Janine Chang and Peter Ho’s New TW-Drama Starts Filming

I was totally not expecting this drama to move this fast into production when I posted a few weeks ago that Janine Chang and Peter Ho have been tapped as the leads of the upcoming TW-drama Xiao Xian’s Beautiful Life (see post here). Today came the official confirmation that the drama starts filming in two days, and the title and story have been significantly changed.

The new title is now Please Ring Twice With Sincerity (真心請按兩次鈴) and the plot has apparently undergone significant changes as well to reflect the real life backgrounds of Peter and Janine. The drama will be helmed by the PD who did the popular and critically acclaimed My Queen with Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang.

The main cast held its first script reading already (see above). Since Peter Ho grew up in Canada, his character will now be an overseas Chinese returning to Taiwan, and his profession has been changed to a photographer because Peter loves photography. Janine’s character will have three distinct looks: fashionista, old maid, and pink-collar worker.

Peter’s photography job brings him into contact with Janine’s character, who has been segregated from people due to an illness. They meet each other again 7 years later. By then Janine is a single mom, and their reunion will significantly affect Janine’s life. This sounds way more interesting than the previous synopsis for this drama. Count me curious.

[Credit: UDN news]


Janine Chang and Peter Ho’s New TW-Drama Starts Filming — 16 Comments

  1. sounds interesting! Why all the tw-dramas you mention sound so good? You gotta stop that! I need time to sleep, you know?

  2. i love the way Peter Ho was looking at Janine Chang in the picture. everything reminds me of LTM now, like how KJH looks at YEH.

  3. I never got to finish My Queen, as I couldn’t find subs for past episode 11 (and sadly, unlike Korean dramas, I can’t watch Tawianese ones raw), but I did like the directing in it. I think. I’m pretty sure. In any case, this one sounds good, and I do love Janine. ^_^ I’ve only seen Peter Ho in Summer’s Desire, and I thought he was okay, although I was TOTALLY rooting for the other guy to get the girl. Nevertheless. This still looks fun. Thanks for sharing, unni!

    • You stopped at a great place. My Queen went downhill fast in the second half, due to extension they created angst for the OTP. First half was excellent. Very lovely directing.

      • Argh! Really, extensions are evil…they always end up making the characters do things that are totally out of character in order to fill the time, and everyone’s unhappy. Oh well. Guess I won’t try to hard to find the rest of the episodes, then.

  4. Have only watched Janine in The Hospital and thought her acting is so so… But i like her nonetheless cos though she looks sweet, she also gives out an intellectual aura. Haven’t watch Sunny Happiness… Is it worth watching?

    She’s seems to be quite prolific in dramas recently…

    • Hey! I agree with you that janine in white hospital was so-so, but in sunny happiness she proved me wrong on many counts. I think her acting became so much more convincing. I’m looking forward to this one, the storyline is already making me curious!

  5. As much as I try to like Peter Ho, I just can’t. I don’t find him attractive at all. Eversince he did “Agean Sea” with Alec Su and that Korean girl Chae Rim.

  6. peter ho is such a great actor(NO DOUBT) but pairing him to janine chang??????????? her acting is not ready for a lead star she doesn’t have the star factor(my personal comment) they rather get ady an play the lead role

  7. in this drama,Janine is great! same as Peter. they both have the good chemistry. i love both of them, hope they will pair together in real life.

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