prefers positive to negative one, not that I can’t see which one is good or bad but afterall this is only a drama. I hope fans here will keep on a good comments and positive. If we so much put the negative of the script than it will become one. I hope that nobody’s gonna make a war out of LTM, nobody fight over whose recap is much better cuz afterall for me I am here because Koala has given what I want (I m a diehard romantic gal) and just love how she described KJ and AJ. I love the storyline because it is not complicated and it is not too stressful (the only stressful thing is waiting for the next eps :)) Thank you again KOala for the marvelous recap. Keep up the romantic, funny and thorough recap. Muah…….

  44. Koala the bit you mentioned about M3 and JGS putting his foot down, that’s true? OMG I didn’t even know. Crazy stuff.

  45. Does anyone know where I can find fanfiction for YEH + KJH or GAJ/HKJ??? I need more of their romance to tide me over until next week… help please?

  46. yes, i agree it doesn’t matter if LTM changed writer i appreciate the previous and current writer and adore them both for giving us LTM, the OTP. no matter what is the reason of the previous writer i whole heartily thank him.
    and now, 4 more episodes to go and i just can’t help but to feel sad for LTM. i’m gonna miss the OTP. wishing and hoping a Hean-Hye rom-com forever!!!

  47. A song for those. like me, who are hopeless romantics!!!

    “In my life I see where I’ve been
    I said that I’d never fall again
    Within myself I was wrong
    My searchin’ ain’t over… over
    I know that

    When you love a woman
    You see your world inside her eyes
    When you love a woman
    You know she’s standin’ by your side
    A joy that lasts forever
    There’s a band of gold that shines waiting
    Somewhere… oh oh yeah

    If I can’t believe that someone is true
    To fall in love is so hard to do
    I hope and pray tonight
    Somewhere you’re thinking of me girl
    Yes I know I… I know that

    It’s enough to make you cry.
    When you see her walkin’ by
    And you look into her eyes”

    Artist: Journey
    Song: When you love a woman
    Every credit belong to the owner!

    • I can’t stop listening to that song!! OMG, I am so in love with love!!! I am hopeless!! Really I am as dorky as the Ice Prince, I just pray that the “one who completes me” is listening this song at this right moment!!! LOL How cheesy!!! *totally blushing*

  48. I love all you Liar/LTM fans!! 🙂 You all make me love LTM even more than I already do which I didn’t think was possible. So – I’ve been onboard loving this series since ep 1 despite all its flaws. I seriously think I love it more and more each day. So I just went back and watched eps 1 – 10 pretty much (except skipped some of the AK/SB/AJ’s Daddy parts) and then watched ep 12 which I had not seen in its entirety yet. I watched ep 11 yesterday. Anyhow – I was particularly focused on KJ and his character change/growth with all this talk. I still think it makes sense since previously he didn’t really have a reason to show off his cheesy side – but now he does! So the writer change hasn’t bothered me much (yet).

    The YJ plot line is really drawing thin on me. As I rewatched 10 episodes, I guess can’t take her anymore – and now with ep 12 – I really can’t take her, her parents & his aunt. WTH?!!! I really want to stick them all with my sister’s inlaws who I swear can take on any Kdrama “villain” (parental) character in their selfishness, unreasonable, don’t make any sense and just don’t plain care about anyone but themselves, not even their own son. Not only do they not help, they hurt and intentionally cause stress and harm to others – that’s pretty much these characters in a nutshell. Aunt has made it clear that she isn’t interested in how KJ really feels nor his happiness (I hope she takes that back in the future). WTH with YJ and her parents – her dad is going around saying that they are in talks for marriage.

    I actually enjoyed the mix of lighthearted moments in ep 12 and well, hated the whole YJ/business angst. Writers — please come up with a really creative way for KJ and AJ to work together through this rough patch with his business. His aunt is right about the business world but since this is drama, at least make it so that they can help each other in their respective workplaces. I really don’t want a AJ does the noble idiocy thing and gives up KJ so he doesn’t lose his position blah blah… like Ra-Im did with Joo Won in SG, and like every other female lead with Chaebol boyfriend does in almost all dramas. Please!!! 🙂

    BTW – I really felt so bad for AJ when she had to talk to the minster boss in ep 12. I know it’s basically her fault in a way, but still – I understand her hurt and what a tough day it was for her. Definitely been through something like that at work – where I got “thrown under the bus” by some coworkers and called into the big boss’ office – wasn’t my fault but I’ll tell you – any talk like that is emotionally hard to deal with. I’m so glad KJ came to her.

    LTM fighting!! YEH and KJH – Fighting!!! I’ll be supporting AJ and KJ couple all the way regardless of who the writer is.

  49. I LOVE the affection shown in this drama. It’s the most I’ve seen in all the dramas I’ve watched so far. I love the connection btwn these two. Thank You so much for all the updates, spoilers and photos.

  50. thanks koala for your effort..but for some reasons i got bored watching the last 2 episodes:( …but i still love KJH and YEH!
    Luv u too!

  51. I just read it on that SBS let out a statement that the original writer of LTM didnt step down because of low ratings, but because she has health issues and it was affecting her writing. But that they plan to follow her creative path.
    Im so happy with this, because it means that they didnt ditch her work because of ratings. Hope she feels better though, I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  52. I always wondered why the rating is so low despite the great OTP. Those two are my favorites korean actor and actress. Well, if they want to increase their rating, they should have more kissing, hugging scenes. Or even great speech that ki joon delivered to yoon joo…..

  53. I dont think Hyun Ki Joons change in character is all due to the new writer. I mean, look at episode 10 when he practically followed her around, especially at the restaurant where her co-workers were with her, and he was just so crazy fun. I mean, its definitely more pronounced in episode 11, but I think 12–because they were back home probably, felt just normal and good. Plus if you look back to the previous episode and his flashback with *ugh* Yoon *ugh* Joo, you see that when he’s *ugh* When he’s….*ugh* in…*UGH* love, he’s a very happy person. Gosh that was hard to say. And im referring to the part where he ran to You know who on toop of the hotel roof.

  54. Rewatching the boarding-the-limo-with-yoonju-looking-on…

    and OMO.. that smile and small laugh coming from KJ in response to AJ’s “kamsahamnida”.. the lingering touches before boarding that limo.. the hand-holding. Man! now, that’s palpable chemistry.. it’s done so amazingly good, in a makes-you-feel-giggly-and-blushing sort of way, that it can’t be anything but REAL!

    I just hope they end up dating and eventually marrying IRL after this drama.. heh! =) that’ll definitely cure my withdrawals after this drama ends.

  55. Wowww.. changing writers?? a dejavu with MSOAN.. the same low ratings.. the changing writers and the greattttt OTP chemistryyy.. Why why why?

  56. Cause when you set an expectation that it’s rom com then rom com it is….tsk tsk mindset…. 🙁 It’s the gap between satisfaction and dissatisfaction….hopeless romantics would love this….cynical people who is too jaded would rather laugh than cry again about love…and yes THE WORLD IS JADED so network people get the idea ????

  57. Well, we dont really care much on whom the writter of the LTM, what really matter to us most is the GAJ and HKJ…. hehehhheehehee… love them sooooo muucccchhhhhh…. mwah..
    Thankz koala for all the updates….

  58. In the first episodes, Ahjung was more kooky , zany , a perfect counterpoint to Ki-joon’s serious, ice-cold character. It could have developed nicely if only the writer did not meander aimlessly and forgot that this is a romance comedy where every episode has to exude romance. Also, motivation for Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon’s characterization was weak and not well developed for viewers to understand and empathise with them. So you enjoy the acting but ask what the hell is happening to the story? Still there were many exciting scenes like in episodes 2, 5 and 8. The present new writer has an easier job, than the previous, he or she has only to heighten and taper off the characterization of Ah-jung and Ki-joon. Having two good actors – YEH and KJH, many are hoping that he succeeds tremendously.

  59. before reading this article, i always felt that the story started to digress from the original characters and story line. now i know why. i find myself rewatching the earlier episodes and totally ignoring the later ones. i guess i just preferred the original screenwriter and where s/he was taking me more than i did the latter one. if only….

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