Sneak Peek at Kang Ji Hwan in Early Production of The Great Doctor

Just a gentle reminder that the hotness you are about to see belongs to Koala at the playground, who is in turn keeping safe from grabbity fangirls for Yoon Eun Hye. Oppa belongs only to her in real life. Normally I’d be all jealous, but not with them. Anyways, I’ve had these screencaps for awhile now but never got around to posting it. For those of you who follow the minutae of K-dramas (I get my Yeouido gossip here and there) know about Faith (The Great Doctor), the fusion sageuk that was in production early last year. It was slated to star Lee Jun Ki (swoonswoonswoon) and mark the return to the small screen of Kim Hee Sun. Then Jun Ki got shipped off to MS and Kang Ji Hwan stepped in.

Except Ji Hwan did Coffee House without the approval of the Entertainment Association so he got his ass frozen for Faith, which was to have been directed by the PD responsible for the epic Legend with Bae Yong Joon. But the cast actually shot footage on Jeju which got leaked late last year. Faith is not officially DOA, but I have no clue if it’ll ever get made. All I know is Ji Hwan looked SO DAMN FINE in sageuk garb. Way hotter than his jokester character in Hong Gil Dong. Look and drool.

Faith was also slated to star Choi Min Soo, Kim Seung Soo,Β and Philip Lee. At this point it could pull a Poseidon and get resurrected with an entirely new cast. Or go the way of Love Song and be forever always a pipe dream. Personally, I’d love if either Ji Hwan or Jun Ki got to do it. But I would pick a different leading lady. Kim Hee Sun leaves me cold. I suggest giving Han Ga In her first sageuk. Kapow- imagine the collective pretty onscreen.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Kang Ji Hwan bar]


Sneak Peek at Kang Ji Hwan in Early Production of The Great Doctor — 71 Comments

  1. Thanks for the update Captain Koala, been lurking here silently….thirsty for more of our OTP’s updates……..kekeke πŸ˜›

    He really looks Great/Hot in sageuk!!!!!

  2. why is there a hospital scene? is this kinda reincarnation or like Return of Iljimae with present time scenes at the start they go to old sageuk time?

    Anyway, i love the powers!!!! Hope the producers will realize how popular KJH right now and will let him continue the kdrama. Also, i want a different leading lady too. But why look far? Can’t it be YEH again? why not, right? (^-^)

  3. nooo…. if he ever does sageuk… i’ll only be watching it when i turn 80…. thats too long a wait…. (sorry. its one genre of kdrama that i really can’t find myself willing to sit through) …. …

    (weird but the screen caps… no sizzle….no feel….)

  4. hello! this is my Nth time visiting our “playground” hihi (just like mi-dramacrazy) LURKING silently hehe

    Thanks! Thanks! Ms KOALA!

    Actually, i’m not yet DONE reading the latest news of our COUPLE of the DECADE πŸ™‚ hehehe

  5. hahahaha… so cute…. but i love him in lie to me….. super handsome….. BE MINE KANG JI HWAN……hehehehhe

  6. I was happy when Lee Junki was cast, but I’m going to lie I was positively ecstatic when KJH took his place. I remember seeing stills with KJH and Philip Lee and man, the hotness was insane!

    Word, KJH looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in Faith than he ever did in HGD.

    Btw, am I the only one who thinks PL is way hotter in sageuk garb? I think Legend ruined me because when I see him in modern clothes and although I can rationally tell he’s hot, I just don’t go OHMYGUH*FANS SELF* which I do when he’s wearing sageuk garb. Omg the armor thingy? laskjdlsdhfgksdhfg

    Nah, please don’t pull a Poseidon. I’d rather see KJH and PL in this. I agree about the leading lady, though (a change would be most welcome) but I wouldn’t choose Han Ga-in. She’s not a strong actress, imho and I’m afraid a sageuk will crush her.

    • i totally agree with you. Philip is way way hotter in sageuk drama. I hope i will get to see him again in action. Faith please happen already!!!

    • PL – snippet of that in Secret Garden no? I liked what I saw. hehe. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (still wont watch sageduk…. mm. but throw PL in … might consider. He can be dark prince.)

    • Ga In sucked donkey in Super Rookie (was cute tho) and Witch Amusement. But she completely changed my opinion of her acting ability in Bad Guy. She out-prettied BOTH Kim Nam Gil and Kim Jae Wook (that is almost impossible to do), and IMO delivered a more nuanced performance than either of them.

      Her hubby Yeon Jung Hoon couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag in East of Eden (still better than my Heon oppa tho), but what I heard was that he really stepped up in Jejoonwon. I think marriage did them both good, and Ga In may be due for a sageuk.

      Look, as much as I hated Dong Yi and think Han Hyo Joo is just a very green actress still, she nevertheless keeps pushing herself. Ergo, Ga In needs to do a sageuk.

      Anyhoo, I prefer Ji Hwan in Faith over Jun Ki as well (age thing, plus Jun Ki seems to think he can over-act like a mountain goat is chasing him when he’s in a sageuk).

      As for P.Lee – yeah, sageuk does him good. Actually, sageuk does everyone good. 49 Days would have sunk if 5 out of its 6 main cast wasn’t all sageuk veterans.

      I think Ji Hwan’s next drama needs to be a sageuk. He hasn’t challenged himself in Yeouido since HGD. Rough Cut was a great Chungmuro project, but going face-to-face with Ji Sub it can’t be helped, Ji Sub got the meatier role and delivered the hardhitting performance.

      • I agree. Man, Ji Sub was so perfect. KJH, as much as I adore him and his performance in Rough Cut, I couldn’t help being bothered with how squeaky/annoying his voice was at times when right up against So Ji Sub. I know he can pull of more gravity in his voice — just listen to him go Ah Jung-ah all day and ask who would want to break up with Oppa? But yeah… it was something I noticed.

        I’m excited for his August project though! Have they chosen all the leads/leading lady for that?

      • Oh I agree. Han Ga-in was in awesome shape in Bad Guy, pity the drama was what it was. Your theory about sageuks is interesting. Still, if I were a director, I’d probably think twice before casting her in one, but hey, maybe Bad guy wasn’t a fluke. *crosses fingers*

        OMG she was SO wooden in Super Rookie! Even Oh Ji-ho wasn’t exactly a wonderful actor back then, delivered a performance that, compared to Han Ga-in’s, could have won him an Oscar.

        I skipped East of Eden and I trust your judgment on Yeon Jung-hoon in it, but in Jejoongwon he was awesome! I also quite liked him Daddy Long legs, but maybe I wasn’t too subjective while watching that movie: the tears may have clouded my vision and my judgment.

        Well, great! Now I’ll be thinking of KJH in a sageuk until he gets cast in one. Why do you have these ideas? I have things to do, you know? :p I can’t waste half of my day daydreaming of KJH!

      • If you ever want to have a good laugh, watch EoE for all 50 episodes. I swear you will be in stitches. It was a competition to see who could act the WORST.

        Song Seung Heon + Lee Yeon Hee + Dennis Oh + Yeon Jung Hoon. The one person who could act, Lee Da Hae, ending up walking a dog for 3 minutes an episodes by the 30s. She finally said “fuck this” and left.

        Only Han Ji Hye came out smelling likes roses, and she was actually the third female lead who ended up with the absolute most screen time.

        EoE = gave me 6 months of live watching headdesking experience. I still remember belleza and her long discussions about it.

      • I skipped EoE thanks to Belleza. It was on my to-watch list, mostly for SSH, but after reading her reactions, I didn’t think I could stomach it.

        OMG, do you remember Lee Da-hae’s antis? Poor woman! She got so much grief for leaving EoE!

        Re: the story about the dog. You’re kidding me now. Aren’t you?

      • I can write 50 pages on the shit going on in EoE, onscreen and BTS. Yes, LDH was walking a dog for about 3 episodes straight, 3 minutes, maybe 5 tops, per episode. She was the female lead!!!

        I would have left and given the entire production the middle finger on my way out if I were her. There is changes for the sake of narrative, but the narrative was supposed to be her and SSH and needed to be to actually make sense for me. This mess I completely blame on SSH. Even though I still love him, he was an ass on the set. *is still bitter*

        By the end, LDH looked like a zoned out zombie for her scenes because she literally had no clue why she was still on the show if she had nothing to do.

        Yes, LDH could have done what Uhm-Force did on QSD and sucked it up when Bidam took over in the second half. But he was still a major character and got battle and political screentime even if Deokman went with Bidam. But in EoE, LDH had no storyline left. Her anti’s are so fierce, I really feel so bad for her.

      • What exactly did SSH do on the set? I think I blocked it all out! I only remember DB taken over by LDH’s antis and that was so sad to see. I’ll never understand antis tbh.

        UTW is sooo wonderful! Such a charming dork, not to mention a good actor. I watched Doctor Champ only for him and…well, it’s not like Doctor Champ was that great imho.

  7. He looks damn good here and I should say he looks way thinner and younger than he did in early stages of LTM. I guess it should have been a real hard time for him when he was banned. But thankfully he kept younger and younger during the production of LTM and actually looked twentysomething in the last episode. Look what bliss of love can do to you!

  8. ohhhhhhhhh my very own first love… he’s always hot… leading ladies? sorry it will always be YEH for me…darn!!!

      • hello elma…pwede pa don’t worry haha..when I saw this post I screamed making my husband surprise and when he ask me sabi ko kaya ang gwapo ng asawa ko then points to the screen sabi niya loka2 daw ako hehehhe

  9. Gah! Too much hotness! I can’t take it anymore. I’m about to explode! He looks good in any condition: clean cut or a little beat up.

    • @ angelica… yupp yupp, like you too angelica i only could see or want to see kang ji hwan with yoon eun hye… hehehehehehe :)….. is this a drama? is it will be a long episode drama? if yes i think i dont want to see it, coz i dont want to see kang ji hwan play a drama with a diffrent lead female…. :)….. :P….. anyway succed for kang ji hwan……

  10. Thanks Mam…KJH in faith?? I thought he already drop it cause he still had problem with her management?…oh never mind…I want him on screen as much as possible lol!!

  11. hrmm.. Wouldn’t it be a great if YEH and KJH will be in Faith drama together… With beautiful scenery and great music…. and lots of HOT Kisses and HOT Shower Scenes…. ohh… and it will be 50 episodes…. oohh… oohh.. please drama gods… It will be a awesome drama.. ^^

  12. Haaayyyyy….just got back from hyperventilating… Mz. Koala, did you say KJH here is yyyoours??? as in all yours, or, you know, you can share perhaps, just a little? I would settle for one arm, the one that’s holding the sword here in these pic, the same arm that held someone’s head while kissing her senseless in one scene by the cliff in one drama….

    OMGosh, this man is haaawwwwttttt! I never knew he could even be hotter than he was in LTM.

    I hope they resurrect the drama. It sounds great for a theme. And for his lead… can we petition for YEH to have her first sageuk?

  13. so… this is what joe cheng will look like 5 years from now. They look so alike in some parts! Both goodlooking! omg! I love joe and kjh! ^^

    • l like joe cheng too .loves miricle with ariel lim , yet it is fate and the dream souls breaks.he is my kang jing shu and yuen sheung chin in it start with a kiss part 1 and 2 …….they looks puppy love but the kisses look fate but it is the puppy love that catches me.
      always have thought that they were became ideal and yet ariel’s real life boyfriend exists………maybe girls would never take handsome to wealthy guy………… however,girls may alsi thinks handsome guy is not easy to keep too. =(

      • an so , I did not watch joe’s “welcome love” and only watch 1 esp. the reporter …..yung? because the actresss ……

  14. I actually saw the pirated video on Youku recently. It looks amazing, but Ms. koala and shipper friends… What would your opinion be of pur dear KJH doing Love Song with Wuri YEH? I feel like they would be so perfect!

    Wuri YEH is already in China filming her CF. When does KJH head to Japan? and will SBS make them travel for LTM int’l promotions?

    Anyway, we’re going to get a sh*t ton of KJH very soon once he starts filming and promoting his August scary movie. Any more info on that production?

    • Leave Love Song alone! As much as I’d like to watch it, if I think about it, I think Park Yong-ha and start crying so…please no.

      Besides, I think tptb tried to get other actors on the project, but they all refused iirc.

      That said, I’m all for another YEH/KJH drama.

      • that’s true, too. it really was very tragic. but I can’t help but think that LS would’ve been a perfect next project to see YEH’s growth as an actress. she’s definitely been eyeing more mature/serious projects. hope she doesn’t wait 2 more years for the next one.

      • Agree. There is a reason why every guy has turned down Love Song, i.e. Eric, So Ji Sub, Jo Hyun Jae, the list goes on.

        It’s not because of Eun Hye or the project. It’s purely out of remembrance for Park Yong Ha (shit I’m crying now). LS is dead.

        People trying to convince Ji Sub to take over the role his best friend in the entire world left behind? That was WACK. There is a void where Yong Ha left that no other K-ent actor can fill. His voice, HOMG. His performance in On Air, and SOAM. I can’t even…..

      • I’ll never understand how they could do that to SJS! It’s not like their friendship wasn’t unknown in the K-ent.

        I know the feeling, chingu. The other day someone posted the Lotte ad with PYK, KJH, SSH and everyone else I cried for half an hour. *hugs*

      • I listen to this song when I miss Yong Ha. I can’t watch anything with him in it. It still hurts too much.


      • I can’t watch anything with him, either. I’ve never took the passing of a celebrity this hard before. When Freddie Mercury died, I was sooo sad, but maybe I was too young and I didn’t fully understand…IDK, I never cried for him as much as I did for Yong-ha.

      • Too bad about Love Song though. I was really looking forward to it… Before they even started shooting, they were already in talks with 11 countries who wanted to buy it…

  15. KJH is like a damn fine wine, as it ages it gets better and better. I asked, Ms Merriam Webster to define Kang Ji Hwan. And she says
    – Wickedly Gorgeous-
    Thanks!! Ms K for the beep about KJH.

  16. Anyone notice how LTM cast is slowly heading for a sageuk-type next project?

    Jae Bum = Ryu Seong Soo –> Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss
    So Ran = Hong Soo Hyun –> Princess’s Man

    After KJH films “Tomorrow’s News”, maybe Great Doctor/Faith will happen? Have all the other actors been confirmed for other projects already?

  17. I’d write something more coherent but the pics have rendered me stupid. I’ll be back when my mind is in it’s proper place…

  18. hello ockoala and sere
    Can you please tell me where I can read the comments about EoE from Belleza? I like Lee Da Hee after MG and I do really feel bad for her from the fall out of EoE. thanks

  19. we’re talking about THE Kim Jong Hak here ! the drama will sure be aired this year but with other main actor (kang ji hwan lost the role for good,it’s a fact).

    • btw you should post not only stills from the preview,but the actual preview (if you don’t have it i can send it to you)

  20. please another drama with good plot and script to really do justice to KJH and YEH’s acting skills.i really want them again , i love the chemistry for me best drama ever, more power to you guys

  21. should we all petition for another show drama or movie at that for Kang Ji hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, help me find the producers and change the LOve Song project to a KJH YEH movie.Wish us luck !!! Super Chemistry ,nice couple for reel and real! I wonder why isn’t coca -cola getting them for a commercial, it would be nice to see them on it!

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