Vic Zhou Potentially Returning to TW-dramas with Souls Embracing

Man, I’m so happy I am bouncing off walls. News broke today that Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) is potentially coming back to TW-dramas! Hallelujah, drama gods, I ask and ye delivers. Famed doctor-and-writer Hou Wen Yong, whose amazingly introspective novellas, short stories, and medical musings I read starting in my teens, is getting ready for the drama adaptation of his latest bestselling novel Souls Embracing.

Hou Wen Yong helped produce the drama adaptation of his own award-winning novel White Tower, starring Jerry Yan, who actually became good friends with Writer Hou after the filming of that drama. Writer Hou actually offered the leading role of this upcoming drama to Jerry but due to scheduling conflicts Zai Zai is now getting the chance to do a drama adaptation of serious literary fare. The tag line of this novel is “Without a soul, what will we use to embrace?” (沒有靈魂,那我們用什麼擁抱?) Everyone ponder.

The novel is about how people searching for fame and glory choose to live in the superficial world created by the media. Writer Hou will be working with GTV to bring Souls Embracing to screen, costing an astronomical estimated production budget of NT Five Hundred Million. The basic synopsis of the novel depicts the main character, a formerly popular writer that has been gradually declining in fame now that bloggers are taking over the writing world, who allows an unknown short story called “The Embrace of Souls” that is circulating online to be credited to his name. He chooses fame over integrity, and starts a snowballs effect of needing to turn a lie into the truth or risk losing it all. It’s a darker piece of work, but apparently ends with a ray of hope. Whew, thank Heavens for that. Souls Embracing looks to enter production at the end of 2011 for a 2012 release date.

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Vic Zhou Potentially Returning to TW-dramas with Souls Embracing — 24 Comments

  1. I, too, thank the drama gods… I just have one request – can our beloved Zai Zai please, please, please be clean shaven in this? I love him anyways, but I love him MORE with no facial hair… Thanks.

  2. Ah Zai Zai…*checks out a Black and White vid* *flips over to Mars where he sees his painting in the gallery* *drools*

    Wait…what was I talking about?

    BTW the Hwan-Hye gang banner is HOT

  3. Aiyouei!!! Zai zai – twdrama??? please!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Koala for the news- I am hopeful. If adapted well, this could be really great! 🙂 Drama gods – please see this through well. 🙂

  4. Ok I know a similar Plot about a Korean Drama where an actress hired a ghost writer for a book. It was based on the Great Gatsby and the actress have no literary background or so whatever so promoting the book was like a living hell….what Title is this anyone????

    Anyway Bloggers????how in the world do you eat up storylines???? I guess an open market of interacting audience who succumbs for taking over the ending of a story is so marketing….the power of interactive media is so overwhelming to the point it eats up narrative writing as an art….

    Welcome to the New Millennium…. 🙂 The talents so hidden not so hidden anymore….this makes the talent market competitive….and not just in writing youtube babies as well are taking over, the world ain’t satisfied with artificial packaging, all are facing the same market down slope for Talent Management Companies, they want the real thing tsk tsk what a headache!

    • Oh sorry I was really curios on how the author of the book could twist the truth into creating a lie on writing a story, I remember a movie as well “Hero” starting Andy Garcia the Hunky dude in my childhood with Dustin Hoffman, the pain on interviews and promotion it’s the same kind… hmmm My answer to myself BUY THE BOOK ahihihi 😉

      • Wait ah there’s a market for loglines online….so I get this one break through is enough for a simple individual who have no intention in making money out of writing…..and his idea gets stolen hmmm cool!

  5. Swoon. His talent has been so wasted in recent dramas. Hope his next project will do him justice, no matter how big his fanbase already.

  6. Oh wow, they are making a drama from THIS novel? I’m curious to see who will get the female lead, because how she interprets the character will certainly make or break the entire drama!

  7. Thanks Ockoala for bringing this news! And thanks for the short summary of the plot as I could not understand what the news reported about the storyline (very hazy description by media).

    But I wonder, if such a novel will look good when turned into a drama? Have not read the novel so can’t tell.

    LOL! I also hope Vic will be clean shaven for this (if it’s confirmed he accepted). What was the physical description of the novel male lead? Does he look down-and-out?

    I am also anticipating Vic with Gui Lun Mei. Both are wonderful actors!

  8. Ockoala,
    Btw where did you read that the drama will start filming end of 2011? I didn’t seem to see that in the news.

    If it’s really that timing, it seems to match well with Vic’s schedule cuz he will complete filming Yang Warrior in Dec 2011, and after that there was no mention of future projects yet.

  9. And Zheng You Jie is directing!!! I loved his recent work Days We Stared at The Sun. Good cast. Good material. Good director. I can’t be more excited…

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