J-Remake of You’re Beautiful Gears Up for Premiere in Two Weeks

Not sure if anyone is interested in checking this out, but the upcoming TBS J-dorama remake of the popular K-drama You’re Beautiful is scheduled to premiere in two weeks. The remake stars a new slew of J-ent idols, which may or may not rocket them to stardom the way HanaDan made Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun.

Speaking of which, Ikemen Desu Ne (literal translation Beautiful Man, Yes?) will be helmed by the director who did HanaDan, so expect the same manga-ish vibe. We have relative newcomer Takimoto Miori in the Park Shin Hye role, Tamamori Yuka in the Jang Geun Seok role, Fujigaya Taisuke in the Jung Yong Hwa role, and Yaotome Hikaru in the Lee Hong Ki role.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that all three guys are Johnny’s, right? Tamamori and Fujiya are members of the group Kis-My-Ft2, and Yaotome is a member of the group HEY SAY JUMP. Apparently there is a possibility that the original Korean cast might make a cameo appearance. Bringing the trailer and BTS interviews from the cast which leads me to conclude that this looks like a scene-by-scene remake.

I’m not holding my hopes too high it’ll be good with a cast consisting of newbie Johnnys. Too bad Jun, Yamapi, Kame, Jin, Toma, et. al. are all too old for this idol stuff because I miss them so much onscreen. Compared to Ikemen, I’m actually way more interested in TBS’s other Summer offering, the drama adaptation of the manga Arakawa Under the Bridge with Oguri Shun.


J-Remake of You’re Beautiful Gears Up for Premiere in Two Weeks — 44 Comments

  1. this is quite interesting—i hope for heaven’s sake this version of you’re beautiful j-dorama style works out well—i truly do… 😮

  2. Nice will check out that manga adaptation Arakawa Under the Bridge because Oguri Shun was Takiya Genji in Crows Zero which I think is one of the best manga adaptation ever. Crows and it sequel Worst is on my all time favorite manga 🙂

  3. I have not read any complaints about it but I’m just going to say it – I really don’t like it when men tweeze their eyebrows to a point where it’s so thin and angled that if only the eyebrows where shown to people, you’d think they’re women’s eyebrows. What’s w/ that? That’s why I stay away from some dramas….all because of eyebrows. It really bothers my nerves.

    • omo, i didn’t give it much thought before, but now that you mentioned it, yeah, it makes them too girl-y. mine aren’t even like theirs, lol.

      • this style is called “bishonen” literally “beautiful youth” (beautiful boy) just sayin’

      • Yeah, just look at the recent Kang Ji-hwan & Kim Hyun Joong’s eyebrows. They are groomed, very metro, very testosterone sexy.

  4. Thanks Mam…wow..Mam K u also can read hiragana n katakana??awesome!! I also read Ikemen desune! Ikemen = meinan(chinese)? I don’t like Idol drama…I just interested Mam mention about oguri shun n yamapi hehe..lurve them ♡\(^O^)/♡

  5. Definitely planning on watching this along with the J-remake of Hana Kimi..hopefully it turns out good! I might also check out Arakawa Under the Bridge

    • But…why on earth are they making a new Hana Kimi already?!?! XD I just don’t get it!

      Hm, I don’t know, I think the Korean cast was more appealing.

      And yeah, I always hoped that Akanishi Jin and co. would do a “Yukan Club Season 2”, but it never happened. Guess it’s all about ratings, or sponsors and stuff @_@~

  6. In terms of comedy, I think Jdramas win so I am definitely looking forward to this remake. It really is to bad Kame or Yamapi couldn’t be apart of this but I will keep an open mind with this cast.

  7. Hope its an okay drama and the heroine is not as stupid as in the korean version. It annoyed me to no end.

  8. Oh man. This is SO going to be a screwball comedy of sorts. DNW! It gives me Hana Kimi vibes and…no. I’ll probably watch the cameo from the YaB cast if it ever happens, but as for the drama? Yab was enough, thank you very much!

    • PS: JSYK, I can’t find the thread where we were talking about Coffee House. If you replied to my comment, er…I’m not ignoring you, okay? I’ve been looking for that thread for half an hour and no luck! *facepalm*

      PPS: I’ve bought the LTM ost, woohoo

  9. Have zip interest in this but Arakawa Under the Bridge??? With Oguri Shun? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!

  10. Yaotome Hikaru has scary teeth. Sorry, but it really took me aback as I was watching the second video. xD
    Appearance-wise I only like Takimoto Miori and Tamamori Yuka. Otherwise I clearly prefer the Korean actors. ^^’
    Acting-wise I can’t tell until I watched it, but I’m not sure if I should give it a try. I mean if it really is a scene-by-scene remake. x_x

  11. Sorry, my Japanese is a little weak, but the title is not You’re Beautiful. Literally, it’s ? Man Become/Is. I’m wondering if this is the female version of the word Onnagatta (male crossdressing).

  12. If it’s going to be a scene by scene remake, I don’t see much of a point watching it unfortunately. I did love the J drama version of HanaKimi but i think i can attribute that largely to horikita maki. In addition to the fact that it was it’s own version.

    But since i’m actually in the mood for a new J drama to follow, arakawa under the bridge looks promising.

  13. If the cast was instead:
    Hwang Tae Kyung = Yamapi or Toma
    Kang Shin Woo = Jin or Kame
    Jeremy = Tegoshi or Uchi

    I would die a happy death.
    *recalls her young days of JE fangirling*

    • Basically, we needed to time travel this drama back a few Johnny years and get Jun, Kame and Pi – now THAT would have been a bucket of fun.

      • Who would you cast as what?

        You know my bias, but I also know my Pi can’t pull off Hwang Tae Kyung. He’d be a perfect Jeremy though.

        I’d make Jin-Shin Woo and Kame-Tae Kyung.

        Sad that hotness is inversely proportional to talent for some Johnnys. Yeah, I have zero interest in the new crop.

    • yea i think tegoshi yuya is perfect for jeremy (after Y.N.S.H )
      but not the others
      (not to offend anybody, just my opinion ^_^ )

  14. No one can make You’re Beautiful like Jang Geun Suk.
    This is going to the horrible. I mean there’s not even hottie in there. The guy who supposes to be Jeremy is not an eye-candie at all.

    • if you happen to watch/follow jdorama then you’ll know they aint totally about good looks but talents and expect some craziness. everything are about balancing. they may not super handsome/pretty like in kdrama but as long as its entertaining and convincing then should not be any problem, dont you agree?

      • You said it ! Hanadan made me love Matsujun (I found him ugly, scrawny, weird, eww and after watching the drama I respected him) and start watching jdramas. Kdramas are too much into “beautiful” what make their dramas look like they are no deph

  15. koala, I was thinking that Pi would be Jeremy, Jun as Tae Kyung and Kame as Shin Woo. But these baby Johnnies, boy this is going to be a trainwreck.

    • They’re actually all about the same age as the original cast….XD Although you’re right this will probably be a trainwreck seeing as they haven’t really acted much before XD Watching it anyway XD

  16. JKS is the ultimate Taekyung…and I say this as a long-time JE fan.

    I’m sceptical about the the casting; but I’m gonna watch the drama so long as it doesn’t suck that bad—and my tolerance level is pretty high too! ^^

    Yeah, Pi as Jeremy and Kame as Taekyung would’ve been right–> reminds me of Nobuta wo Produce:) Too bad they’re far beyond that stage in their careers where they could do this.

    イケメン”Ikemen” is a recent slang word which is a contraction of イケてる Iketeru ( Hot) + 面 Men (face) or Menzu ( Men). It generally refers to hot /cool guys who have beautiful faces. But it has a wide-range in terms of usage, it is also used to mean “cool and fresh” in general…for example,イケメン政治家( ikemen seijika) ikemen politician. Ikemen is a trendy word, so it is more appropriate for a trendy drama than let’s say 美少年”bishounen”.

  17. I’m completely evaluating this drama Oma shallow level of eye-candy lol The main guy seems ok and the only one I like.. I had no clue about this remake and I’m a little surprised since yesterday I was rewatching YB and thought of a possible t or j-remake

  18. Did not buy the cast when the castlist came out (though I have to admit that Takimoto Miori looks more boyish than Park Shin Hye did).

    After watching the NG clips, I’m convinced that without a single strong actor to helm the drama (like JGS did), I should prolly stay away from this.

    RE: Yamapi and fellow ‘older’ johnnys, hha they could always do a TGL remake. =P

  19. I find my self not interested in this at all.
    The new batch of icecream just doesn’t seem to suit my flavor.
    When Miss Koala showed the pictures of the korean characters and japanese characters, my mind just kinda went… *plop*

  20. I also like Horikita Maki since in Nobuta and Hanakimi.. I wish she would play in a new drama that suit her and may improve her acting…

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